Brad Pitt To Make Architecture Sexy

March 29th, 2006 // 65 Comments

Brad Pitt is going to lend his voice to a new PBS series called Design: e2. For those of you who are fans of his narration of books on tape, such as All the Pretty Horses, this will be a treat. On the other hand, if he has the same articulation issues that he was having back in the day, it won’t be so much of a treat.

Brad Pitt is bringing his love of architecture to the public public television, that is.

Pitt will narrate “Design: e2,” a series about environmentally friendly architecture, which is slated to air in June on PBS, a spokeswoman from kontentreal productions said Tuesday.

“His involvement will allow us to educate more viewers than we had ever hoped about the importance of green building,” executive producer Karena Albers said in a statement.

More photos of Brad Pitt and his plane, after the jump.

Brad Pitt Talks Architecture on PBS [ABC News]

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. True Love

    Oh, how wonderful! Brangelina is so well versed in everything: Architecture, Love, Chairty, and Peace.

    Thank you Brangelina!

  2. voodoochild

    how funny…you say he makes it sexy and i think, wow, a pic of brad on the side of my house. how hot. okay. forget it.

  3. moi.

    this guy is starting to scare me, first theres the plane, now hes a builder… next he will sell donuts.

  4. d.c.

    oooh wonder if he will be an electritian or plumber? Whee

  5. woman

    somebody searching for himself?

  6. pook

    true love, what do u do for a living?

  7. bamz9LOVE

    I think it’s great that his interests are varied. He could be riding to the next party with a drunk Tara Reid, on a sex tape with Paris Hilton, getting high with Kate Moss or just standing around on some red carpet being pretty (he has been there, and done that). Give the guy a break for at least trying to rise above the expected.

  8. my2cents

    I just LOVE Brad…Brangelina has much more interest in living and the focus on what makes them happy ….Brangelina obviously cares about others and makes a difference in the world ….one obvious quality that Chinnifer lacks, being that she a self-centered, whinning, no talent, big nosed, beady eyed, crybaby! As far as Brad and his archecture interest…why not go for it…I’ll tune in just to hear his voice! I know this blog isn’t about Chin, but couldn’t resist.

  9. Audacte

    Okay, I admit to laughing at the line “of course, if he has the same articulation issues…” and then I admit to being (again) somewhat perplexed by how he so totally absorbs the style of his current significant other. Now, just for fun because I know what is going to follow… I then elaborate with……. He will always be, in my mind, just “Pretty Boy Pitt” as Clooney calls him. I adopt that name for him because I think it is safe to say that Clooney knows him better than any of us and I suspect that “Smart” “Bright” or “Savvy” isn’t in that nickname for a reason. I am not opening the topic of: his acting talent; his relationship with Jolie; or any of the other topics that send certain posters off into a rabid torrent of bizarre messages. (Although, I also admit to having a visual of certain posters’ homes being c o v e r e d with photos of said PB-Pitt and Jolie…. you know… Silence of the Lambs basement kind of covered.)

  10. Sayra

    Brad Pitt is super hot and has a happy life with Jolie. Still, why, oh why, do people always need to bring up Aniston? It’s getting old. If you don’t like her, stop bringing her name up when it’s not necessary. Please.

  11. my2cents

    #10…this is a gossip site for our comments and opinions, whatever they may be…. isn’t it???

  12. Girly Girl

    True Love,

    I’ve held my tongue and read your comments for a few weeks now. And this hippie-dippie everybody’s-groovy-schtick is F#CKING KILLING ME.

    Enough already. Go to the Hare Krishna site. Go kiss your boss/spouse/neighbor’s ass. But for the love of god, in the name of all that is holy, STOP with the ‘Brangelina-is-so-beautiful-and-full-of-love-to-light-the-world’ bullshit, okay? He was MARRIED. Dude, does fidelity NOT factor into your Stepford version of love?!?!?! And now she’s knocked up and they ARENT married.

