Brad Pitt Is Wired: Talks Twitter, Texting & Online Dating

Movie star and humanitarian extraordinaire Brad Pitt
isn’t necessarily the first celebrity I think of when thinking about
modern technology. So it’s kind of interesting to hear the star of Inglourious Basterds sound off to Wired on such subjects etiquette concerning Twitter, cell phones and online dating.

order to avoid eavesdropping during a phone conversation, Pitt
recommends limiting bathroom communication to text messaging. However,
he cautions, “Just be sure you don’t hit the wrong button and end up
putting a photo of your junk on Twitter. Trust me, you don’t want those

Continuing on the subject of Twitter, Pitt commented on Ashton Kutcher’s infamous posting of a picture featuring the rear end of wife Demi Moore. Brad said, “Don’t take a picture of your wife’s butt. That’s silly. Take pictures of other people’s wives’ butts.”

also supports the practice of lying about your income level on your
online dating profile. “Everyone lies online. In fact, readers expect
you to lie. If you don’t, they’ll think you make less than you actually
do. So the only way to tell the truth is to lie,” Brad advises.

Armed with this advice, you should have no problem conquering the Internets!