Brad Pitt Cheated!

June 16th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Was it Angelina Jolie he cheated with? Pretty much sound like it.

Leslie Bennetts, who will write up the interview for Vanity Fair. Contrary to early speculation, “She told Bennetts she did want babies with Brad, and that starting a family wasn’t the issue,” one source told PAGE SIX. “The issue was Brad cheated . . . and she is appalled by the ‘family photos’ coming out in W.”

Silence Broken [Page Six]

(Image via Brad Pitt Fan)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Prentiss

    That photo is so. damn. sexy. yum.

  2. a bored worker bee

    I hate to say this, but I really don’t feel sorry for her. I just never understood the marriage anyway. I don’t know any of the players of course, but the man who portrayed Tyler Durden and Jefferey Goines does not seemed be equally matched with an ‘American Sweetheart.’ Angie seems much more his type–daring, strange, and controversial–from my one millionth-person perspective. Still, he probably did cheat on her…I’s sure she will be handsomely compensated in the divorce.

  3. anii

    Surprise! PageSix was wrong. AGAIN. The Vanity Fair interview hasn’t even taken place yet.

  4. aurora

    Jen is a cry baby! wah, wah wah!! No man is ever able to resist angelina, she’s too hot. Move on Jen, save face and move on. Angie can’t help being way sexier and smarter than plain jane aniston!

  5. char

    Whatever the reason is for their break up, it was a good reason. I agree, Angelina is so much better suited for Brad. Jennifer Aniston sucks, she really needs to move on.

  6. bb

    that looks more like colin farrell to me

  7. Cheyenne

    Maybe I am just not a die hard Brad fan, but he looks like a corpse in that photo!

  8. Norway says

    Hah! If the only reason why Brad & Jen split up is because A.J is sexier/ smarter/ hotter or whatever, Brad would hook up with me! I mean come on guys! In the real world bragging about your sexual preferences and how awsome you are in bed is the same as saying ” I stink” . Let her x’s tell us what she’s really like – not her. i remember reading that Billy Bob said that having sex with the most beautiful/ sexy actress can be as thrilling as f***ing the couch… So? Hot? Gimme’ Brad here for a sec… ;-)

  9. Amanda

    Angelina Jolie has nasty looks and nasty lips some one as hot as Brad should be with someone as beautiful as Jen.

  10. Lou

    The point is that he cheated. When you are married, there are going to be a lot of people who are hotter than your spouse in your life. The point of marriage, you dorks, is the commitment, which comes out of love and respect. If you are not capable of staying true, then it’s very simple – DON’T GET MARRIED!!! Tell your boy/girlfriend that you want to date other people in addition to him/her, and that’s that. If they don’t like it, so be it, you were honest. But marriage says something else, and now I have to switch to Matty McConaughy, because Brad sucks. Oh, and by the way, you silly little people, A. Jolie is a hooker and a loser and always will be. I cannot abide people who “have to cut (themselves) to feel” – sheesh. There is also emotional adultry, which has the same effect as physical adultry, and no matter what she wants to say about her being a decent woman, that was obviously going on between the two losers. Ah, Hollywood. What a skank pool!

  11. char

    ANGELINA is a walking disease!!!!!!!!! Brad is in the pitts!!!!They both need help!!! Jen, sweetie you can do much better!

  12. tamia

    excuse me but how do you know that brad cheated?

  13. Jen Sucks

    Aniston’s face looks like a day-old pancake: boring and stale. I always thought that she looked like a bland tranny–imagine her head shaved and you’ve got a cross between Timothy McVeigh and a duck. At this point, she should just do the talk-show circuit thing, get some last bank and get the &%$@ out of the public eye.

  14. Disgusto

    The end of Brad’s marriage was as complicated as his hard penis. Also, Brad does not think marriage is forever. How convenient…Stay married until you find someone else, then move on and hurt whomever you left behind. Brad, you are now in the web of the black widow. It’s only a matter of time until Angie eats you alive. Two sicko’s perfectly matched. How can a woman, Angie, hurt another woman like she has hurt Jen?? I am ashamed of you Angie…

  15. Connie

    I think Jen deserves applause for the way she handled everything. With such class….what would u have done?? UHH duhh i think u would have been just a little upset and crying alot….jen kept a low profile..and brad was an a@@ ….

  16. fatush

    Jenny is far more better than that whore called A.J and povert brad.

  17. roo gray

    I think Angelina made Brad quit smoking from
    the get go. They were having steamy scenes
    in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and it just bubbled over into
    after hours. The reality of human contact is that
    if there is that sort of chemistry between two
    people, you can’t just turn it on and off. Angelina
    needs a man and she started her psychological
    battle to land him permanently. She didn’t nag
    and whine. She made herself the trophy. And
    saying that she wouldn’t let any man get near
    Maddox unless he wanted to play Braddy, I mean
    Daddy, permanently, it wouldn’t happen. She
    was sending out a clear message that she had
    Brad totally wrapped around her finger.

    I don’t know if the relationship will last more
    than another year because the dynamics and
    desperation and covertness will have changed.

    Part of the excitement seems to be being in the same boat as far as the press go and seeking
    out clandestine meetings.

    Once everyone stops caring, the kids get bigger,
    and they start looking middle aged and tired,
    the public’s interest will die off.

  18. Ok, AJ is the fugliest fug who ever fugged! She cannot dress either, she is always wearing black. BOOOORING! And depressing! I would NOT hit that. She probably has sarz. Also that ugly mole above her eyebrow is not doing her any favors. Ange, see a dermatologist and get rid of that growth, that scary, hairy mole! UGH! I also heard that she has two hairy moles on her right ass cheek, tried to hide ‘em with a tattoo, and make them into “eyes” or some such bologna, but they are two hairy and *still* show!! This was told to me by a bud of mine who shagged her about 10 anos ago.

  19. Joy

    When you have that much “Anger” for somebody you don’t know personally, that’s kind of scary…think about it.

    About Angie’s mole…It’s a birth mark…If she didn’t want that mole, I’m pretty sure she can afford to have it remove.

  20. whether he had sex with A.J or not, he started an emotional relationship with her, That is worse than having sex with her. I am backing jen 100%. She shouldn’t be blamed for taking her career as seriously as a man. A.J ‘s track record proves what will happen to her and brad in the future.

  21. Nancy

    Brad deserves Angie, they are both trashy. How could anyone stand to touch her huge nasty lips?

  22. carrie

    Hey, why don’t they make it a threesome, Brad, Jolie and Michael Jackson and the kiddies. Hey, what’s the matter? They would all have tremendous chemistry together. Anything goes right? I thought that was the mentality.

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