Brad PItt With Zahara Jolie

August 30th, 2005 // 104 Comments

How about a collective “how cute.”

(Images Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. raevee nyc

    Awwwww- I could keep going.
    But its a little disturbing how he can step into this instant family. I still love them though.

  2. AER

    Granted, Brad and Angelina aren’t posing for pics really, so they aren’t really to blame, but damn… Poor Jennifer Aniston. Her husband was straight up STOLEN. And not only that, he has children with another woman in the span of a month. Daaaaaamnnnn…. That must suck. I don’t know if I’d ever recover.

  3. BlazerMary

    I think that sensitivity chip is still missing.

  4. JK

    I say good for them. They have to move on with their lives. What do you want them to do hide inside buildings all day because paparazzi will take pictures and that will upset Jen and her friends? NO. She should move on she got her sympathy after the VF article. Brad & Angie like them or not are living their lives as they see fit. Jen is to blame just as much as Brad in their marriage failing. Now we should all move on and Love how cute Brad, Angie and the kids look!

  5. Jane

    Looks like he found that sensitivity chip with Zahara. Sorry but after seeing them together, I can’t picture him and Jen together in the first place.

  6. brice pilaf

    is someone going to comment on the ebony scrub brush hair? (and i mean on brad, not zahara.)

  7. Sarah

    That’s so cute. An attractive men playing daddy is so sexy.

  8. Lynne

    A younger woman who is smoking hot plus 2 adorable children – life appears good for Mr. Pitt.

  9. Andy W

    It’s obvious he wanted children. Therefore Jennifer Aniston is lying when she says she wanted them too. If she wanted children he’d still be with her. Period.

  10. Lory

    Jen is being such a lady. If someone stole my man, I’d beat the crap out of her!

  11. Andy W

    Jennifer Aniston wanted to wait for children because she thought she was going to become this big movie star. That, so far, hasn’t happened.

  12. Andy W

    Jen obviously did something to cause Brad to leave her. She’s a fool. I’d wrestle alligators if it meant Brad would stay with me. She got what she deserved, the bitch.

  13. Laura Lord Belle

    Argh!! Nobody can “steal” someone from someone else!

    He was not happy, he left, he is now with Angelina! Bravo!

    Now, Jennifer, move on and be happy !!

  14. Antigone

    It’s IMPOSSIBLE TO STEAL A PERSON!!! Koala puss Aniston is grown and can take care of herself in a disturbingly passive-aggressive manner.

  15. Velvs

    You know Jen must be a real piece of work. If she could let a comment by someone as butt-fugly as Kim Stewart “ruin her day”, then she must be one really insecure childlike lady. This man wanted a wife and then a child, not the other way around!!!

  16. blah

    from what I heard the relationship had problems for awhile before Angelina showed up. Jen does a lot of coke which isn’t really screaming “I’m ready to make healthy babies now.” She is insecure and probably a nice person too. He has his issues as well but I’m guessing is also a nice person. It just didn’t work out like more than half the marriages out there. They gave it a good try.

  17. flavia


  18. rusty

    I agree with a lot of you guys. Its not as easy as you think to “steal” someone from someone else- especially, if they were “in love.” Things were obviously going on that we dont know about. Brad had to be unhappy with Jen. Something just doesnt seem right. If Brad was still in love with Jen, then how was it that easy for them to just divorce. Looking at the picture with Brad and Zahara, it does seem like the issue was kids. It’s not that hard to believe that Jen got a little selfish and wanted to take the time to turn herself into a huge movie star, which like someone said, didnt happen. Its SOOOO obvious Brad wanted kids. How did Brad and Angelina get so close? It started with Maddox.

  19. Shana

    She’s soooo little.
    So sweet.
    I wish we could see her more close up.

  20. mnc

    very cute… and brad is very hot


    oh how the knife is turned in poor Jennifer with this picture… I mean, the corpse of their marriage is not even cold

    love it

  21. pissykitty

    Brad is old & used up.
    He’s never been the same since he grew that god awful Grizzly Adams beard.
    He carries the baby like a laundry basket full of stinky socks. She’s just a prop. He has no love for her.

