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March 22nd, 2006 // 35 Comments

How on earth does he switch clothing and hair color like that? The man is gifted. However, is being a father to two young children taking it’s toll.

The star is seen leaving L’Avenue restaurant in Paris looking, well, nothing like the Brad we know and love. I can’t help but think his relationship with Angelina Jolie is having a negative effect. When was the last time he scrubbed up and slipped into a suit?

Sporting some hardcore stubble, baggy eyes and his now usual casual gear, the Hollywood heart-throb looks more than a little worse for wear. It seems playing the doting dad to Angelina’s adopted kids has taken its toll. Or maybe it was all the glasses of vin he sank at dinner.

Dad Brad’s a mess [The Sun]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. #1 Brad Fan

    Brad, are you thinking of me? I love you. You’re gorgeous.

  2. lala

    his gets what he deserves after cheating on his wife

  3. Alyson

    Actually, I remember reading ages ago (pre-Jen, even) that Brad wasn’t one of the most primpy guys in the world…kind of not a fan of the showering daily…besides, with two kids and another on the way, I wouldn’t feel like putting on a suit for a day shopping and lunching either.

  4. Ano

    He did not cheat on his wife. The marriage was long over. They were pretending to be together.

    Now he can be himself and no more pretending. He’s hot!

  5. Sorry, but I see Brad as the man J Lo, at least as far as looks go. Both are perceived to be gorgeous. Both look to me like trailer-trash after 2 hours at the salon.

  6. BlazerMary

    He looks like he is in prison.

  7. lilimj

    He looks like Billy Bob now!

  8. moonbeams

    I’m glad they are together.His marriage was over by the time he was in Malta working on TROY. My take is the constant, unrelenting harassment by paparazzi is taking it’s toll. He looks very grim and generally pissed off in most of his pictures, bcz he is. His entire existence, for the past several years has been lived like a fugitive. It’s ugly. As he said to them recently”You guys are way out of control!” It’s gotta be affecting the well-being of Maddox for sure and probably Zahara. It’s a hell of a way to raise a family. And celebrity or not, Brad and Angelina don’t “owe” the public anything, and have a right to some privacy.Real life isn’t a reality TV show!

  9. Madi

    I thought he quit smoking? Clean or dirty, he’s hot!!

  10. B.S. Police

    I love people who claim Brad Pitt is not hot.

    They know darn well they could NEVER in their real lives get a guy that looks like that.

    Darn near impossible. So admit, he is gorgeous, no matter whose side you’re on.

  11. Small Fry

    Smoking is such a turn off for me………..but I’d still do him.

  12. lala

    well i don’t care whether he cheated or not, but i don’t find him attractive – his face reminds me of a bloated monkey. he was once hot though, all before troy

  13. Rumor

    I like Brad Pitt, but I was never crazy in love with him. A lot of women first fell for him when he played in Thelma & Louise and did those love scenes with Geena Davis. I think he has pretty eyes and a great jawline, but don’t think he’s gorgeous. If I just took a plain, expressionless photo of him and looked at it, I’d notice his eyes, but I wouldn’t be like, “Oh my God” and have a heart attack. That’s just me and this is only one opinion, so please don’t bawl me out.

    What I do think Brad Pitt has over most men is loads of CHARM! He has a lot of personality and smiles a lot. He makes this one expression regularly that is adorable. I’m telling you, take a cute guy and throw in tons a personality, and he goes way over the top.

  14. Rumor

    Forgot this: I heard or read somewhere that he started smoking again.

  15. Rolls Eyes

    Who cares how he looks? That’s right, he’s a FATHER! I still find him attractive, if not more than before just for the fact that he’s being a loving father to those kids. Umm, ya, some might agree that being a good father is more attractive than some fake Ken doll with that other fake Blonde Aniston in his arms. I think Angelina brought out the best in him.

