Brad Pitt Taking Kids to School Moment of the Day

June 26th, 2007 // 23 Comments

You know the drill. It’s still cute, even though Zahara is not looking like a happy camper.


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By Jessica Marx

  1. Zekers

    Brad, please…lose those fedoras! Try a newsboy cap or something…anything else!

    Miss Zahara does look like she is having a moment…

  2. Mikey Boy

    Zahara is going to be on big bitch when she grows up. That chick always has a scowl on her face.

  3. Mikey Boy

    Zahara is going to be one big bitch when she grows up. That chick always has a scowl on her face.

  4. Sassy

    Poor Zahara is uncomfortable with that grip that Brad has on her. I thought Kindergartners could walk. Why do they insist on putting these children on their hips. It uncomfortable for all. Zahara wants to walk, thats why she looks like that.

  5. green cardigan

    It looks like Zahara is giving Brad an earful in some of those photos…’Hey! Put me down Fedora Head, I can make it under my own steam’

  6. green cardigan

    and I’m not too interested in seeing many more photos of the children being dropped off to school, unless it’s Jennifer Aniston or Jon Voight coming through the trees carting them along

  7. Linda B

    Sassy you took the words right out of my mouth. Those kids are old enough to walk under their own power and they both looked uncomfortable being carried 2 at a time that way. I don’t get it is it a power thing with the Pitt Jolies to carry 2 or 3 kids at a time? I can’t wait until the kids weigh more than Angelina which may have already happened.

  8. jen

    Neither Z nor Pax look like they want to be dumped in daycare today – how come they don’t stay home with daddy (I thought that’s why they travelled together)?

    I just love the expressions that little girl has – I agree she’s one little spitfire & I hope she gives her care givers a run for their money!

  9. Lisa

    Mikeyboy, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

  10. jannre

    Zahara sure looks pissed off today..and I wonder also, why they insist on picking those kids up and carrying them all the time? It doesn’t make them look like better parents, it makes them look stupid..IMO

  11. T-bone

    In my opinion, they carry the children ALL of the time for 2 reasons: (1) they want the world to see them as loving parents, and (2) they want to keep the kids from being overwhelmed by paparazzi. Certainly don’t want a bunch of photos with the kids looking terrified and crying. Wouldn’t look good.

  12. Angietothemax

    I remember when Angie was 6 months pregnant carrying around both Mad & Z. Wouldn’t be me. That’s why they invented strollers. It didn’t seem any of the kids wanted to go to school today. Madd didn’t look to happy either Brad try to make it fun but he’s looking like whatever.

  13. shell

    I think Zahara is only 2 1/2 and Pax is 3 1/2. Yes, it’s sad that I know this but I see these pics all the time and they usually say their ages, ok?! ha ha. Anyway, they’re not in Kindergarten. That said, it does look like Zahara has a little Justin Timberlake attitude going on.

  14. green cardigan

    Maddox to Brad : Please Pop, my friends are all asking who the LOSER n the hat is. It just isn’t good for my image as an international jet setting minor. I’m MORTO!

  15. Margaret

    I know you get a lot of hits – but can you consolidate these dropped off the kids, picked up the kids photo ops. I think this kind of overexposure is what turned people of the movie. Like do one piece a week, with 14 parts…Monday am, Monday pm, Tuesday am, etc. etc. etc. Z, bless her hear, needs to work on a smile. That look today is downright scary.

  16. Put me down Fedora head! Awesome!!!

    I see that poor Zee is still sporting those weak ass hair-nubs again.

    How cool WOULD IT BE to see Papi Jon pickin the kiddies up??

    As far as overexposure hurting the turn out of “Mighty Heart”…puleeze! These two are to blame for the pix o’plenty of the daily day care drop.

  17. AntiAngie

    Why do they always dress Z like a boy? What a complex that little girl is gonna have.

  18. Angietothemax

    I saw that Shiloh had a new spread in Us Weekly. Am I the only one that finds it strange that Shiloh is given a cover story in a weekly rag. It’s like they’re turning her into a celebrity, which is rather disturbing to me.

  19. T-bone

    angietothemax — just about everything they do is disturbing to me (minus the big charity donations, of course ;) I’m sure someone offered A LOT of money for just Shiloh and they agreed to it. Sounds a little bit racist and hypocritical to me, but I’m sure Angelina will come up with a perfectly legitimate contradiction as to why they did it.

  20. Angietothemax

    I think it’s just Us because they were banned from the last premiere of AMH. She only has that deal worked out with People and OK!. It’s like when they put Shiloh on the cover for her birthday, just Shiloh noone else.

  21. lookwhaticando

    I always love seeing papa Brad with the kids, I do want to see them walk more though. At any rate, love the family as always

  22. Ugh

    Sick of this fake family. They carry the kids to make sure the papz get them all in the photos. They’re attention whores of the worst kind.

  23. okcorral

    You just know Pax is gonna end up at Virginia Tech

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