Brad Pitt Interview False?


On Monday, we reported on the story from London’s Daily Mail wherein the reporter said that he spoke to Brad Pitt in a hotel bar and Brad gave a couple of quotes about the media coverage of his relationship (Brad And Angie Having Issues). Now, Brad’s people are saying it didn’t happen.

An article in Monday’s Daily Mail (UK) by Michael Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, entitled “Is it the end of Brad and Angelina” has folks buzzing, because, in it, Pitt whines that all the attention is “hell” and pleads for the media to stop picking on Angelina. Problem is, Pitt’s rep tells TMZ, the “interview” never happened. For one thing, Pitt wouldn’t use a Brit-ism like “rubbish,” and he certainly would never call Angelina “Supergirl.” What’s more, even if he were at the Roosevelt Hotel’s restaurant, he wouldn’t be there hanging out at the bar, boozing by himself.

TMZ repeatedly tried to contact Taraborrelli, but he didn’t respond to our requests to tell his side of the tale.

Why wouldn’t he call her “Supergirl”? Does he hate superheroes? Hater. Is this going to be like that thing that happened at the Boston Globe in 1998 where two of the columnists were discovered to be writing fiction within three months of each other? I worked there at the time. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Look, local color from Boston!