Brad Pitt Likes Being The Daddy

October 31st, 2005 // 8 Comments

Little Maddox sure seems to like having his photo taken, and seems quite comfortable with Brad.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGirl

    Hey- good for Homewrecker Jolie and Happy Harry Hard-On. They are making a nice little family… but I think it is creepy that Maddox is 4, Mommy starts banging Brad, and all of a sudden he is ‘Daddy.’

  2. He can be my daddy.

  3. Anne

    I thought Brad didnt want any kids and Jennifer did? so why would he go and be w/ angelina who has kids…or do i have it backwards?

  4. Joh

    I am THRILLED to see that BRAD has the FAMILY he’s always WANTED! I am SURE that it DOES his HEART GOOD to hear Maddox call him “DADDY!” I am EQUALLY SURE that he will get a DOUBLE-DOES of FEEL-GOOD when Z. begins talking and ALSO calls him “DADDY!” And I DOUBT that EITHER of them will CARE what “DADDY” wore on their outings- ONLY that “DADDY” spent the DAY with us! BRAVO Bradley, well done!


    I doubt they will be together long enough for “Z” to call him Daddy. I dont think its a good thing that her kids call whoever she’s fucking at the time Daddy. come on folks think about the kids!!!

  6. Joh

    NAWH! Angelina’s too PROTECTIVE a parent to allow just ANYONE to get close enough to her children to call “DADDY.” He’d have to be WORTHY of her children’s affection and genuinely INVOLVED in their lives! Beautiful and sensual Angelina- would have LITTLE problem “fucking” just about anyone she desired. She doesn’t have to SETTLE for LESS than what she WANTS… AND OBVIOUSLY SHE WANTS BRADLEY. I think they are gonna be quite successful as a married couple, parenting together!


    Whats with all the black Brad if I didint know better I would think you were really DEPRESSED!!

  8. Jane

    I hear yah..Joh!

    Btw, Jennifer is been promoting her movies of late, and I saw her wearing black dress, black tops. So do you think she’s depressed too?

    And Angelina is known for wearing black…so they must be all depressed then ha?

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