Brad Pitt Takes A Trip To The Art Basel In Switzerland

June 9th, 2009 // 7 Comments

And why shouldn’t he? Brad Pitt, is in Switzerland for the international art show Art 40 Basel. An avid art fan, Brad is taking in contemporary art works by over 2500 artists from more than 300 leading art galleries from all continents.

He must be in heaven. The question is, did he bring any of the kids, because it’s been way too long since we’ve had a sighting of any of them.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt at the the international art show Art 40 Basel

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GeneralChiang

    Doesn’t Moneyball begin shooting this week? Unless they moved the production from Oakland to Switzerland, Brad’s a long way from the game.

  2. american dreamer

    One of Brangelina’s former nannies has finally spilled the beans:

    Brad spends almost no time with his adopted kids and pretty much ignores Pax. And we all know Angelina completely abandoned her plan to give up starring in films for a while to spend time with her kids.

    They really need to get those adopted kids taken away by child welfare services and put into foster homes where they can have a stable home environment and start going to regular schools and making friends.

    What will happen to these kids without any opportunity to develop normally by interacting and learning from kids their own age and going to school? They are going to be undeveloped little monsters.

    I have a friend who taught at the french school on the Upper East Side where Maddox attended briefly. She told me he had the maturity level of an infant, learned nothing, had temper tantrums and was totally uncontrollable. He had the learning skills of an infant.

    HERES MY QUESTION: if you wander around the country with your kids like the Pitts do isn’t there anyone requiring them to go to school and to be tested? its all so strange.

  3. Suzie Q

    I’m sorry but Brad Pitt is the most overrated actor in Hollywood.

    I saw Benjamin Button and thought it was a horrible bore. Brad expressed hardly any range of emotion. His acting was glaringly bad when compared to some of the other actors in the film.

    At this point he is just mugging his way through every movie.

    Angelina is no better. It was outrageous they got oscar nominations this year.

  4. eb

    OMFG I’ve got the WORST crush on Brad Pitt!

    I wish I wasn’t a morbidly obese loser without any family or friends.

    Then maybe Brad would pay me some attention.

  5. american dreamer


    I got to admit you are a real testament to the human will to survive.

    Anyone else in your miserable circumstances would have offed themselves a long time ago. I guess you are so fat you can’t stand up to walk to the window to jump out.

  6. Mavick

    You go eb! LOL! That’s how I picture american dreamer & suzie Q.

  7. shardy

    i can do far better than ANY of that “art”
    this is hanging on these gallery walls

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