Brad Pitt Takes Pax to the Doctor

June 14th, 2007 // 44 Comments


And it’s a media event. The little tyke was just going in for a check up, so need to worry.

More photos of Brad Pitt and Pax arriving at and leaving the doctor’s office are after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Zekers

    Poor little fellow looks mortified!

  2. Kare Bear

    Here we see why it is so UNFAIR that this child was brought here at this age. He has never been exposed to situations such as this and then he is thrown into media frenzies where this kid looks scared to death!!! THIS IS ABUSE!!!!

  3. Here here!

    Pax looks completey terrified and lost, while the moron in the fedora just grins.

  4. T-Bone

    Kare Bear – Couldn’t agree more, but people will come out here and say “Angelina saved them from poverty and certain death”. And to that I say there were hundreds of other ways she could have helped these children, without putting their needs behind her own.

  5. jen

    I’d have to think they could afford a house call rather then expose the poor little guy to yet another media circus. That’s just mean.

  6. Linda B

    I thought he looked scared also. I wondered about his jeans…while we are talking about his parents being able to afford about pants that fit? I know I am being snarky here but the whole family dresses like they shop at Good Will.

  7. Jen,
    What an A-1 suggestion!!! Why the hell not spring for a house call???

    Then again, it’s Daddy Dummy’s turn to “parent”, so it would never occur to him.

  8. green cardigan

    Jen – you took the words out of my mouth. The poor little guy. Imagine all those cameras flashing, and it looks like people are pushing. What a life. Zahara JP always looks petrified too, when out and about.
    Brad Pitt looks like he is smirking in that first photo. Workin’ the camera like the pro’ he is!

  9. Merk

    It’s funny but I just realized how terrifying this must be for those kids. The look on Pham’s face is a clear indicator that these 2 should not be parading there kids around. Pham can’t speak english and not long ago was a nobody and now he is trying to understand why his parents are causing this frenzy? What a messed up life. Also, about the jeans, this family only “looks” like they shop at Goodwill, but that cuffed pant is trendy and we all know from years of watching Mad that trendy is something Jolie can’t get away from. $120 probably. I wish wish wish they would go away. I swear I could like them more if only they’d go away for a bit. They manipulate the media like P. Hilton does and I respect them pretty equally right about now!

  10. T-Bone

    Green – that’s probably exactly why they did it. They’re trying to show the world what great, hands-on parents they are. They both have movies out and they NEED the public to like them. What better way than to say “look, we take our kids to the doctor, just like you”.

  11. Merk said:
    They manipulate the media like P. Hilton does and I respect them pretty equally right about now!


    At least with Paris, it’s dogs she collects and neglects, not children.

    sad, sad, sad.

  12. Zekers

    Merk, well said.

  13. Joya

    Yes, these kids need to be homebound until they’re old enough to deal with the paparazzi… which is probably in about never years.

    (or they can do things outside like regular people and get used to the paparazzi so they become acclimated)

  14. T-Bone

    Angelina Jolie didn’t seem to appreciate her father’s fame and how it took him away from her and her brother, yet she has no problem dragging these innocent kids through the same thing. Typical.

    And no, Joya, I don’t think anyone wants the kids to be homebound. It’s just a little unsettling to see the fear and confusion in their innocent faces. They didn’t ask for this. Angelina simply took it upon herself to make the decision to throw these innocent children into the limelight.

  15. green cardigan

    although to be fair here, Brad Pitt is equally to blame for exposing the children to the cameras like this.

  16. T-Bone

    Brad’s just kind of dumb. But if I remember correctly, initially, he was very upset about Angelina jetting off to pick up another child so quickly after Shiloh. He, at least, had a moment of clarity. But yeah — it seems he’s playing the media just like AJ.

  17. stolidog

    um, get a life people. why do you care so much?

  18. green cardigan

    hey, don’t piss on our parade !

  19. essie

    Nothing but negativity when it comes to the Jolie-Pitts. You people really are annoying!!
    (1) I don’t care how rich you are, NO DOCTOR DOES HOUSECALLS!!! What a totally stupid comment.
    (2) Cuffed jeans for little boys IS THE CURRENT STYLE!! Of course, none of you would know that since all you do is spend your days on message boards being negative about the Jolie-Pitts.
    (3) Pax DOES NOT LOOK TERRIFIED!!! He looks just fine. Of course, Brad and Angie could have sent Pax to the doctor with his nanny. But, oh wait, they would have been critized for NOT BEING GOOD PARENTS!!! Stop putting your own feeling onto this child!!!

    It’s amazing to me how there are usually no replies to pics on this board UNTIL THE JOLIE-PITTS ARE SHOWN!! Everybody must secretly loved these people!!