    I mean, I’m not the moral police and I don’t really give a rats ass what Brangelina do… but you make me cringe with your delusional ass kissing.

    Have a nice day,


  13. True Love

    Pook: What do I do for a living? I align my energies to those of the planets’ to enter into a more harmonious consciousness.

    Girly Girl: Because of this harmonious consciousness that I enter into, I cannot partake in negativity. I am toward the light.

    I think certain people, energies, forces reminds us of good in the world. Brangelina and their rainbow colored kids, their charity and their beautiful love is a reminder of the great energies we can invoke on this beautiful planet earth.

    The green trees, the bright stars, the beautiful meadows and the shiny sun are all part of this festival of love. Invoke! Invoke!

    Thank you Brangelina!

  14. Girly Girl

    True Love, you may be ‘toward the light’ but you need to be going towards Promises…

    ‘Festival of love’? I’m pretty sure you are confusing this, a gossip website, with perhaps an adult video of a pornographic nature? We were dissing Angelina Jolie, not celebrating Jenna Jamison. Both of them have last names that start with J. I can see how that would be confusing.

    ‘Invoke! Invoke’ Dude, are you one of those Heaven’s Gate peeps? A Thetan? Ever been diagnosed as ‘special’?

    Either way, you are 100% bat shit.

    Peace & Love right back at you….


  15. True Love

    Dear Girly Girl,

    The beautiful Hindu and Buddhist religions have beautiful ideas of peace and offerings.

    Heaven’s Gate is a cult. They are against peace (of mind).

    I was hesitant at firtst to become a fan of many celebrities but when Brangelina started spreading messages of charity and hope – I became a fan.

    I believe in peace, harmony, freedom of speech, the legalization of marijuana, and support the fight for a better environment.

    Thank you Brangelina!

    I also miss Jerry Garcia terribly. But I think his soul will live forever in the Grateful Dead’s many fans. I have had the pleasure of going to many, many shows. God bless you Jerry!









  17. Small Fry

    True Love….set down the bag of mushrooms and back away, very slowly.

  18. True Love

    Brangelina and Jerry Garcia are the spirit of love. We love you Jerry! Your spirit is still here and will live forever.

  19. pook

    Of course. I didnt really expect you to have a normal, valid profession….
    Do you have any other opinions on anything that is not barngelina rleated?
    what do u see in the futures of carmen electra and dave navarow? lots of planets, energeies and lights there too?

  20. True Love

    Pook, this is not about me. It is about celebrating Brangelina and their beautiful spirit. And the beautiful spirit of Jerry Garcia (may he live long!).

  21. pook

    i was just asking you for ur proffessional opinion as an energy aligner thats all…

  22. Kelsey

    Legalization of Mary Jane?? ah…a clue sherlock.

    True Love is whacked out of her gourd, just skip over the posts…

  23. True Love

    Kelsey, there are innocent beautiful children being locked up in jail for selling a substance, marijuana, that is proven to cure certain illnesses. Shouldn’t we reserve jail for rapists instead?

    Love to the whole world. Everybody hug. Peace to Brangelina and Jerry!

  24. True Love

    Pook at #21, I did not mean to ignore you. I forgot your post. Oops – forgetful!. If you want to send me all information on Carmen Elektra, I would be glad to do a reading of her for you. Please provide, date of birth, year, day, exact time of birth, location of birth and I can do a full reading. I won’t charge :)

    Peace and love to all. Long live Brangelina, Bob Marley (Brangelina named her daughter after him!), and Jerry Garcia!

  25. jj

    Brad studied architecture. George Clooney had tapped him to make suggestion on the design of the his new venture project. I am gald he is interested in something besides what color highlights should he have in his hair or what designer sunglasses he should wear. I like the new Brad – he actually looks normal. Who knows he might quit acting altogether and design houses. I’ve seen big time stars walk away… Wish him the best.

