Brad Pitt’s Mom Prefers Jennifer Aniston Over Angelina Jolie

What mother in her right mind wouldn’t? Jennifer Aniston was never married to Billy Bob Thorton, she didn’t care Brad’s blood around her neck, and she didn’t cut herself as an adolescant. Of course, his mother would prefer Jennifer over Angelina.

He reportedly has forbidden his mother to speak with his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Aniston, after Jen and Jane Pitt shared intimate details about Pitt’s life with his latest lover, actress Angelina Jolie. Brad ‘flipped out’ when he found out that Jennifer called his mother to ask her if the rumors about Pitt wanting to adopt Jolie’s children, Maddox and Zahara, are true.

Meanwhile, Jenny Shimizu is now backtracking on the lesbian love story.

She denied saying the quote about how ‘Brad Pitt should watch out,’ but did not specifically deny still being involved in a sexual relationship with Angelina Jolie.

“Her and I have a relationship…but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re having sex,” she said.

I find that typical of most women and their female friends.

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