Brad Pitt Likes His Motorcycle Jacket

January 25th, 2006 // 28 Comments

He looks pretty hot in it as well. I wonder who he’s chatting up in the photos. He may have smile on his face here, but inside, he’s worried sick about his love, Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt is said to be worried about Angelina Jolie. Is she doing to much for a woman that is roughly five months pregnant? Can he get her to back off a bit and slow down?

Angie and Brad never did the whole the normal ‘date’ type activities as they fell in love. The rode dirt bikes, she got Brad interested in flying small planes and they traveled extensively to third world countries.

“Brad’s worried sick about her,” a source dished. “She’s looking really frail and she’s pale and gaunt. I heard her doctor has put her on a high-risk pregnancy alert and Brad has been trying to persuade her to go on bed rest, but she won’t hear any of it.”

Life & Style nabs Dr. Shari Brasner, an ob-gyn, that says Angie should stop traveling when she is 35 weeks pregnant. That could be as little as 9 weeks from now. “She may have to moderate her schedule,” Dr. Brasner says. “She should do everything in moderation.

I’m wondering if Life & Syle has released Dr. Shari Brasner? I’m slightly worried.

More photos of a very happy Brad Pitt after the jump.

Brad Pitt Worried Sick: Can He Get Angelina Jolie to Slow Down? [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    matthew maconaughey is better looking-it had to be said

  2. Gorgeous Brad

    Brad is gorgeous. I will pray that all goes well with Angie. I am sure all will be fine. Brangelina will be blessed with a beautiful baby.

  3. Fugly Girl

    I wonder if that is a stranger approaching him on the street. If so he looks like he is being very nice to her, unlike what we hear of most celebs. I love his smile…………ahhhh.

  4. I was wondering how Matthew M. became a sex symbol. Much like Tom Selleck and Russell Crowe (who basically looks dirty and smelly ALL the time), I simply do not see anything hot about him. More power to you, though.

    At least Brad is getting his looks back, my friends and I had money on Angelina being a succubus.

  5. Failed Grammar School English

    Nicole, what is a succubus? If it means Angelina is gorgeous and hot then I agree…what is succubus?

  6. KateyBlog

    Brad doesn’t look “hot” in anything since he shamed his wife in public not once, not twice.

  7. fallgirl29

    weird how he never looks that happy when he is around angie…must fell good to smile huh brad?

  8. fallgirlfailedgrammerschoolenglish too

    whoops, my bad..feel..not fell…wahhh…

  9. Failed Kindergarten & Grammar School English

    Brad looks happy when he is around Angelina. He just doesn’t have to fake it the way he used to with dorky Jennifer. He is probably getting better booty from Angie. Any guy knows that!

  10. marisse

    Brad IS HAPPY! He even looks younger! Despite the shamefull things they did to Jen, look at the bright side, at least there’s only one lonely person now instead of three and she’s shacking up with Vince.

  11. Marial

    matthew maconaughey better looking? are you kidding???????

  12. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    nope, sorry thats just my opinion-wouldnt kick either of them out of bed to be honest! : )

  13. Tajue

    Brad looks like a fucking half-wit with that dopey smile and ridiculous trucker’s hat.

    Brad Pitt vs Matthew Mconaughey?

    No contest. Matthew takes it.

  14. ShoeSlut

    Who is this strange woman making Brad smile so widely? I hate her, I hate her, I hate her!!! (juvenile? perhaps)
    At least I take comfort in the fact she has no sense of style and is wearing ugly shoes in pic #4
    (petty? for sure!)
    : )

  15. bill foster

    what the heck does his hat say, he’s been wearing the damn thing constantly, driving me nuts, i need a hobby

  16. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    thank you tajue!

  17. doofus

    Nicole, I almost spit out my coffee when I read your post…a succubus! I thought I was the only person who thought Angie might be one…

    “there’s got to be a morning after…”

    to failedenglish…a succubus is an female demon spirit type thing that sucks the life force out of a man. there was a HILARIOUS episode of South Park on the subject.

  18. you wish you looked like angelina

    ha ha – listen to all the jealous girls calling angelina a succubus! ha ha! you girls don’t know how to get any man you want like she does, huh? so sorry lamos. angelina is a diva, goddess, gorgeous and every man i know wants her. and these are really successful gorgeous men. so you see, she is hot. she is a prize! i love angelina. not her fault she was born stunning with magnetism that makes men melt.

