Brad Pitt Heading Back To Work

June 19th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Despite Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s quickly growing family (they are talking about adopting another child), they do have careers to think about. Brad Pitt is teaming up with an unusual co-star on his upcoming project, Peace Like A River. Who is this co-star? No one other than Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton.

Pitt is currently celebrating the birth of his first child with Jolie, a daughter they have named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt and is set to produce the film with Thornton through his Plan B production company. According to The Sun, the duo have already scouted the city of Calgary and are aiming to begin shooting later this year.

The film is based on Leif Enger‘s book of the same title and follows the story of a Minnesota family who are harassed by two neighbourhood thugs. An insider told The Sun: “There’s a good sense (in the local industry) that it’s coming.”

Pitt and Thornton to work together? [CHINAdaily]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Seth

    Pitt looks happy to be back in the USA.

  2. ravenswing

    Notice how men who have ‘ex’ issues can work together just fine, but women can’t. We chicks are more complicated.

    Anyway, welcome home Daddy-Oh!!!!

  3. K Mama

    He’s just too cool. What a lucky guy. He definitely has the favor of the gods…


    Now that Brad has adopted Maddox, what is BB Thorntons status in the whole situation? I thought he adopted him with Jolie.

  5. Melanie

    Billy Bob Thornton must have something going for him. Just about every actor he’s worked with says working with him was one of their best experiences. He’s down to earth. It’s good to know that Thornton and Jolie must have remained friends.

  6. Brad's My Main Man

    Angelina tells Anderson Cooper that they are planning to adopt again. Whew! She needs to give it a little break!!! Space the kids a little. Having a bunch of little kids running around is stressful. If she’s not careful, Brad might flip out.

  7. MN

    The plot of Peace Like A River sounds really dumb and boring.

  8. I agree

    I agree…I love BAMZS, but having a 4th kid after being together for less than a year is a hard pill for any man to swallow. Love them though!

  9. Audacte

    Well, I doubt Ocean 13 is going to do that well after the horrific Ocean 12; so it is a good idea that he start something before the press realize what most of the movie-going public realizes: he can’t act. As for B-BT… a job is a job. Brad’s adding of the freak-show element by pairing the two of them together ensures some curiosity element for ticket sales.

  10. BPfan_17yrs_counting

    “Angelina tells Anderson Cooper that they are planning to adopt again. Whew! She needs to give it a little break!!! Space the kids a little. Having a bunch of little kids running around is stressful. If she’s not careful, Brad might flip out.”

    ^^^^Brad’s Main Man Said:

    She says “THEY” are planning on adopting, and no where doesn’t it state that it’s tomorrow, next month, or even next year. Also, you couldn’t possibly be Brad’s Main Man if you think he’s some kind of passive lovesick puppy letting Jolie tell him when/where/how it’s gonna be. Give the man some credit.

  11. delicious_dysfunktion

    Nope,he’s still pussy-whipped.Sorry.

  12. i concur too

    Brad IS whipped–for now.

    I don’t care about Angelina. Yea, I’m jealous, but I try to accept her. I wish Brad was mine. I just want to see him happy and I DON’T believe he wants so many children at once. It’s true what was said before. I think that if she were a single mom (w/o Brad), she would not be doing this.

    Is Angelina using the oldest trick in the book and trying to tie Brad down with a bunch of kids? I sure hope not. It might backfire on her butt.

  13. But is there anyone you’d rather have whipping you?

  14. i concur too

    In answer to your question, YESSSS!

  15. Jill

    To hell with him and his skanky girlfriend. Wish they would have just stayed in another country. No one needs more trash in LA.

  16. to jill

    Jill, well you seem to like trash. what a hypocrite you are

  17. Suck

    Its nice to see Brad doing great, relax and looking good!i don’t understand why he called pussy whipped because he adopted the children or something like he’s always with jolie i don’t think so i believe that you cannot obliged or forced one person or someone like brad pitt to do anything he don’t want to do just for the sake of others unless he wants to.

  18. lee

    I really don’t think they will adopt another kid for aleast a year or two.I do recall in Vanity Fair Brad was quoted when asked how many kids he wanted as saying “I’ll GO UNTILL SOMEONE SAYS STOP.”Sounds like the man wants kids to me,and he’s going to get them.

  19. i concur too

    Oh heck, how many times have we heard celebrities say they want a bunch of kids or a number like 10 or 12? Then they end up with only 2.

    Men are notorious for saying they want as many as they can get because they aren’t giving birth. In reality, after they have a couple of ankle biters running around, they come way down on the number. Raising kids is no tiptoe through the tulips.

  20. Audacte

    Actually, what is the big deal about Pitt and Thornton working together? Jolie didn’t dump Thornton for Pitt – - she dumped him for Maddox. Now, if it were Aniston and Jolie working together, that would be something. What would it be, you ask? A cold day in hell. ;-)

  21. Brad's My Main Man

    #10 I am not “Brad’s Main Man”
    you know… read carefully… he’s my main man.

    If you’re not thinking of adopting right away, why bother to bring it up when you have newborn Shiloh at home? Definitely give it a rest.

    Yes right now I think Brad is a …lovesick puppy man letting Jolie tell him when/where/how its going to be. Its kinda nice to see a woman have that affect on him though, good to know he’s experiencing such passionate romantic love. Lucky Ducky. He deserves it and I will always like him.

    In the future, I think we’re going to see a more mature, more in-charge Brad. There will be no more extended stays in Africa or Paris. Sexy, free-spirited Angelina has been tamed. She knows she got a prize and a happy family life–she’s never had it before. No fear of her ever walking away.

    Look at these photos! He has his confident look back. Go Bradley!

  22. Anonymous

    ANGELINA SOLD HER HOUSE,LET BRAD ADOPT HER KIDS AND HAD HIS BABY AND IS PUTTING HER CAREER ON HOLD TO CARE FOR HIS CHILDERN.HOW IS BRAD WHIPPED?Sounds like Mr Pitt whipped Miss Jolie.Some of you people really need to stop reading tabloid garbage.

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