Brad Pitt Won’t Be Wearing A Gimp Suit Anytime Soon

August 10th, 2007 // 32 Comments

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World told a French magazine that she hasn’t licked any ladies or used knives in the bedroom since she’s been with Brad Pitt. This feels like an old story but it’s back in the news. And besides, stories about Brad and Angie should be told and re-told. Like fairy tales! Or great moments in history! Or that time I was kicked out of my high school reunion and the cab driver threw me out on the way home and I passed out on the guard rail waiting for my roommate to find me!

The 32-year-old actress has admitted bedding women in the past — and using knives during sex.

She said: “I’ve never hidden my bisexuality. But since I’ve been with Brad, there’s no longer a place for that or S&M in my life.”

However Angelina stressed she was now happy with Hollywood hunk Brad, 43 — but to keep her he needed “to be sexy”.

She told French magazine Public he trusted her not to cheat, adding: “He lets me talk to whomever I want.

“He has complete blind faith in me.”

Blind faith is right! I know the Angie haters are gonna love that quote! He had to walk in one day and his beautiful palatial estate was now housing a Third World village! Complete with oxen, thatch-roofed huts and jungle! That’s some faith in a relationship! I miss old Angie. The crazy bitch wearing the blood necklaces and cutting up on guy’s chests. Brad needs to live a little and be ball-gagged once in awhile. Stoic bastard.


More photos of Angelina Jolie on the set of “Wanted” are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. jbonz

    Like anyone gives half a soft fuck…give us more Britney shaving her cooz in public!!!

  2. green cardigan

    “He has complete blind faith in me.”

    That’s a diplomatic way of putting it Angie.
    In lay man terms that would translate as ‘he’s as thick as two short planks, and wouldn’t know his arse from his elbow’.

  3. Zekers

    Why the hell does she keep talking about her sex life? I know T-Bone, mental health issues…

    Wonder what Bradie-boy thinks of her talking about this to the public at large? Aw, he’s probably okay with it as long as she doesn’t expose his tool size…

    I’m commented out on this freak…

  4. Margaret

    first – God bless this family = first – I love this family – first – Good morning, BAMPZS fans – first – THANK-YOU GOSH I LOVE ANGIE AND THAT RED CAR – first – I LOVE THE JOLIE-PITTS – first – She still beautiful!!!!!!!!! – first – GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITTS!

  5. T-Bone

    Angie — if the two of you are really that in love, you wouldn’t feel the need to talk about it so much and defend it as you do.

    And yes — I believe “blind” is exactly the right word for Brad Pitt.

  6. Debbie

    Yikes… you can see every vein in her arm.

  7. What Margaret

    run along back to Just Jared’s site, and tell the others they’re not welcome. We live in reality over here.

  8. T-Bone

    Margaret, are you ok? You write like someone in a cult.

  9. shes so skinny.

    I never thought brad pit was a prude in the bedroom, esp since gwen talked all about thier pornographic sex.

  10. jen

    Do you think the wardrobe people are getting rather frustrated with her showing up for work one size smaller every week….cause that dress doesn’t fit her at all – only accentuates her jutting bones. Jebus – her mother’s from there apparently – she’s gotta have an auntie who’d make her some good ol’ deep dish pizza or something… Scarey isn’t a spice girl – it’s this walking skeleton!

  11. green cardigan

    Brad must be cringing. I reckon he a straight up, meat, potatoes and two veg kind of man in the bedroom. None of this blood spilling, sex at knife point carry on. No siree, the only carving he likes is his Sunday roast.

    Seriously, call me a prude or whatever, but is it appropriate for a mother of 4 to talk publically about her bisexuality and her S+M fetish?
    I know she likes to be ‘free’ and answer ‘truthfully’, but a bit of discretion at this stage, please. Little ones to think of. Consider them when they go to school and the other kids giv them a hard time.

  12. lookwhaticando

    To bad she does not still do women, because I’m game, come on Angie do it one more time.

  13. T-Bone

    What Angie meant to say is “I have very little feeling inside, so I need things to be extreme in order to feel”.

  14. lea

    She is just so full of herself. Most beautiful woman in the world or not, I just can’t stand her.

  15. green cardigan

    But she isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s exotic and unusual looking. I reckon she looks rough enough too, first thing in the morning, without the slap on or the hair combed. Think of the palor and the veiny bony hands gripping her morning cup of blood. Shiver.

  16. Margaret

    I’m OK T-Bone. You know my sense of humor. I just pulled some comments off JJ to get things started. All I have to say is, gee thanks, Angelina, for sharing, yet again. Hopefully Jane Pitt won’t see this one.

  17. T-Bone

    I thought maybe we were dealing with a different Margaret, other than our usual Margaret ;) Good to know you haven’t gone and lost your mind ;)

  18. Monica

    Who is she trying to convince constantly talking about how hot they are together, how happy they are, how great their sex is, how wild she was, etc? OK! We get it, Brad likes banging skeletons! Jesus, show a little discretion for once in your life. The old quote from Lao Tzu comes to mind- “Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know.”

