Brad Pitt Drives Capitol Hill Crazy

Sporting a salt and pepper goatee, Brad Pitt is currently in Washington D.C. to discuss his pet project of rebuilding the 9th Ward in New Orleans via his “Make It Right” organization with lawmakers.

Although this trip is all about business, it’s hard to imagine that the straight-laced politicos aren’t at least taking in the visit with the international movie star with a little bit of pleasure. In other words, I’m sure there are pictures that we’re not seeing of nude-colored bras being thrown at Brad’s head.

Sadly, the appearance of grey in Brad’s hair reveals that he’s not doing any kind of backwards aging. But lucky for him, he wears it very well.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt discusses the “Make It Right” project in Capitol Hill with lawmakers, making his way to the Speaker’s balcony hallway.