Brad Pitt Joins Angelina Jolie In Africa

April 25th, 2005 // 20 Comments

Are they having an affair, aren’t they having an affair? Such confusion. Page Six is reporting that Brad Pitt has joined Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox on an African vacation.

Sensational shots of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cavorting on a secluded African beach confirm they are starting a life together. The pictures in English newspaper The Sun finally prove 41-year-old Brad and Angelina, 29, are an item. Pitt dotes on Jolie’s adopted son Maddox as they build sandcastles on the secluded beach, while the Tomb Raider siren looks on tenderly.

Wearing a black sundress exposing her sunburnt shoulders and tattoos, Jolie is pictured taking snaps of the bearded Pitt and Maddox, 3, playing together. The new family are reported to have spent a few days at the idyllic spot – after hiring private jets, private villas and security to keep the romantic escape secret.

Pitt And Jolie In African Idyll [Page Six]

[Image via PageSixSIxSix]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    I hate to say it, but I love them together. Two people who are that sexy definitely need to reproduce!

  2. mediaphyter


  3. medea

    They are sooo busted! I still want her!

  4. Nichole

    He should have stayed with his wife, instead of shacking up with any pretty girl he made a movie with. Angelina is a homewrecker, she did the same thing to Billy Bod and Laura Dern. Brad and Angelina together is sickening – Brad should have upheld his marriage vows to Jen. Even if she didn’t want to be domesticated – THAT IS A WOMAN”S CHOICE! Every women has the right to not want to be a mom, and look at Jen’s mom – terrifying. I think if I had a mom who sold me out to the tabloids, among other things, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to reproduce either. I feel bad for Jennifer Anniston and hope she finds TRUE love, someone who can accept her for the women she is.

  5. Jr

    i would agree with Ella. I love seeing them together. If i would describe them together it would be, “a couple with an attitude”.

    As with jennifer, Why go in a marriage if she doesnt want kids. A man always longs a kid. Sorry for her. Brad deserves another woman. Im not pointing out at jolie but someone who is open to things and deserves what he can offer.

  6. kelly

    Nichole, you gotta be kidding me if you cant stand angelina because shes a homewrecker. Come on now, do we really know what happenned and if it did happen that way…….why blame the woman, why not brad pitt…….why wouuld you still want your beloved jennifer to be w/ a man like this??? Give it up,,,,,,brad and angelina are both insanely hot and together they are even hotter. they are both lvoe kids and love humanitarian work…… me, they are great people but then again you probably judge people by other things like jennifer, shes sooo good because of what??? what the hell has jen done besides being selfish, “i dont want kids but i still want you to be w/ me even if you want kids”…….puh-lease, stop hating!

  7. Just how many female movie stars took the trouble to learn how to fly thier very own jet plane so that they could meet up with their lover for the sake of privacy and frequency. Angelina, in my opinion is a real life angel. I hope that she is already carrying Brad’s child. SHE FLIES HER OWN JET!!! Jennifer is terrified to fly. What does that say about their differing personalities. I think that Angelina is the type of person that will fight for her man, to the death, come what may. I think that Angelina knows what unconditional love is, and that she knows how to show it to Brad. Just like that song by K. D. Lang, “I Would Walk Barefoot in the Snow if You Would Just Answer Your Door,” now that is a song that really tells you how a love that is strong can really drive you by loves desire. In the song K. D. actually howls like a wolf. She is singing about how strong her love is. She in in a video. She is outside, naked in the snow. I really like the video, because like Angelina and Brad’s love, I feel that their love is raw and it is naked right now. We should give them privacy, but somehow we just can’t turn away. Are we afraid that we might miss something?

  8. Fluffy Neruda

    Homewrecker, that’s a bit much. Can a happy home ever be wrecked. Relationships end, people move on. Let’s leave it at that, why should the luscious, and single, Jolie be blamed for a married man leaving his wife. It’s very well possible that she was not a factor, and if she was, well that just means that the marriage was in trouble anyway. It’s so easy, cliche and wholly innacurate to blame a pressumed “other woman”. A marriage ends for a multitude of reasons, blaming an outsider takes the focus off of what happened within the marriage.

  9. Aurelia

    Nichole, I don’t think it’s fair of you to term Angelina as a “homewrecker.” If you’ve ever bothered to read some of the stuff Angelina has said in interviews, you’d know why. Here are a few quotes from an article. Angelina Jolie said, “I haven’t learned how to work as well in partnerships as I do as an individual. I’m better alone.” She also claimed that she knew nothing about Pitt’s and Aniston’s marriage.

    Like you, Nichole, I also hope that Jennifer Aniston will find another partner in the future with whom she can share similar thoughts and concerns — but really. Does that justify your calling Angelina a “homewrecker”?

    In my personal opinion, I think Pitt and Jolie would make a very, very, very sexy couple. I’m delighted by what I’ve seen so far of the photo shoot Brad co-directed, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

    However, I’m feeling a little apprehensive. I don’t really want the two to get together because I’m afraid in the end they’ll just fall out after a couple of years, like every other Hollywood marriage that’s crumbled. I think they’re much better off to maintain a close friendship.