  26. The Braddy Bunch

    Here’s the story of lovely Angie lady,
    Who was bringing up two very cute kids.
    One of them had hair of mohawk, cut by his mother,
    The youngest one in curls.

    Here’s the story, of a man named Braddy,
    Who was busy with problems of his own.
    He was sick of, living together,
    with ugly B actress Chin.

    Til the one day when the pretty Angie lady met this hot Brad fellow,
    And they knew that it was much more than a hunch.
    That these hot two would somehow form a great family despite Chin’s pity party and vindictive ways.
    That’s the way they all became the Braddy Bunch (despite Chin’s whining).
    The Braddy Bunch, The Braddy Bunch.

    That’s the way they became the Braddy Bunch (despite Chin’s whining).

  27. Audacte

    Okay, I have to vent. Brad Pitt did not study architecture! He happens to like it; admires Gehry and is lending his name to Gehry’s “dream team”; which is in the process of designing a development in England. FYI: the design looks like a bunch of crumbled tin cans and Gehry is pleased because Pitt may buy one of the penthouses. I would suck up to Pitt too if he might be the first multi-million dollar purchaser. Truthfully, Pitt has as much architecture experience as Gehry does jewelry design. This is an example where name recognition matters MORE than the actual credentials or talent. If Pitt is qualified to be an architect, I am qualified to be clothing designer because I know how to sew on a button! Get a grip, people. Brad is a dilettante; at best. I feel sorry for all the people who actually did study architecture; who would KILL to be part of Gehry’s “dream team”…but, instead of Gehry reaching out to those qualified people… he picks a Pitt. Meanwhile, Gehry decides he is qualified to be a jewelry designer and “plops” down his designs… $600 for a piece of wood on a string? Are you f……g serious??? Yes, serious as a heart attack. The whole thing is just a pathetic comment on society; glamor over quality; name over credentials.

  28. jj

    Everyone starts somewhere — My mistake. He did not study architecture. He reads alot of books on it. mmmm-thats studying and researching. I know that he knows enough to give his opinion. Just like you. This is called freedom of speech.

  29. Audacte

    First of all, I am not attacking Pitt. He loves architecture and that is wonderful. In an interview where he was discussing the changes he had made to his house; types of stone; logic behind certain decisions, I was absolutely impressed. It is not uncommon to be impressed by someone who clearly feels passionate about the topic. And, it would be foolish for a friend (i.e., Clooney) to not ask for input given how much Pitt apparently loves architecture… but, architect, he is not. My big issue is really with a society that does exactly what I said: picks a recognizable name over credentials.

  30. Audacte Failed Kindergarten

    Audacte: DUH! Narrators of documentaries are usually actors who can narrate well, not subject matter experts.

    Remember any Ken Burns documentary? Take his docu on baseball – do you have to be Sammy Sosa to narrate it? NO doofus. It is voice over work – an actor narrates! DUH! Brad is an actor who likes architecture so he is narrating not Llloyd Wright himself, moron! HELLOOOOOOO!

  31. Bob

    Audacte ignore the critics. You make great points.

  32. Audacte

    First… thanks Bob! Even though I suspect this is going to be like wrestling with a pig, I feel obligated to say to poster of #30: Pay attention! I wasn’t discussing his narrative. I stopped discussing that aspect after laughing over the comment about his articulation issues. (So much for your “who can narrate well”, btw.) If you are going to criticize/insult people; learn how to do it effectively. The only person who looks stupid right now is you.

  33. Soon

    I laugh at True Love’s comments because he/she is obviously trying to be a comic. Don’t take this person seriously and get upset. I figure, at least she’s not constantly bashing the stars like some others.

  34. Audacte's Shrink Just Quit

    Closet Architect you? Only explanation for your loathing of Pitt being part of the design team. Get over it.

    Actually, let me correct you. You look pretty stupid yourself.

  35. Voila!

    It’s great how everyone can be a million different people on this site. Whatever you do, Audacte, ignore that poster aka “Chinnifer.” She will never shut up until she gets the last word. You most certainly will be wrestling with a pig!