  22. mary

    I also think Jen Aniston is lying about wanting children too (why would she admit the truth? She’d lose all sympathy). It’s very simple, they were married for over 4 yrs, if that’s what she really wanted, she would have a kid by now, and I dont see any…

    It is a little disturbing to see how Brad can jump into another relationship so quick, but it only tells me two things from experience:

    1) He and Jennifer were emotionally OVER a looong time ago
    2) He was never that in love with Jen in the first place

  23. passer

    All I can say Zahara is a VERY lucky little girl. Who knew a child in her situation and those circumstances would end up in those shoes right now? (or those arms…mmmm…Brad…)

  24. LuvChoo

    Brad must have taken to heart Jennifer’s comment about Billy Idol wanting his hair back. And thank goodness too.

  25. Uhm, Yeah

    I agree with kitty. Brad is old and used. I wouldn’t want to have kids with Pitt either, good for Aniston for leaving.

  26. After this whole deal I dont really like Jolie, I’m all for Aniston I mean Marriage isn’t always happy there’s always ups and downs. So if Brad is doing this to Aniston then he might eventually do it to Jolie (maybe not if it wasnt for the kids)

  27. Disagree

    It’s easy to say Brad will do the same thing to Jolie just cuz he did it to Aniston…but I dont necessarily agree with that. Maybe Aniston JUST wasn’t “the one” for him.

    I agree marriage takes a lot of work but if it’s not right, then it shouldnt be forced. I don’t blame Jolie as she really owes nobody anything, why should she sacrifice her own happiness? If anything, Brad is the one who owes Aniston something…

    But of course, the woman always gets the shitty end of the stick and be blamed for everything, especially a beautiful woman like Jolie.

  28. rex

    Brad looks HOT with dark hair. DILF!

    Brad & Zahara are adorable. Lucky girl! Her mommy is gorgeous and her new daddy is Brad Pitt. Awesome.

    I bet Maddox loves having a daddy, too. He’s probably the coolest kid in his class.

  29. anonymous

    Here we go…the kids, racists, Jen’s fans, scorned women, and fat ugly bitches who hate Angelina are off summer school and are posting…

  30. rusty

    …Old and used, my ass. You guys clearly are just mad that he and Jen are over. If he was still with Jen you wouldnt be thinking that way. Jen may be sweet, but I also know that she’s selfish. YES, BRAD DID WANT KIDS AND SHE DIDNT. JEN CAN SAY ALL SHE WANTS, BUT SHE JUST WANTS OUR SYMPATHY. SHE DOESNT WANT US TO TURN ON HER. If Brad and Jen were so IN LOVE then how could they divorce that easily? If Jen said they were gonna have kids (clearly Brad wanted some) then why did they divorce? If he was about to get what he always wanted, why did they split? Someone answer me that. I remember the days when they seemed much in love, so why did it end? If thats not the case, then its a huge coincidence that they split and he ended up with someone who had kids and wanted more like he did. Jen can say all she wants about wanting kids, but I dont believe her. Right now, Jen has 4 movies coming up. I can totally see her putting babies on hold because she wants to launch a huge movie career, and doesnt want to screw it up by getting pregnant. It all makes sense, and I think thats what went wrong. I remember Brad saying on Oprah that they were working on having kids early last year. If they were, why isnt she pregnant by now? They both seemed happy to have kids and talked about having some for the past two years, but I dont see any. Thats the only thing that seems out of place. In the VF interview she said she sees herself married and with one kid in the next FIVE YEARS. Five years? She could start thinking about having one in FOUR. Saying that doesnt mean she wanted one now. Obviously four years is too long of a wait for Brad.

  31. happy

    I think this is beautiful. I wish Brad/Angelina nothing but happiness with their new found love and family.

    No need for all the hate, Im pretty sure Jennifer Aniston will find someone who is more suitable for her, someone whom she will be happy with and move on. Dont forget she WASN’T happy in that marriage either.

    Then everyone will be happy. Yay!

  32. rusty

    ..and for all of you people cracking jokes about the baby zahara..i really need you to do a favor for me and yourself by going to hell.

  33. to Mangelina

    How old are you? You can’t even compose a sentence properly.