  19. T-Bone

    I have to admit that she is, in my opinion, physically beautiful. And I honestly don’t think she’s had any plastic surgery. Just good genes. But she definitely sticks her pretty foot in her pretty mouth a lot, and people just don’t trust her.

  20. Angietothemax

    That just sounds fake. You know Angie puts a harness on Brad and rides him til dawn. The knives may be out but the toys haven’t been put away.

  21. green cardigan

    Angietothemax – I alaways thought Brad was a bit of a donkey. Well, that he had to brains of one anyway.

    T-Bone – I agree that AJ is beautiful but I don’t think she’s worthy of the Most Beautiful Woman title. There is plenty of stiff competition out there.

  22. peach

    I care about them almost as much as I care about Britney – just wish they’d go away. She looks terrible – almost like she has a fatal disease.

    Also, there are naked pictures of Brad on the internet (when he was with Gwyneth – and he has nothing to be ashamed of). I still wouldn’t have him – as I hear he has an odor problem.

  23. blady02

    Her insecure black inners are showing!!!!

  24. Angietothemax

    T Bone your girl Britney definitely has mental issues. Now her kids are the ones that people NEED to be worried about. Those are head cases in the making.

  25. “LOL” @ the JJ comment.

    That was spot on.

  26. T-Bone

    Britney’s a good girl. She’ll pull it together. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t hold press conferences to announce her political endorsements and think she’s more important than she really is (cough-Jolie), and I appreciate that she doesn’t think she’s the best singer in the whole world, and that no one even comes close to her talent (cough -Lohan), and I appreciate that she came from nothing and worked her a$$ off to get where she is, instead of being born into celebrity wealth (cough-Paris/Richie/Stewart/Hudson etc.), and I appreciate that she doesn’t go on and on about her physical beauty (cough-Diaz, Alba), and that she has never married some prick just for status and money (cough-Holmes, Beckham). She might not be perfect, but she’s certainly not the worst.

  27. T-Bone

    Correction: I don’t think David Beckham is a prick. He seems like a good enough guy.

  28. blady02

    Now rumors are flying that Shiloh is not Brad’s but Billy Bob’s kid????? Any takers on that one?

  29. lil mo

    Oh Brad is definitely a freak-a-leak. I’ve always thought so. Just watch him in “Kalfornia” or “12 Monkeys.” He played the freak WAY too well.

  30. not convinced

    For some reason, I think a lot of Jolie’s sexiness is an “act.” I think she acts well at being sexy because of her exotic beauty – cat eyes, sexy lips, etc. However, I don’t think she’s that much interested sex anymore. I think she cares much more about being with her children and issues in the world than hot, unadulterated sex. Men have been at her beck and call for a long time. She’s too confident with them. She has such power over men that I think they probably bore her a lot in bed.

    When people start talking about their personal life too much, BEWARE! It is usually a sign of trouble. It’s like pride before the fall.

    I remember when Julia Roberts gave a lengthy interview about Benjamin Bratt and how he was so perfect in every way and that the sex was good, etc. Right after that, she cheated on him with her now-husband, Danny.

    Tatum O’Neal gave an interview to “Parade” magazine. She said her relationship was “so good” at the time with John McEnroe until she couldn’t believe it was possible to be so good. They split almost immediately after that article was published.

    Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford?
    Reese and Ryan?
    Tom and Nicole?

    I especially don’t see Jolie’s “hot” chemistry with Brad Pitt. When I watch them together, I think “partner and friend.” Brad shouldn’t have fallen like a weakling in front of her. He should have held back and allowed the relationship to develop more slowly, so that Angelina wouldn’t be able to dominate him. He should have let her chase him a bit. Instead, he was like a dog in heat and moved Jolie immediately in with him over that first summer. And then a few months later, she got preggers. Right then, Brad set the tone for their relationship.

    For what it’s worth (and I’m not saying this to pitt the two women against each other), I think Jennifer Aniston (with her insecurites and less-than-perfect features) probably had a stronger, truer passion for Brad when they first got together. I think she validated Brad more than Angelina Jolie does. Unfortunately, they didn’t work to keep their relationship alive and Brad got bored.

    If Brad and Angelina continue the way they are right now, I can see Brad eventually feeling undesired, love-starved and vulnerable to another woman who will make him feel like a king. I think he will always need a lot of attention from the woman he is with.

  31. KAT


  32. gy33

    Angelina Jolie is an anorexic with a major personality disorder. She is like 2 different people. She lets her true colors come out too often. Kids will be f*cked up..especially Shiloh. What a nut job to have to identify with as a female role model. Brad won’t stay, I guarentee it.

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