Brad Pitt Likes His Motorcycle Jacket

He looks pretty hot in it as well. I wonder who he’s chatting up in the photos. He may have smile on his face here, but inside, he’s worried sick about his love, Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt is said to be worried about Angelina Jolie. Is she doing to much for a woman that is roughly five months pregnant? Can he get her to back off a bit and slow down?

Angie and Brad never did the whole the normal ‘date’ type activities as they fell in love. The rode dirt bikes, she got Brad interested in flying small planes and they traveled extensively to third world countries.

“Brad’s worried sick about her,” a source dished. “She’s looking really frail and she’s pale and gaunt. I heard her doctor has put her on a high-risk pregnancy alert and Brad has been trying to persuade her to go on bed rest, but she won’t hear any of it.”

Life & Style nabs Dr. Shari Brasner, an ob-gyn, that says Angie should stop traveling when she is 35 weeks pregnant. That could be as little as 9 weeks from now. “She may have to moderate her schedule,” Dr. Brasner says. “She should do everything in moderation.

I’m wondering if Life & Syle has released Dr. Shari Brasner? I’m slightly worried.

More photos of a very happy Brad Pitt after the jump.

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