Brad Pitt Takes Shiloh And Zahara Shopping In Paris

While Angelina Jolie was shooting The Tourist today at a cafe in Paris, Brad Pitt was on daddy duty.  (Which is a more fun phrase, shooting the tourist or daddy duty?) Brad took Zahara and Shiloh on the ultimate fashion experience; shopping in Paris.  The girls picked out their own clothes at the children’s boutiques on the Rue de l’Universite in the Left Bank.  I wouldn’t see the Jolie Pitts having it any other way.

A source told People magazine that “Zahara chose very girlie outfits, but Shiloh only wanted items from the boys’ collection” which is basically what we’ve seen. Shiloh went for some acid-yellow boys’ jeans, shirts, and cotton scarves. I haven’t seen Shiloh in a dress in a long time. It will be interesting to see if it’s a phase or if Kingston Rossdale might have some competition.