Brad Pitt Interview False?

April 19th, 2007 // 9 Comments


On Monday, we reported on the story from London’s Daily Mail wherein the reporter said that he spoke to Brad Pitt in a hotel bar and Brad gave a couple of quotes about the media coverage of his relationship (Brad And Angie Having Issues). Now, Brad’s people are saying it didn’t happen.

An article in Monday’s Daily Mail (UK) by Michael Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, entitled “Is it the end of Brad and Angelina” has folks buzzing, because, in it, Pitt whines that all the attention is “hell” and pleads for the media to stop picking on Angelina. Problem is, Pitt’s rep tells TMZ, the “interview” never happened. For one thing, Pitt wouldn’t use a Brit-ism like “rubbish,” and he certainly would never call Angelina “Supergirl.” What’s more, even if he were at the Roosevelt Hotel’s restaurant, he wouldn’t be there hanging out at the bar, boozing by himself.

TMZ repeatedly tried to contact Taraborrelli, but he didn’t respond to our requests to tell his side of the tale.

Why wouldn’t he call her “Supergirl”? Does he hate superheroes? Hater. Is this going to be like that thing that happened at the Boston Globe in 1998 where two of the columnists were discovered to be writing fiction within three months of each other? I worked there at the time. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Look, local color from Boston!

By J. Harvey

  1. nanners

    HA! I thought it was dubious because of the word rubbish also.

  2. lookwhaticando

    Like anyone really thought this had any validity to it. Pleeese

  3. T-Bone

    Doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. These two are headed for splitsville, folks.

  4. jannre

    I agree T-bone, usually where theres smoke theres fire..I see a light at the end of thier tunnel, I hope Brad takes Shiloh the little blue eyed blob with him. Whorelina might throw her out with the rubbish otherwise>

  5. Margaret

    TMZ repeatedly tried to contact Taraborrelli, but he didn’t respond to our requests to tell his side of the tale.
    Why should he? Who the Hell is TMZ? Harvey printed the original story with glee. If anyone has the right to demand anything from the author, it is Pitt. Watch Pitt sooooooooo not sue!

  6. Mia

    You wonder if there wasn’t the “golden child” Shiloh involved here, IF Brad would still BE in this relationship?

    Can you imagine the backlash Brad would get if HE walked away from Angelina now? He can’t afford the horrid PR, especially coming so short off the affair and divorce from Jen…

  7. kat

    Interesting. I thought it was dubious because of the “Supergirl” comment. What, even reasonably intelligent, man would call the women who had his child a girl? What happened to Wonder Woman? I just can’t see those words coming out of the mouth of a guy that has probably bedded his fair share of ladies with more than just looks.

  8. GOD!!!! will these she just choke n die so i will stop being haunted by her cadaverous face everytime i log on.

  9. A False Story in the Tabloids???

    Imagine that! I’m utterly surprised…not!

    As for those of you claiming doom for this couple, here’s a newsflash–most couples in Hollywood break up. If these two break up, it’s not because they’re particularly messed up in the head or because you’ve got awesowe forecasting skills. It just means they’re another statistic in break-up prone Hollywood where the odds of people staying together are low. So salivating at the possibility of splitsville for these two like it’s a long awaited miracle is just plain old stupid.

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