Brad Pitt Has Picked Out Baby Names

We are assuming that he won’t go with Jennifer, Gwyneth, Juliette, and Geena. Brad is going the more traditional route with James or Jess. However, I don’t quite see Angelina naming her children anything that ordinary. We’d like to suggest the name Kaloosh, if it’s a boy, and Quana, if it’s a girl.

The Daily Express is reporting that Brad Pitt has made his baby name selections for his first child with Angelina Jolie – and he’s not looking any further than the title of his recent film.

He’s apparently told friends that he believes Angelina conceived while he was filming forthcoming movie The Assassination of Jessie James so has, unoriginally, gone for Jess for a girl or James for a boy. “Brad thinks it would be neat and he really likes the names,” a source has revealed.

More photos of Brad Pitt with Maddox at SeaLife Berlin (plus Brad picking up a pizza) after the jump.

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