  36. Nora 75

    Voila! Like my mom always told me, when a person accuses without evidence, it means that person is the one engaging in the questionable activity.
    That means you are posting as a million people. There! You got caught. My mom was right. Your post is proof.

  37. Me

    Okay, some of you are going to loathe and tongue-lash me for this, but I live for the gossip whether you like it or not (hee hee). Hey if “Chinnifer” can write never-ending posts, so can I.

    I’m going to give you the scoop before The Socialite does. Actually, it might be the next topic here.

    One of our more “common” mags reports Brad Pitt going to a restaurant and looking so bad until some Americans labeled him “Scrag Pitt.” A waitress said she’d never seen him looking so bad. They said he and Angie have been constantly arguing over a number of issues. They said Angie gets mad, takes the kids and disappears. Lately they argued about getting married. She refuses to set a date and told him that if he keeps pushing, it will be over! When she returned, she wouldn’t discuss it further. He said they can never discuss things rationally or calmly.

    MY OPINION HERE (and you didn’t ask for it): This is a very bad sign. When people don’t know how to communicate effectively, even when fighting, the relationship is doomed because nothing ever gets settled.

    Back to the story…

    Pitt also complains that they argue about his cigarette smoking, world politics, and how much he loves her. Angelina supposedly told him she likes him the way he was when they met–independent and masculine (and clean? – could not resist). Also that she’s getting tired of his whining and possessiveness.

    (hmmm… whining… according to some of you, he must’ve stayed with Aniston too long)

    Anyhow… his other complaint: Angelina refuses to compromise on anything, even the kids’ bedtime. She won’t argue in front of them, so Brad ends up getting the silent treatment.

    Pitt also said he has to keep quiet about politics. He disagreed once, and she went “crazy on him!” She told him he’s not smart enough to know when politicians are lying.

    Another issue: Brad misses his friends in California now. E-mails and phone calls “aren’t cutting it.” And Angie is not enthusiastic about Brad’s brother and parents visiting after she gives birth.

    The magazine points out (via a marital expert) that Jolie’s pregnancy, traveling, family responsibilities and the fact that her mom is quite ill would make a woman have mood swings.

    The couple’s friends cite the pregnancy and Angie’s temper as the root of the problems. They say “Brad is just the poor guy standing in her range.”

    Brad is supposedly trying hard to keep her happy and give her space. But he says he never knows where he stands with her, that she might do an about-face and demand that they marry, and that she changes her mind more regularly than her underwear.

    An insider claims all the above is what keeps the relationship hot, that it’s one of the things Brad loves about her-everything is always new and fresh-and she’s overflowing with passion in one way or another.


    I can give my opinion: The last paragraph above, if true, is untrue. Too many fights and put-downs will erode a sane relationship over time. If Brad wants a relationship like that, he can have it!

    The mag also has an article about Aniston saying to friends, “I told you so,” but I won’t go into that.

    You all might think this article is pure fabrication, and I don’t believe everything I read, but I believe this one. Generally whenever this mag has had big articles like this with a half dozen reporters covering the story, it has turned out to be true every time.

    I think Angelina will be the one to end this relationship if they split. This seems to be her pattern. She falls madly in love, but she’s looking for a knight in shining armor. After she’s with the guy and starts to see his real faults or sees he’s lacking things, or starts to doubt his love for her, I think she gets easily discouraged and her mind immediately goes back to her father. She doesn’t know how to work through problems. She lacks faith that it will get better. Then she makes up her mind that it’s not going to work. Then goodbye. You can call this independent and strong, but to me it’s a sign of insecurity.

    Hey, I don’t make the news, just report it. My opinions are an added bonus. Have a nice day!

  38. Voila

    Nora, I wasn’t being secretive. That’s what I meant by my most. I can be a million different people. It’s great!

