Brad Pitt To The Most Beautiful Woman In The World: “Get Thee To Rehab!”

Angie’s really thin. “Experts” are saying she’s clocking in at around 98 lbs. These experts are probably bored people at home who are pressing pause on their DVR, studying her while scarfing a huge slice of Pepperidge Farm cake, and then entering a chat room to squawk about her. So, basically – me. Anyway, Brad is allegedly extremely concerned about Angie’s physical appearance and is urging her to enter a special rehab facility that deals with eating disorders.

“Brad seems worried sick about Angie, and he doesn’t know what else he can do,” a friend of the couple tells Star.

“At this point, I think getting professional help might be the wisest way to go. He didn’t want it to come to this, but going to a rehab center for eating disorders may be the best thing for Angelina.”

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World has blamed her skeletal appearance on the recent loss of her Mom to cancer. She has acknowledged that her nutritional habits went haywire and has said she’s working on it. But this has still allegedly led to fights between her and Brad who doesn’t want to sleep on a bed of bones. Everyone’s avoiding the real cause of this which is Jennifer Aniston’s Gypsy curse wherein she gently stroked a photo of Angie and hissed “thinner, thinner” over and over again. Then she had some SmartWater.