  20. essie

    T-Bone, Brad is NOT dumb!! And only the stupid weekly tabloids said he didn’t want another baby. Stop reading those rags and try thinking for yourself.

  21. T-Bone

    Essie – Well now why would we post on pictures that don’t ignite interest, controversy, or conversation? That would be kind of boring, wouldn’t it? Isn’t that the point of a “gossip site”?

    Granted, you’re right about the rolled up jeans. But that’s all I’m gonna give ya ;)

  22. T-Bone

    Essie — How do you know he’s not dumb? Okay, “dumb” is kind of a harsh word. How about impressionable and somewhat dingy? Is that better?

  23. green cardigan

    Brad Pitt has an IQ of 50. It’s true. I read it in ‘Ok!’. Daylight hurts his eyes too, therefore his need to wear sunglasses and fedoras in blacked out cars, and indoors

  24. T-Bone

    “Brad Pitt has an IQ of 50. It’s true. I read it in ‘Ok!’. Daylight hurts his eyes too, therefore his need to wear sunglasses and fedoras in blacked out cars, and indoors”


  25. T-Bone

    Wait Green — 50 would actually make him mentally retarded.

  26. essie said:

    (1) I don’t care how rich you are, NO DOCTOR DOES HOUSECALLS!!!
    (2) Cuffed jeans for little boys IS THE CURRENT STYLE!!


    1) wake up! Tom Cruise purchased an ultrasound machine!
    There is nothing in Hollyweird that cannot be bought. ESPECIALLY by Brangeloon.

    2) Cuffed Jeans are Jolies Style for her bought boys.

    3) Pax looks completely shut-down with panic and fear.

    open your friggen eyes, take off the rose-colored glasses and smell the dysfunction.

  27. green cardigan said:
    hey, don’t piss on our parade !



  28. green cardigan

    oK – I’ll give him 75, not one point more !

  29. jen

    They had their freaking doctor follow them to Africa for their child’s birth – he wouldn’t drive a few blocks to their posh hotel to save a three year old boy some stress? come on….money buys anyone these days….even house calls.

  30. nora

    That kid is so cute!!! what a beautiful, beautiful family… I just love celebrities this beautiful, human and kind =) =) =)

  31. Margaret

    If he actually had a home, the little guy might have a family doctor. These kids live out of suitcases.

  32. Margaret

    Since I am among the first to diss Pitt, I thought I owed it to the jerk to tell you that TMZ is reporting that the doctor who saw Pax today in NY was Dr. Jane Aronson, a pediatrician and renowned adoption medicine specialist. It was probably something related to PAX’s adoption or disease unique to Asian children or something along those lines. Maybe she was involved in his adoption process. This doesn’t mean I like Pitt or ever will. Remember that part.

  33. jannre

    I wonder who called the papz today, Angelina or Brad. Someone had to let them know where daddy daycare was going to be with Pax.

  34. jo durtz

    Hey Merk, their son’s name is Pax, not Pham! You seem like the typical. Leave these people alone. That child is not scared. Since when are all of you on this board clinical Psychologists? What a joke.

  35. lookwhaticando

    green cardigan said: said:
    green cardigan said:
    hey, don’t piss on our parade !



    Posted on June 14, 2007 06:04 PM

    Hey Green, You find YOURSELF funny huh,,, Sad

  36. Ugh

    It’d be nice if they’d not alert the press when doing stuff with the kids but it’s abvious they want the attention no matter what. I’m so sick of this fake couple.

  37. watch out kids, crazy icantsee/lookwhatever is on the loose again.

  38. green cardigan

    lookwhaticando – They let you out early today.

  39. T-Bone

    Look — perhaps an herbal calming tea of some sort might help.

  40. Zekers

    School’s out ‘eh?

  41. green cardigan

    School’s out – tome to spill some bile !!!!

  42. trifling

    heidi klums and seals three kids
    gwen stefani and gavin rosedales kid
    tom cruis and katie holmes daughter
    matt damon and Luciana’s daughter
    britney spears and kevin federline kids
    ben affleck and jen garners daughter
    maggie gyllenhall’s daughter

    what do all these kids have in common with Pax, Zahara, Maddox and shiloh…
    They are all constantly photographed and sought after by the papparaazi… they are also hands on parents…so you see the pic with Brad and pax is very normal…not unlike the hundreds of pics we see of other celeb kids being pictured on a daily basis. People who are negative are just reflecting thier own hatred and prejudice not concern. stop being hypocrits. these kids are fine and very well loved by all the family members…BTW its brads mom and family that are doing the babysitting.. I guess they take exception to people refering to them as the help instead of grandparents and uncles and aunts.

  43. Brad Pitt is an amazing guy. I ran into him last year at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Wow. I just went to see Oceans 13 last night, and he loks great. Just did a post on it on my blog. Stop by and say hi sometime.

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