  16. annalisa

    what ru talking about??? i adore brad. he’s my love. what is aj doing to him? that BIOTCH!!! last year at start of relationship he’s happy, smiling, refresshed. now tired, messy, deep, not himself. he’s rid of anniston. good. hate her. i’d treat him right, relax, good sex&luvn and have his babes every few years, not at once! selfish aj gets her daddy. don’t care about my brad.

  17. Ava

    come on girls, let’s all cut the crap NOW! brad pitt walks into the club and his hot self comes over and asks you out…or brad is new guy in the office and he asks you out..if you are single you KNOW all of you would be rushing to say yes. COME ON! let’s just admit it. come on ladies!! seriously.

    forget he is an actor. if that piece of meat walks into my office tomorrow, it’s on! i’d be one loose woman :)

  18. amyfisher

    until i actually read that it was Brad, i was sure it was Federline!!

  19. brainmonkey

    I think that Benecio Del Toro, not Brad? This looks like one of those false tabloid shots…

  20. my2cents

    LOVE Brad!….He has become a dad and obviously the kids and Angelina come first!…He has more to focus on now. I think if he was truly happy with Jen and vice versa, they would have worked things out….Brad doesn’t seem the “run around” type….it’s not fair to blame Brad for what happened.

  21. Green Eyed Angel

    Hahaha! Sucubus! Soooo right… (the loyal readers know what I’m saying)

  22. please

    green eyed angel, you’re an idiot. angelina is stunning beautiful woman and so many people ar ejealous of her because i am sure none of you know any woman in your real lives who even comes near to looking like that.

    also none of you look like brad pitt either. stop hating.

  23. Brad looks like shit

    I was never a huge Brad Pitt fan untill he married Jennifer Aniston. I never saw Legends of the fall or a river runs through it until the summer they were married! The reason because I have never thought he was HOT-he has a really bad complexion from acne and he also has semi-yellow teeth from smoking! good job Angelina you made him start smoking again! Stressed out about the kids or feeling guilty and realizing you lost a wonderful soulmate in Jen???

  24. Sandy

    Oh crap already! Angelina’s gonna birth this kid, lose her figure and America will be over it. Soon. Britney, Farrah, Cindy Crawford-were all hot once. Now they’re regular moms. The allure of the beautiful Jolie will end. Mark my words.

  25. Rumor

    Sorry to Aniston fans, because I know it irks to hear people going on and on about Jolie’s beauty. I’m neutral about Brad, Jolie and Aniston, don’t hate any of them.

    I just wanted to say to #22:

    I have had the opportunity to meet a woman who is very close in beauty (or prettier) than Angelina Jolie. That’s how I know Angelina is so pretty.

    This girl lived in the apt across from me. I’d never seen her face. She was a normal height and weight woman. She always wore shades and I’d only seen her from behind, going to her car. Before I moved, we finally bumped into each other and talked. I was dumbstruck when I looked into her face. She was so beautiful!

    She had the same glorious fair complexion and hair coloring as Jolie, but her hair was super long, full and wavy. She wasn’t Spanish or French, but something mid-eastern (I’m guessing). Her boyfriend looked like he could be Lebanese or something arab. I don’t remember seeing any makeup on that woman, and she looked perfect, with the most beautiful features.

    I’m saying this because we see Jolie in print and she’s beautiful. Nice skin, rounded forehead, beautiful eyes, cute nose, cheekbones, full lips, chin, jawline, perfect profile, beautiful hair. Imagine seeing her up close and in real life.

  26. annalisa

    my love brad is sad. no? tell me y he’s not smiling,laughing,joking,playing-even with the babies. no excuse. jolie starts fun & she hooks such beauty. ahh, but romance no more. he’s no more happy, i don’t think.

  27. come on

    LOL @ Aniston being Brad’s soulmate – I think you really need to GET OVER IT!

    These two are together every single day, day in and day out. If they werent happy, would they still be spending so much time together. Jsut cuz they dont smile for the camera doesnt mean shit.

    and btw, Brad always smoked when he was with Aniston. He in fact quit when he started with Angie, I guess he just started again? Big deal.