  19. doofus

    I guess humor is not youwish’s strong point.

    the whole idea behind a succubus, since you missed it, is that the man is blind to the fact that the woman is a demon…they’d be blinded by said “magnetism”.

    yes, she’s hot…and that’s part of being a succubus. the demon hides behind the “hotness”.

    but the point is that IT WAS A JOKE. If I give you a dollar, will you go out and buy a sense of humor?

  20. succubusinsc

    Angelina is definitely a succubus. She did quite a number on Billy Bob, sucked all the hot out of that boy. All in all, however, not a bad way to go out, “succubused by Angelina Jolie.” Looks good on a headstone too.

  21. you wish you looked like angelina

    doofus – how sexist. a beautiful woman has to be a blood sucking demon, huh? i bet you have a tiny tiny one and can’t get girls so you categorize them as succubus- since you can’t get them. i have a sense of humor when it is funny. demonizing a woman is not funny.

  22. Green Eyed Angel

    Actually, it is very funny (and I’m female and gorgeous, so don’t pull that crap with me). Think about it, we all are. Ask any guy who’s best friend is in love and he’s not. Right? Honestly, if your not even going to pretend that you have a funny bone, please go post on some George Bush web site.

  23. Ana

    I love the question from L&S:

    “Is she doing to much for a woman that is roughly five months pregnant?”

    Too bad no one told the folks at the mag that many five-month-old pregnant women have to work even harder jobs than Miss Jolie. Yes, harder than being an actress…if you can believe it. And most of those women do not have an entourage of assistants to help, nor do they get any sort of special treatment such as that a famous individual might get.

    It makes me sick. Sure, she’s great, but hectic schedule or no, she’s not going through anything millions of other women are also going through. Well, except that she ought to eat more considering that in the latest pub stills she her head looks like a skull. Bleah.

  24. liz

    green eyed angel – you sound like a complete idiot. every beautiful woman is not blood sucking or whatever. come on. you sound retarded. some women are gorgeous, educated, intelligent, and sophisticated – that does not make them succubus. just cause you find a supid comment funny does not mean everyone has to agree. go to a george bush site? you sound like george bush by making such a tyrant like comment.

    you’re gourgeous? who told you that? my girlfriend who is a model never says she is beautiful. no truly beautiful woman says that crap. get a grip. post your picture and let us decide how cute you really are.

  25. doofus

    to youwish…

    hahahahahahaha! I guess that, along with humor, reading for comprehension is also not one of your strong points.

    please show me where I said that a beautiful woman has to be a succubus. I’ll say it again. IT WAS A JOKE. Maybe you need more than a dollar, eh?

    and, just FYI…I don’t have a “tiny one”. In fact, I don’t have one at all. I don’t know any women who do. And I don’t “get” women because I don’t try to. As a hetero woman, I prefer men. My man of 13 years, actually. The fact that you ASSumed I was a man making those comments kinda shows YOUR sexism, doesn’t it?

    I just thought the parallels between Angie and the South Park episode were too close to not mention.

  26. you wish you had a real man

    well then doofus if you don’t have one – you need one real bad. getting some might keep you off this post. clearly your man of 13 years is not doingn the job. and stop backpeddling, be a woman and admit to what you originally said.

  27. doofus

    get one what? don’t concern yourself with my sex life, dear. it would only make your head spin with jealousy. You seem to be here just as much as I am…does that mean you don’t get any or that your man is not doing his job? or does it simply mean that you’re not having sex 24/7 so you have time to post here? DUH.

    and what was it that I originally said? IN A JOKING WAY? that it had crossed my mind that angie was a succubus? are on crack or just a little slow today? did you miss that part when I said it was a joke?

    please show me, and I’ll wait, where I said that a beautiful woman has to be a succubus. If you read for comprehension, you’ll see I never said that.

    What I did say, since you seemed to miss it, was that in the mythology of the succubus, PART OF THE SUCCUBUS’ power is her beauty. Here’s a fifth grade logic lesson for you.

    All succubi appear as beautiful women, but not all beautiful women are succubi. Along the lines of “all apples are fruit, but not all fruit are apples”.

    see how that works?

  28. you wish you were as cute as me

    doofus. your man is here. can’t get the job done so i am sending him back to you. sorry.

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