Brad Pitt Gives Oscar The Cold Shoulder?

February 27th, 2007 // 17 Comments


Is Mr. Pitt involved in a lover’s quarrel with the gold statue whose name I’m assuming is Oscar? He was noticeably absent from the awards ceremony, especially since he starred in “Babel,” nominated for a Best Picture, and he had a hand in producing “The Departed,” the film that ended up snagging the Best Picture award. Pitt’s PR rep claims that the reason Brad was unable to attend was that he was busy in New Orleans working on his next film and added,” He wasn’t nominated for anything.”

That same excuse, notes Page Six, could have been used by Cate Blanchett, who took time off from her current project, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to attend the show. But then again, she’s been nominated a heck of a lot more recently, if that has anything to do with it…

It was also noted that Eddie Murphy was not a happy camper when Alan Arkin walked off with the award for the category of Best Supporting Actor, and was a no-show at the parties. If it’s any consolation, Eddie, “Norbit” is making a lot of money. I wonder if he went home, put on his fat lady suit and just cried.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. LSD

    Actually though, Cate B. WAS nominated for an Oscar this year….

  2. Michelle

    wasn’t Cate up for Best Supporting Actress for Notes On a Scandal?

  3. missy

    eddie murphy should be banned from the oscars for norbit. did it make the cut for next years razzies?

  4. glenda

    Bad form. I can kind of understand Brad not showing up because of Angie’s mom passing and you know how he has to hang on to her like a little puppy dog.
    Eddie Murphy should be ashamed of himself. His little temper tantrum should have been reserved for another time. Support the folk who did win; Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker. What a bum!

  5. Another big difference between Pitt and Cate Blancett is that Kate has class.

  6. Maryland

    Come on. Cate was nominated for an award, he wasn’t. Why should he fly to LA to watch other people congratulate themselves? L.A. (and Page Six) take this stuff waaay too seriously.

    And I love how people knocked Jolie for looking solemn at the Golden Globes – even after they found out her mother was dying at the time!
    Of course, if she smiled and laughed, then they would have ripped into her for being happy while her mother lay in a hospital.

    Gee, I wonder why they’re staying out of Hollywood?

  7. They’re staying out of Hollywood because ANgie is busing making plans to take over the world with her army of mulit-colored babes from aroooooooooooooound the world, and Brad ain’t smart enough to go there alone.

  8. Margaret

    Angie’s trip was self motivated and could be taken at any time. She should have encouraged Brad to go and should have gone with him. Angie is all about Angie. It was interesting to me that the producer for the Departed thanked the world, but not Brad. It was Plan B who co produced the picture. As a matter of fact, the movie was started while Jen Aniston was a principle in Plan B. Remember when initially the credits had Jen’s name listed as a producer and Pitt quickly took it off. Angie didn’t go because she feared running into her father, who ended up being very visible, or Jennifer Aniston, who ended up a no-show. The Golden Globes proved that she cannot handle not being the most important person at an event. Pitt needs to get used to wearing the skirt in that family – it’ll always be that way.

  9. JennieO

    I don’t blame Brad at all for not showing up. He’s busy, his film had zero chance for getting the Best Picture oscar, and he’s happy with the fam! Why get all gussied up just to walk the red carpet and have Ryan Sleezefest ask him some inane questions?

  10. Don

    Cate Blanchett was nominated for Notes on a Scandal, Brad was not individually nominated for anything. Can you really blame the guy for skipping one of the most boring events in hollywood (Yes, its boring unless you’re nominated) to spend time with the fam?

    Also, you’re all retarded for caring.

  11. Dear Lisa,

    The Academy insulted Brad by refusing to recognize his producer credit on The Departed. – Trivializing all the work he had done on the project.

    I wouldn’t show up to an awards show hosted by a bunch of disrespectful Visigoths either.


  12. jannre

    Brad couldn’t go because Whorelina wouldn’t let him..she is so insecure, she was afraid someone from his past might want to talk to him….

  13. wanna

    What’s wrong with spending time with the family? Family is important, and an awards show seems hardly like a reason to take time away from them if you are not nominated and are far away.

  14. lambman

    Um, he got like 3 kids under the age of 5. Why should they all pack up and go to the awards show? Tons of people that weren’t nominated didn’t go, you don’t see anybody saying

    “Ben Affleck didn’t show up because he wasn’t nominated for Hollywoodland”

  15. sbbbb

    ben affleck did show up.

  16. RT

    Brad and Ange DO NOT owe u their lives!!! u’re really upset with them because they were a no show @ possibly the most boring awards event in Hollywood with a bunch of coke snorting, alcoholics and vain celebs who’re just hoping to get on the best/worse dress, hair, shoes, boobs, accessories list on ET. Pls find something worse being mad at than this!
    good day.

  17. rhonda

    what a dirtbag!!! have you no respect for a time of mourning!!! Angelina’s mother???

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