Brad Pitt’s Takes a Punch to the Nose

Or at least that’s what these pictures make it look like. They’re from the set of his upcoming film, “Burn After Reading,” and I particularly love the one where he looks all angry, with pointy hair and a bloody nose. It seems like Brad Pitt’s pretty busy these days, making movies and whatnot. Recently, he paid a visit to The Washington Post for research on his role as an investigative reporter. The film is “State of Play,” a drama based in D.C., which follows a group of journalists investigating the murder of a political staffer. Pitt’s visit caused quite a stir, distracting those in the newsroom with his presence.

“It was like angels singing,” one female employee was overheard saying after apparently making brief eye contact.

Dude, back when I was a cubicle and bored out of my skull, I would have been excited for a break in the monotony with a visit from Danny Aiello. Who the heck is Danny Aiello, you may be asking? Exactly.


More photos of Brad Pitt on the set of “Burn After Reading” are after the jump.


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