Brad Pitt: Hot Body of the Month Part Two

May 12th, 2004 // 10 Comments

Now that’s what I call a nice spread.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jordan

    um, yeah…. for a while i thought it was cheesy to think brad pitt was still hot. i want some……………….

  2. massive

    is it me, or does the “underwear” look photoshopped to a solid black?? wonder if we are missing out on some bulge action thanks to the photoeditors.

  3. yeah that’s way too flat-looking…its either hiding bulges or some kinda scary chicken skin sac that was visible….
    Kudos to Klein for shooting a photo where your eyes go directly to a place other than Brad’s face…that’s quite a talent!

  4. diana

    I’ve seen brad’s thing… it may not be photoshopped. According to The Sun (British tabloid), he’s “hung like a hamster”

  5. Daaaaaaaaaaavid

    I think the hamster comment is prety right but Brad is still one of the most beautiful guys around. In his current close cut hair style he looks 15 years under his age. He really should breed some little Pitts to carry on the line even if he just uses a surigate mom.

  6. Tina

    Brad is hot. I saw Troy over the weekend and he looked gorgeous. The sceens of his body (and the french kissing) were something to remember. He looks better than ever.

  7. fan

    Hey, I’m a guy. I’m straight. But I have to admit that here he is good-looking. I would kill to have that body!

  8. missy

    all i can say is: Oh My God!
    ( i agree with those who spoke bout the solid black thing. the photo might have been altered.

  9. Damion

    Who cares about the undies…I have never found Mr. Pitt to be even remotely attractive…until now. This is the hottest he has ever been…and it’s all cuz of Troy. This has got to be one of the hottest shots from the film…his arms and chest are just phenominal now.

    This is one guy who’s been converted…

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