Brad Pitt Happy With Post-Katrina Construction

Hey, it’s real news (sort of)!

CNN checked in with the progress of the Make it Right Foundation, an initiative created by Brad Pitt to build up area’s in New Orleans hit hardest by Hurrican Katrina five years ago, filling them with green, affordable housing.

It took a minute, but Brad and his crew seem to have worked out a cheap method of building houses that produce more energy than they consume.  And furthermore, Pitt is planning to keep the train rolling across the US and beyond, if funding can be secured.  Pitt called the project “the greenest neighborhood in the world.”

Now, I don’t want to piss on Brad Pitt’s accomplishments, but I’ve always been of the opinion that the technology needed to make this a better, highly functioning world is out there, and has been for quite some time.  We could easily be driving energy-efficient cars, living in green homes, and eating clean, hormone/ chemical-free food were these things not denied us by the industries who stand to profit from the exact opposite.  All right, I realize that I’m a looney with paranoid tendencies who is 87% sure that the government is listening to my phone calls (note to self: stop telling Mom about waxing appointments), but it’s naive to think that our existing level of technology couldn’t at least build cheaper, energy efficient homes.  Save us, Obama!

And I’m done.  But to apologize for jumping on my soapbox, I’ve got some super boring pictures of Brad Pitt heading out to some charity shindig in New Orleans yesterday (he looks like less of douchebag than usual) AND a video of the CNN interview after the jump.  YOU’RE WELCOME.