Brad Pitt To Get Some ‘Dark Void’ Action

It’s hard to believe that underneath that scruff and knit cap is movie star Brad Pitt, arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport from a trip to France. Well, once he shaves off that gray goatee, Brad will be prepping for a new action film role.

The actor’s movie production company, Plan B, has just acquired the rights to the film version of videogame, Dark Void. Presumably, Brad will star as the main character and according to The Hollywood Reporter, this is “a cargo pilot named Will…who, after crashing in the Bermuda Triangle, ends up in a parallel universe where a band of humans must fight an alien threat they had long been thought extinct.”

Sweet! Can’t wait to see him battling an alien uprising…while aging backwards, of course.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt arrives at the Los Angeles International Airport from France.