  39. Voila!


    Nora, I wasn’t being secretive. That’s what I meant by my post. I can be a million different people. It’s great!

  40. I am every single poster on this site. I am going to confess to you all right now. So you think you’re posting to anotehr person but you have only posted to me. I am every single person on this site. Except the one who knows they are different – then I am not you. Don’t you love the internet. Look at the kind of mindfuck we can engage in. You are all my post prisoners. HAHAHAHA! Yep! Or maybe I am not every single poster? you’ll never know will you? Or maybe I am a person pretending to be a poster pretending to be one who is a multi poster. Or maybe this is my first post? HMMM. Agatha Christie betetr be happy she never had internet. Those mysteries would of never been solved. HAHAHAHA! Maybe I am examining every post and re-examining in order to know how to fool with you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!You are all my prisoners adn you have all been fucked by me – in the mind. HAHAHAHA! And the worst of it, you’ll never FIND me. Creepy, huh? HAHAHAHAHA! Vincent Pryce voice heard laughing (like in the Thriller video) BWaaaaaahahahahaha! Bwaahahahahahaha! Chinnifer Chinnifer Chinnifer!!!!!!!

  41. Silence of the ME (or Silence of the Chinnifers)

    My little ME poster above, I am going to eat you with some yam and candy. Are the lambs crying, ME???

  42. The Shining of ME

    ME???? Come out come out wherever you are!

  43. The 100th Sign of ME and Chinnifer

    I see dead ME people.

  44. ME and Chinnifer in a Horror Flick called Attack of the Multi Poster

    Could ME be No You Didn’t and Yes I did? HMMMMMM. Don’t go out in the dark, ME. Don’t go …out….there….ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who am I? Who Am I?

  45. Chinny Horror B-Picture Show aka Bloody Pity Party

    I am just a Transvestite, Transexual from Transylvania….

    I am just a Chinnvestite, Chinsexual, from Chinsylvania…….

  46. Me

    I got confirmation on the article I posted above. brangelina is on the outs. Brad I heard smells and doesn’t bathe. My boyfriend is way cuter than him. I think it is over for them. People think just cause they are stars, they can’t have blow-out arguments in public. Yes, they can! And this is how we can get the scopp. Sometimes the forget they are stars and talk about their private lives right in the middle of a public place. This is how stupid they can be. I think Brad is a little on the dumb side and Angelina is not that much smarter. This relationship is over. I think he may tehn want to get Jen Aniston back but it might be too late Brad. I am sure he will come back crawling for Jen!

  47. Me, you are my girl! I so agree with you. He will be crawling back for Jen. What a loser! By the way everybody, let’s all bond together and ignore “Chinnifer” – do not respond to her posts. I know some of you won’t listen but I hope you do. These Jolie fanatics are crazy. By the way, I think I think JJ, Kelsey and True Love are the same people. Just my guess.

  48. Voila!

    Does anyone know where Jen got those sandals she wore to the Friends With Money premiere? I love those. She has great feet too! Ok, see you guys.

  49. Me

    I love Jen and I hope she doesn’t take Brad back when Angelina kicks him to the curb and he comes crawling back. If he wanted a prettier girl, he should of thought it through before leaving Jen. That was not fair at all. Love Jen!

  50. THE REAL ME IN #37

    Chinnifer, what is wrong with you? Are you crazy or upset that I made my “Original” long post above about Brad and Angelina? Or are you mad because I discovered you here? So far, you are super easy to spot.

    People, “Chinnifer,” a regular here made probably the last 10 posts, because I didn’t. She copied my name and most likely Voila’s because the posts are right in order. She’s mad that I pointed her out in #37 above. Very sneaky you are and very deranged too. Isn’t that a no-no to be copying other peoples’ screen names? I think you are weird but I’ve never called myself Chinnifer on this site…ever.

    You must have a problem. I can do the same to you and then this whole idea of posting will be useless.

    What’s it going to be? Also, what do you “really” think about the article?

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