    I hate how ppl refuse to let go of the past. They are a family now, fucking ACCEPT it and move on.

  28. Sandy

    Pitt hasn’t found a soulmate in Aniston or Jolie. He’s sad looking alright. He chased Jolie and got in way over his head too fast. Reality has now set in with 3 kids. It’s not all wine and dine, love and romance. He couldn’t escape if he tried. Idiot!!!

  29. nicklover

    raising kids is hard work. you don’t get a lot of sleep and it’s easy to look like shit – your priorities change and you really don’t give a rat’s ass what you look like as long as your kids are taken care of. anyway, brad is still extremely hot, angie is one lucky chick, and good luck to the both of them!

  30. Green Eyed Angel

    Listen, grow up and don’t call me an idiot for my opinion.
    Yes she’s beautiful. There are millions of women just as and more lovely than her. Welcome to NYC, you can’t swing a Fendi purse without hitting 3 goddess-could-bes.
    Anyway, this picture could be conclusive of a sucubus story. But just like unicorns and Santa Claus… guess what.. it’s all just MAKE BELIEVE. That’s right, it’s not for real!
    Aaaaannnnd, if you wanted some facts before you started name calling like a kindergardener, the legend of the succubus says that the creature is goddess like. That’s what makes her alluring.
    Why don’t you try, that might be more your level.

  31. It's like that, y'all

    I love it how people who love Brad Pitt keep trying to justify how crappy he looks. The tabloids already say he’s dead tired. He was super busy last summer with Jolie, but everytime you saw him he had the look of love. Gwyneth Paltrow’s kid is nearly two and she’s getting big with another one. Every time you see her out and about, she’s not grinning falsely, but looks naturally at ease, happy and content. Not Brad. If Brad Pitt is a fake and did all this for the “thrill of the chase,” but now finds himself disillusioned in that he bit off more than he could chew, he’s going to lose big time, baby. I pity the fool!

  32. RealityCheck

    31# First of all it’s ridiculous how you judge Brad’s happiness in few photos while he is smoking; secondly you’d like to know Gwyneth is a mother of ONE girl, not two, and she is NOT chased 24/7 by the pappz like Brad so you cannot trace every facial expression of hers; and thirdly Brad IS happy whether you, me or anyone else liked it or not. He knew what he was getting himself into from the start and he knows he kids is all he wants. He fell in love with Maddox while filimg MAMS, went all the way to Ethiopia to adopt Zahara and impregnate Angelina to have his biological kid. Everything is going great for him and his happiness cannot be measured. For once he is a father for two adorable children and another in the way not some exploited husband/boyfriend like his days with JA and GP.

  33. It's like that, y'all

    Give me a break! Brad Pitt is a knucklehead. The same way you’re saying I don’t know anything, YOU don’t know anything either! You don’t know that he is happy. Just because he did all these things to get Angelina means nothing. Ever heard of people doing things they later regretted? It happens all the time. It takes a mature person to control their animalistic urges. You insist he’s happy? Well, why the complete change? Why look incredibly happy last year (any time a photog got a shot of him) and now look like Billy Goat Gruff or The Troll? Why even bring his ex Aniston into this? Everybody keeps comparing his relationship with Aniston to his relationship with Angelina, saying things are more real now, true love, soulmates… Give me a break! He’s done with Aniston. And frankly, good for her. I think he doesn’t have whatever it takes to stay in a long-term, committed relationship. Eventually, he’ll get bored with the same old soup, the same old coochee (even Angelina’s). Like his crony George Clooney, Pitt needs to stay single.

  34. Sandy

    Brad’s a Cad! I love it!

  35. lahmeme

    Brad looks like he’s been leeched of life, Maddox’s growth seems arrested, and Zahara isn’t walking yet. I think this all just goes to prove that, vial of blood or no vial of blood, Angelina is still a big ol’ succubus. She keeps collecting kids of the life force, people. Beelzebub incarnate.

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