  34. disgusted

    People I have come to detest on this message board…

    are those like “sad just sad”.

    Go fuck yourself you ignorant prick. I hope you get shot.

  35. you biatch

    “People don’t like whores”

    - yes it’s true. That’s because you are probably one ugly, jealous, insecure bitch. Frankly, I dont give a toss what a woman does with her life as long as she’s not sleeping with my man. Even so, I’d probably re-evaluate my own relationship and the man before blaming the other woman.

    The most demeaning thing any woman can do is to fight another woman over a man. You sure sound like the type.

  36. PennyLane

    I think you are all awful. You wish an adulterous couple all the best? Jennifer Aniston is a bitch because she may not have wanted children? This is publicly humilating for her and I am disgusted that people are ok with it because they either want to fuck Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or both. Hey, if the marriage ended, the marriage ended. But, he and Jolie are disgustingly parading this adulterous affair around in the streets. I have no respect for them. He is still married to Jen. Just put yourself in her position for a second whether you like her or not. At least they can keep it private! And they both lied about this affair on camera. Ugh!

  37. RICI

    I am for team Jolie I was never a fan of jen and hell is calling that baby Aunt Jemmima what you don’t like black people you ass if I know who you was I would beat the living hell out of you than you and bye bye (loves it)

  38. PennyLane

    Don’t call it Team Jolie. It is Team Adultery.

  39. tsk

    to PennyLane:

    What is awful is that you are buying into whatever the tabloids say about their marriage and their affair. None of us know any of them personally and no one can really say anything.

    At least Jolie’s fans are not throwing racist and ignorant comments.

    frankly, I dont think Jen Aniston want those type of “fans” speaking for her either.

  40. PennyLane

    The racist comments are disgusting. I do agree. I don’t bother to respond to them because these people want the attention. I won’t give them the attention. Yeah true, no one knows the truth. But, I don’t like the fact that the pro Pitt/Jolie people call Aniston names. She has been called a man, a bitch, & cold hearted. The fact of the matter is this: Jen is the one who is alone and they are shoving this relationship in her face while lying to the media about it. No one knows why it went bad. All I know is that this is very disrespectful to his future ex-wife.

    And to call someone a cold bitch because they may not have wanted kids is wrong on so many levels. Too many people become parents because ‘it’s the thing to do.’ I respect anyone who decides to wait till they are ready or who decides that it is not for them. There are enough bad parents out there.

  41. rusty

    hehaw or whatever, who the fuck do you think you are? You dont get on websites using racial slurs. Who the hell raised you that way? You’re the fucking ignorant one coming on here and talking about young children that way. Gosh, you are such a pussy.

  42. Fair

    Fact: No one knows what happened behind closed doors i.e. the marriage, the “affair”.

    Aniston’s fans should not be attacking Jolie for her charity work, the racist comments, as well as making fun of her kids should not be tolerated. They are disrespectful, unecessary and really not worthy of responses.

    Jolie/Pitt fans should also acknoledge the fact there is no need to call Aniston names.

    I think at this time, it’s probably best if everyone tries to control their opinions about their love triangle as Im sure both sides would appreciate it.

    Im assuming we’re all ADULTS here.

  43. PennyLane

    Fair is right. Why people don’t take the high road while discussing this is beyond me. Her adopted children have nothing to do with this. All I said is that it is amazing that people think it’s so cute that Brad Pitt is with Angelina. Even though I don’t know what actually occurred, it’s pretty obvious that they are a couple and he is still married. Again, adultery is not cute. Why was everyone so mad at Jude Law for screwing the nanny? Yet, no one is mad at Brad Pitt!?

  44. Siren

    brad doesn’t seem sincere. it’s almost as if he is putting on an act for angelina. i don’t think he truly cares for either of those children and probably prefers to have his own.

  45. Maximus

    Brad is starting to look morally bankrupt even in his face. Sorry but this guy does NOT look deliriously happy. This is a guy who is used to being loved by the public with screams of excitement everywhere he goes. This is the first bout of seriously bad press that Brad has had in his whole life.

    There’s no question that the reaction to Brad and Angelina as a couple when they go out and about in person is different now and Brad will be noticing the difference.

