Brad Pitt Wants the Paparazzi to Leave Him and Angelina Alone

February 2nd, 2007 // 12 Comments

You have to feel for the couple. Regardless of what you think of them, having to deal with the death of your mother (and mother-in-law) and then have to deal with the paparazzi hounding you for a photo is just tough. I understand the need for wanting “the photo” of a upset or crying celebrity (we are posting the photos here), but where should the line be drawn?

More photos of Brad Pitt leaving his Plan B office after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. evil twin

    Angie’s mom, yes…Brad’s “mother-in-law,” no. That whole, “in-law” part hasn’t happened yet.

  2. kate

    you don’t want paparazzi? go work in an office. or try stage acting, i don’t think those people are hounded often. otherwise, you are out of luck.

  3. Lala

    Leave them alone, I am not you are responsible for your actions, and you know you are doing wrong.

    I stopped supporting ANY of your supporters and I started a campaign to have them writhdraw their add from your site, if you do not stop hunding them.

  4. Tonysgirl

    Mother-in-law? umm okay.

    And I guess that is the price you pay for fame. Not that I agree with that, but hey consider your options before becoming famous. Private life vs. non-private life.

  5. amle

    Brad looks like he is trying to keep from smiling. Dont anyone believe Brad dislikes the cameras. They are loving the attention. Since when does Brad care about others? Brad has been hiding out in the plan b offices alot lately. Gets him away from that crazy bitch.

  6. Lana

    He really doesn’t look like he is smirking, just grinding his teeth. Wow, they need their privacy, can’t imagine trying to live like that.

  7. Brittny

    WTF is Lala talking about?? That post made no sense.

  8. Angbabe

    I’m wondering who the smiley chick in the background is and what the hell she is so happy about?

  9. Ednonymous

    I hope the paps keep on snapping pics in their faces until these self-important asses disappear.

  10. Sage

    I don’t think anyone “needs” to see a photo of someone crying because she has lost her mother forever.

  11. Wild Billie

    Leave them alone??
    They dragged the f***ing papz på Africa to have pics of their newborn published!
    They have to understand that the papz are NOT on their payroll and can not be turned on/off whenever it suits them. Stoopid actors…

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