  10. Kat

    I think they make an awesome couple, i would hope that brad didn’t cheat on jen, but worse things have happened. i’m not condoning adultery, but if two people are in love, then they should be together, so i say ROCK ON!!!

  11. Bec

    I must admit I saw Mr & Mrs Smith out of sheer curiosity and they definately have chemistry, can’t fake that. I doubt Brad and Jennifer decided to end their marriage because things were going great, so they both deserve to move on with their lives. I do think it’s a shame if he was cheating on Jennifer, but then she’s better off without him anyway if that was the case. I wouldn’t class Angelina a homewrecker, Brad was the one who was married, it’s really down to him.
    I don’t think Brad is really the home town, just wants a good woman and family type of man his team promotes him as, 1st marriage down after four years. That’s not going to get him a lifelong marriage like his parents have had, it’s quite normal to fall in and out of love with your partner, it’s whether you work through that determines your longevity. Guess he’s a pin puller. I doubt Angelina will stick around long term.

  12. camille

    I think that Brad and Angelina Jolie would have a nice affair. If they love each other then let them live the life they want and with a child or more.And let them live it in peace.Ithink they make a perfict couple.

  13. dpck

    Angelia saying she would never break up a marriage cause she couldn’t live with herself if she did because that is what her dad did, then she needs to go kill herself because that is what she did. She is the reason for the split. She knows it. no humanitarian work will make up for that.

    Jen wanted kids, said so, she planned on already being pregnant by brad after the final taping of friends but ugly angelia shot that down.

    Angelia knew Brad was married, met Jen on the set of friends, and Jen said I hope you have fun working together, woops, I don’t think she meant that much fun.

    What does Angelia expect? commitment? Brad wants a family but doesn’t want to be commitmitted to his kids moms, said so himself when he said, he doesn’t think two people should stay together forever. What kind of family is that, I can tell you it is a bunch of fatherless children with Brad paying a bunch of child support!

    Hope he plans to keep working and working and working!

    Jen is still heartbroken, thinking she married her best friend, whom turned on her. I don’t think she and that Vaun guy have anything but script for the movie going on, but I hope she finds happiness. I think she and John Stamos would make a nice long life couple. He is just as heartbroken over his marriage and wants the feeling of “love” again.


  14. sasa

    jeniffer is much sexxxxy and hoooot than the devil angilina
    and jenn deserve brad

    love ya!!


    Angelina a “homewrecker”
    Angelina a “homewrecker”
    Angelina a “homewrecker”
    Angelina a “homewrecker”
    Angelina a “homewrecker”
    Angelina a “homewrecker”
    Angelina a “homewrecker”


    NO BUTS………..NO IFS

  16. linda

    i would hope each of you would think, how brad did treat jennifer aniston and how you would like to be treated in this scenario. the last time, i heard, the marriage vows go, till death do you part. there is no point in getting married unless people stick to this agreement.

    you do not resolve every conflict by just picking another partner and leaving.

    and ps. who says that she does not want to have kids? was anyone there when jennifer told this to brad?


  18. Pinky

    Both Brad and Angelina are at fault. Brad broke his vows and Angelina knew that the man was married. Whether the marriage was on the rocks or not, he was still legally married. She should have (at LEAST) kept her legs closed until everything was final. And if Brad did it to Jennifer, what the hell makes Angelina believe that he won’t do it to her???

  19. Someone who agrees Angelina is a homewrecker

    Anjelina is a HOMEWREAKER and Brad a Cheater!
    Ya she might be this “saint” to third world countries, and adopts 2 orphans. HELLO! U.S has millions of orphans too and there are people in the US that live in extreme poverty. Did she forget about her own country?!
    I agree with the others, she knew he was a married man, and yet weezed her sleazy way between him and Jen. When Brad and Jen had problems, he should be talking to his wife, Not to that manipulative bitch. And doing that cover in W magaine, OUCH! I feel awful for jen. They said there was no romantic link between them, when the rumors first started, LIES obviously!and hearing rumors that Brad and Angelina are too marry and having a baby so soon. Goes to show that they aren’t that “good People” as they make out to be. They won’t last, and Brad being the man whore he is will stray, or Angelina will soon find another marriage to break up.

  20. Jenny

    Wow, I’m amazed at how many people support adultry. Yeah thats basically what you’re saying when you cheered on this whole brad and angelina thing. I honestly believed angelina was a homewrecker but i dont know if they started dating after or before he was divorced. All i know is that Angelina has a history of breaking up couples. and another thing all of you secular superficial people who said they make a sexy couple so they should stay together and have babies, i feel sorry for you, what if you were married and your spouse left you for a prettier woman? would you suggest they stay together and make pretty babies? i didnt think so, i’m completely amazed just reading some of your comments. I agree that all the blame shouldnt be placed on angelina, brad is just as wrong as she is. obviously he is incapable of upholding vows. And if jennifer was not ready to have kids yet he should have respected that. people can be in a happy marriage and a spouce can still cheat. but when they do cheat in a happy marriage its because they want their cake and to eat it too. its as simple as that. they are weak and give into temptation. You all need Jesus because your values on families is way out there and its sad because i doubt you’d react the way you have if you were in Jennifer’s shoes.

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