    He must be noticing he is not as adored as he was before. Quite the opposite by many people.

    Brad’s ego is so huge he will be wanting to pull every single PR stunt in the book to get America loving him again. Don’t underestimate what this self-confessed “zen master” of PR is capable of doing to get America to love him again.

    Those staged photos of Brad with Angelina’s third world adopted kids are just the start of a new Brad PR offensive for sure.

  46. Helena

    I guess these shots are their “coming out as a family” pictures. Just in time for his divorce to be official in a few weeks. Charming.

    If Brad and Angelina do not intend for this to last then he has no right to involve himself in the lives of these kids like this. At this rate there will be a marriage in a couple of months – probably on New Year’s Eve that’s what a few savvy celebrities do if they want to avoid the paparazzi. They already have 3 marriages between them.

    These photos will kill Jennifer. I think this is Brad’s revenge for the Vanity Fair interview and I think he knew exactly what he was doing carrying the baby like this. These are plotted and planned and leaked shots. He is posing for the paparazzi and knows he’s being photographed and it’s what he wants. Again, just in time for the divorce. They really do think the American public is stupid.

    But somehow when you compare the way Brad’s acting to Seal with Heidi Klum’s daughter, something isn’t quite right. Or maybe it’s because when I see him I just think: “There’s the cheating adulterer”.

    Why doesn’t he find someone with whom he can have his own kids instead of third world substitutes?

    Alot of people are being fooled by those pics already but to me he just looks awkward and forced. Jesus.

    He’s hoping these pictures will make him look good and also exact revenge on Jennifer and hurt her for the Vanity Fair interview. This is yet another desperate attempt to get some good publicity by Brad. It was either this or another trip to Africa holding up some starving babies in front of the cameras so he can start hearing again how “wonderful” he is.

    So he and his PR flack Cindy Guagenti come up with this plan to flaunt his third world adopted kids when he was supposed to have “little Jen’s” by now.

    Haven’t these 2 morons thought about what’s going to happen if it doesn’t work out between them? For God’s sake Angelina is 2 marriages down already. Her relationships don’t last. But maybe she’s happy for her kids to have numerous daddies in their life.

    See the worst “temporary dad” of the year. A cheating adulterer who doesn’t know jack about kids and is clearly already doing a rotten job. Just compare these pics with Seal and Leni and you can see what an asshat temporary dad Brad “Cheater” Pitt is.

    Remember Brad Pitt has publicly boasted that he is the “zen master” of the taboids and can manipulate the press, the public and the media. He’s laughing at how easily he can manipulate Americans and even boasts to the press about it. Talk about arrogance. Plenty of people, including myself, fell for his “nice guy” act until his true self got exposed.

    Now his latest PR stunt is pimping out these adopted kids in a staged photo-op in the hopes that people will fall for his “nice guy” act again.

    The guy isn’t even divorced yet – it’s not final. What on earth is he playing at.

  47. Ugly Baby

    Zahara is just plain UGLY. Let’s face facts folks. I sure as hell wouldn’t want her. Maybe Brad needs glasses?

    Now John Travolta’s daughter Ella Blue when she was young – now THERE is a beautiful baby girl. Likewise Reese Witherspoon’s daughter when she was a baby.

    Not ugly Zahara. Do you think Angelina can return her and get her money back? LOL

  48. disgusted

    I swear the last few posts were by the same person. The same shitty grammar and the same shitty ignorance.

    Get a life you racist piece of shit. I don’t even need to see your face to know you are one ugly motherf*cker yourself.

  49. one more thing


    you really have no life if you actually sat there and thought of that whole theory of Brad and his PR team’s scheme. Why not get a life of your own instead of anaylizing others’? U think Jen Aniston gives a crap what you have think? I doubt she appreciates “fans” like you attacking Brad that way when you dont even know him. If Jen is not making nasty comments, what gives you the right to?

  50. lisa

    Aww poor jen.. I love her…but i think that she really did want kids…sometimes people just aren’t right for eachother…But i am sure angelina had a lot to do with the divorce, he was obviously interested while shooting mr. and mrs. smith

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