Brad Pitt’s Up For Another Adoption

February 19th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Brad Pitt is hoping that a new child will help Angelina Jolie recover from the death of her mother Marcheline Bertrand, who died this past January 27 of ovarian cancer.

Brad’s hoping a new child will heal the pain. The couple — already parents to son Maddox, 5, and daughters Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 8 months, are reportedly on the verge of adopting another child, an African boy.

During the final stages of Marcheline’s illness, Brad saw the one thing that always made Angelina smile — their children. He’s also suggested they fulfil her mother’s last wish — that they marry. Deeply despondent Angelina hasn’t agreed to tying the knot; she fears marriage will spoil their relationship.

Meanwhile, Brad has shot down reports he wants out of their ‘fishbowl’ life because the pressure is too much for him, telling friends: “There have been great times and bad times, but we really love each other.”

I’m thinking that this photo spread of Brad from Interview magazine could help keep Angelina’s mind off her loss for just a moment or two.

More photos of Brad Pitt from his Interview magazine photo shoot after the jump.

By Jessica Marx

  1. laura

    I love these photos but was is Brad blowing out of his mouth in the last photo? I thought Angelina made him quit smoking?…

  2. Me

    Yeah, because kids ALWAYS make things better.

  3. jannre

    When did having more kids ever make a relationship better? Not ever in my lifetime has it ever helped, if anything, it made things worse, with more responsibility!

  4. tiggy

    Uh. Since when are kids a substitute for therapy? They do realize that they have to raise these kids to be functioning, responsible adults, right? That they’re not just toys? Just checking.

  5. Carolyn

    Um, yea, let’s get another kid cause you are sad. How bout trying some ice cream like the rest of us? I sometimes wonder, what is it about marriage that celebrities think will “ruin their relationship”? Maybe if marriage can ruin it it wasn’t that strong to start with. I’m not saying they should get married, I’m just curious as to why they won’t.

  6. sandy

    Ang needs another kid like she needs another diet.

  7. me

    kids are not painkillers!!!! i understand your children bringing you joy when you suffer a loss like Angelina’s but this is ridic! get another kid because you have thought it out and want another kid – not to avoid dealing with other things! And I agree with you Carolyn- why do celebrities think their relationships are above the idea of marriage?

  8. amle

    Brad’s hoping a new child will heal the pain.
    That is pathetic.
    I think the real reason they want another accessory is for the attention they get. They are needing some good pr again.
    Pitt is becoming the king of photoshop and botox.

  9. SiervaMaria

    You DO realize this is a tabloid story right? Why is it that fairly intelligent folk seem to toss all commonsense out of the window and without argument believe a seriously unsubstainsiated tale told in the OTTAWA SUN of all things? Not one name given, and again, the OTTAWA SUN. Why is it so easy to believe something that if you put your dislike for the couple aside just for a sec, you’d call this what it is, a tabloid tale without any legs to stand on.

  10. Sitting on the Fence

    Sorry, Brad – you may be hot, but there are hotter guys around — have lost all respect for you.

  11. SiervaMaria

    Sitting on a fence……….Brad could care less if you respected him or not and how presumptious of you to even think he’d give a hoot one way or another. He’s happier than ever, more successful than ever, in love more than he ever was, living life more than he thought he ever would…..ex? Still tanning, still hanging out with 5 women eating sushi, still has the same tired hairdo, the same old same old same old, and this time in 3yrs, Jennifer Aniston will be the same old. Brad got a clue and more power to him.

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