Brad Pitt is a Good Daddy

August 27th, 2007 // 24 Comments


While Mama Angie stayed at home with little Shiloh, Brad Pitt enjoyed a lovely day in Central Park with the other Jolie-Pitt kiddos. The gang enjoyed rides on the playground, as well as some ice cream. I don’t know how newsworthy this is, but these kids are ridiculously cute and Brad pretty much looks like he’s having the time of his life. Over the weekend, Brad and Angie took their philanthropic superpowers to the Hamptons to host a fundraising dinner, so it seems that their trip to NYC wasn’t all about running around and having fun in the park–although, I have a feeling these kids would beg to differ.


More photos of Brad Pitt and the kids after the jump.l


By Lisa Timmons

  1. stolidog

    the manny’s a hottie too.

  2. greeneyedmonster

    How come Shiloh never gets to go out and play?

  3. essie

    I love Central Park. Central Park is “da bomb.” Tons of stuff to do there and a kid could spend the entire day running around. Great place!!

    Thanks for the pics.

  4. silvarga

    Yeah the Manny IS kinda hot.

    Just hot enough for me to pretend he and Brad are a couple and they’ve adopted “a rainbow of children” as ordained by Ricky Martin…

    OK maybe not that hot.

  5. Man do i hope Brad takes these babies with him when he gets his marching papers.

    He seems to be a much better mother than Ange dreams of being.

  6. T-Bone

    The kids are cute, but are they ever at home? It’s almost like mom and dad can’t sit still, so the kids are constantly on the move as well. Get a home base, Brad & Angelina. The kids need some stability.

  7. Those kids are adorable! I feel for Maddox though. He looks to be completely overlooked these days.

    T-Bone!!! I had to tell you that i was lurking over at the other day, and guess who i spied???

    The high priestess of the Church of Jolie,
    ms. lookwhaticando!!! She has found her way to the promised land! *cue organ music*

  8. T-Bone

    She probably owns the website, Clarisse ;)

    It won’t be long before she changes her e-mail address and comes back to haunt us.

    By the way — did you know she admitted to being that one crazy username: Icanseethruyou??? She said it on one of her comments and I was like WHOA!!! TOTALLY FRIGHTENING! Serious issues…:)

  9. Wow! She’ll fit right in over there!

    Seriously! It gives you the creepy crawlys!! The Brangelunatics track the Jolie-Pitts minute by minute. Blood-hounding pics and videos. It’s total obsession!

    OH!!! And they must not like Brangelunatics cuz they came up with their own name!!!! (not shtting you!) They call themselves BAMPZS!!!


  10. T-Bone

    Cuckoo is right! They scare me! It’s one thing to like an actor/artist, and another to be living and breathing them. Crazy f’s.

  11. FreakyZ

    Brad Pitt is a pussy-whipped NancyPants.

    And he STILL looks like he needs a bath and a scrub with a wire brush.


  12. What SuzyQ


  13. I never get tired of looking at this family. They’re just too cute.

  14. CRZY SuzyQ said

    There’s a crazy out here all right SUEQ and it’s YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU. If I were thrown off a blog I wouldn’t be back.
    BE GONE! before a house falls on you too.


    SUZIE Q is not ok because she is PEREZ HILTON

  16. ZeldaF

    Suzie Q needs to learn how to spell.

  17. Coco

    God, sometimes I think I must be bloody miserable with no life………. to be so fascinated by this two, too excessively shallow people of average intelligence, who have become famous solely because they happen to live in America! Angelina, no matter what the hell she does for the U.N., is cheap and very tarnished, even “dirty.” No Mother Teresa, not her! I think I follow their ever so “privileged” lives because I hold out that Brad will, eventually come to his senses and leave this very overrated bag of bones whose so full of herself. He at least, is a decent actor.

  18. Zekers

    I agree with IMHO, Brad looks so natural with the children…and wow, he looks kinda hot again photographed sitting on the “Catbird Seat.” Even with the hat…

    An aside…T-Bone/Clarisse, you know sometimes we say stuff like, ‘I can’t believe this old washing machine still works,’ and then 2 days later it dies? Well, I think this is a similar situation, except by washing machine I mean lookwhati…

  19. chloe04

    Barf. Photo op all the way.

  20. Zekers,
    Well, you called it! Crazy is as crazy does.

    Spelling lessons would take away from Looney’s worship time. It is exhausting living Brangelina 24/7!

  21. Ugh

    Brad looks nasty and he’s so unattractive now. He’s looking like the trash he’s with. As for him looking natural, it’s not like it’s his first day with them. And hey. how about they let these kids walk. Guess that would make it harder to get in the same picture with them and isn’t this just another photo op as usual.

  22. T-Bone

    LOL Zekers & Clarisse ;) Absolutely OBSESSED!

  23. blady02

    I totally agree with Ugh! Can’t wait for the day he takes a bath in the common sense fountain, but I do hope he takes the store bought kids with him, it’s not their fault they were purchased by a ex-herion, hepatitis, skinny-ass, no morals, want-to-be some kind of remotely talented actress who is destined for the Karma she created…… Whoho! can’t wait for those headlines so we can all get back to our normal life without having to see her fish puff lip, bugged eyed face every time we turn around!!!!

  24. essie

    I will never understand how people can have such hatred for people they don’t know. And, if you hate someone so much, why on earth do you bother to post about them and hope “karma” (whatever that is) gets them??? It’s so odd.

    These are just photos, taken by paparazzis, of a celebrity at the park with his kids. The kids are happy and having a great time but all some of you can do is spit venom about the MOTHER, who isn’t even in the pictures. It’s so odd.

    At any rate, thank you Lisa for the pictures.

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