Brad Pitt Has Picked Out Baby Names

March 9th, 2006 // 22 Comments

We are assuming that he won’t go with Jennifer, Gwyneth, Juliette, and Geena. Brad is going the more traditional route with James or Jess. However, I don’t quite see Angelina naming her children anything that ordinary. We’d like to suggest the name Kaloosh, if it’s a boy, and Quana, if it’s a girl.

The Daily Express is reporting that Brad Pitt has made his baby name selections for his first child with Angelina Jolie – and he’s not looking any further than the title of his recent film.

He’s apparently told friends that he believes Angelina conceived while he was filming forthcoming movie The Assassination of Jessie James so has, unoriginally, gone for Jess for a girl or James for a boy. “Brad thinks it would be neat and he really likes the names,” a source has revealed.

More photos of Brad Pitt with Maddox at SeaLife Berlin (plus Brad picking up a pizza) after the jump.

Brad Pitt reportedly picks out baby names [Fametastic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. (pouts) Oh, come on. I knew a Quana in elementary school. It’s not that unusual of a name. (sulks)

  2. Madi

    I like his name. William Bradley Pitt.
    We can call the baby Liam, Brad or Trey.
    Jess is also nice for a girl.
    Not Peach Pitt or any other fruity names. Poor kid has to grow up with it.

  3. Danger

    Why is the monopoly guy with them??

  4. LOL @ Danger!!! Right?!

  5. fallgirl29

    brad thinks it would be “neat”..stinks of b.s. to me…
    angelina would NEVER f*ck anyone who says the word “neat”…

  6. bamz9LOVE

    I don’t think we’ll know their baby’s name until they tell us, and I will never believe Brad told anyone who’d then spill it to a tab.

  7. pache

    They could name it “conceived by a slut from a married man pitt.” I think that’d be more fitting.

  8. sue

    I think Brad Pitt, is a man that does not see race as a issue… He has dated women of all races. Some people don’t knoe that he once dated a black women Robin Givens for a long time.
    I think that is honorable.

  9. JenFanNot

    Pache….who are you? A Jen fan who refuses to move on.

  10. what the???

    I am ashamed at some postings here particularly Pache’s…talking about an innocent baby like that!!shame on you!!!!No matter what the circumstances are…leave the child or children alone.r

  11. kim

    With names like Maddox and Zahara do you really think that Jess or James are going to work for the next kid?

  12. audrey

    will u shut up pache… who cares if angelina is a slut, well at least she’s more worth than you and she’s way way way hotter/sexier/prettier than you bitch! so get over with it.. you fugly slut!

  13. Biteit

    You don’t need to be a JA fan to recognize a slut when you see one.

  14. holla

    I think he should name the baby Troy if it’s a boy and if a girl, I think he should name her Helen or Athena, something from “Troy” because Brad Pitt was soo hot in that movie.

  15. Benny

    Yeh, “sure” you are not Jen fan.
    What ever that child name will be, he/she will look gorgeous.

  16. HollyAnn

    Danger…you are so funny! The Monopoly guy!! You are so right, that’s exactly who it looks like

  17. doofus

    not so sure I believe this story, but if true, at least Jess or James is better than…


    Moxie Crimefighter


    and other HORRIBLE names that celebs inflict on their children.

  18. Rumor

    Sue, I knew Brad Pitt dated Robin Givens, but did Brad date her for a long time? How come whenever I read magazines about Brad, you’re hard-pressed to see any mention of Robin?

    George Clooney lived with a black girl from (I think) the show Head of Class for at least a year. He was “living” with her! Still, when chronicling George’s past loves, the media never mentions the woman’s name. They keep pointing out women like Kelly Preston, who is now married to John Travolta, or Renee Zellweger.

    Seems to me that Hollywood still has issues…

  19. Jen

    I think for a boy it should be:
    William after Brad and for a girl
    Lena after Angelina

  20. Rumor

    I must give credit to Angelina Jolie for choosing her children’s names. Maddox and Zahara are names that are unique without being weird. Jess, James, Troy and Trey are good names too. In any case, I think they will do a good job naming the new baby.

  21. Karen

    I would like to hear names being chosen like Peach or Tarr or Fire..maybe

  22. sweet one

    God gave them this child so why such anyone one care. They are resonpible for there own life,just like every normal person is. God wanted them to have this baby.

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