Brad Pitt To Make Architecture Sexy

Brad Pitt is going to lend his voice to a new PBS series called Design: e2. For those of you who are fans of his narration of books on tape, such as All the Pretty Horses, this will be a treat. On the other hand, if he has the same articulation issues that he was having back in the day, it won’t be so much of a treat.

Brad Pitt is bringing his love of architecture to the public public television, that is.

Pitt will narrate “Design: e2,” a series about environmentally friendly architecture, which is slated to air in June on PBS, a spokeswoman from kontentreal productions said Tuesday.

“His involvement will allow us to educate more viewers than we had ever hoped about the importance of green building,” executive producer Karena Albers said in a statement.

More photos of Brad Pitt and his plane, after the jump.

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(Images via Gossip Rocks)