Brad Pitt Wears His Fancy Shoes At ‘Basterds’ Photocall In Spain

At the photocall for Inglourious Basterds at the San Sebatian Film Festival in Spain, Brad Pitt was a sight more formally dressed when he took to the red carpet with director, Quentin Tarantino than he was earlier in the day.

While the Kill Bill filmmaker opted for a casual flannel shirt, jeans and sneakers, Brad donned a dark suit and unbuttoned dress shirt and even topped off the look with monogrammed dress shoes.

The two Hollywood heavyweights appeared to be in good spirits and Pitt told press of his experiences making a film with Quentin, “When Tarantino is on set is energy. It’s really difficult to sleep on set when Tarantino is on. The set is a church and he is God, you always learn something from God.” He giveth and then he taketh away.

Pitt added, “It was really fun, just really fun.” Well, the love fest is definitely mutual.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino at the photocall for Inglorious Basterds at the57th San Sebastian Film Festival.