Brad Pitt Causes Chaos At ‘Regis and Kelly’

December 17th, 2007 // 9 Comments

The day before Brad Pitt turns 44, he’s on a little promotional tour for his “Make It Right” project. The project to help rebuild the 9th Ward in New Orleans. When exiting the studio, Brad stopped to sign autographs for waiting fans in New York City. The episode is set to air Monday, on Christmas Eve.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Michael Prieve

  1. he’s always been pretty good when it comes to autograph signing

  2. Jesus!

    This hypocrisy is wholly annoying. Charties are nothing other than Damage Control and Moonlighting. The Hollywood “elite” (read top executives who are often untalented and as ignorant as hell) are covering up their crimes.

    Here’s how Hollywood really works:

    Jews run the Holy Land of (un)Holywood according to the ancient Feudal System. They start by 1) Stealing the Property of a real writer. They steal very valuable intellectual property, the best property in the land. 2) They use ignorant or compicit White Tools as Bait to lure other valuable Intellectual Property into their lair that they then steal. 3) They hire Petty Serfs to retool the real writer’s script. The Petty Serfs might believe they have talent but are actually hacks who mask the crime by interpolating. They want the paycheck and likely would never stand up for the writer who’s property was stolen.

    This is systemic theft, de rigeur in the Holy Land of Holywood. Their system comes from the ancient state-church allience whereby the church added the appearance of “righteousness” to the many serious and wholly damaging crimes of the state that brought towns of people to complete ruin. These “elitists” of the Holy Land in Holywood are quite proud of their thefts which they deem as righteous conquests. They always Believe that they are actually due the credit they steal as well as the stolen wealth. They believe they are Kings. But they are only White Collar Criminals. They are not elite at all. Not in the slightest. The reality is that these Holywood types all deserve the electric chair, our modern day dungeon.

  3. Jesus!

    Jews claim they founded Hollywood. They did.

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    Hollywood is founded on stolen intellectuals by zionist Jews who hated White Christians with a vengeance. The joke is on all White actors who fail to realize that the name Hollywood is an inside joke meaning Holy Land, Holy Wood as in unholy. The Warners had a jones for Yahwey. They had a big woody for Yahwey. Funny but wholly true. The joke has been on Americans. This is the reason that films from the Jews are highly offensive to the sensibilities to whites and especially to White Christian Americans – it’s designed specifically to offend them. Jews of Holy Wood think this is amusing. Their tools (actors) are mostly ignorant if not totally ignorant of these facts.

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    By the way, Jews did not found the film business -obviously, because the Warners stole the completed film of a White man, Thomas Edison. The Jews deceive everyone by claiming they founded Hollyood. Someone ignorant would take this to mean that Jews founded the entire film business and that Jews made the first film. They didn’t. Thomas Edison was way ahead of them. Edison founded the FILM BUSINESS. The only reason Hollwood was founded at all was because Jews robbed Edison and then ran to escape fines and imprisonment for theft.

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    All the charities in the world that these Jew tools do isn’t going to change the fact that these White tools work for thieves. This Damage Control (Make It Right) isn’t working for those of us who the theiving affects. We know their game. They seek to fool us into thinking they are holy when they are so not holy.

  4. Jesus!

    Jews used Holy Wood to attack Americans from the inside. It’s part of their neverending Inside Job of killing Americans while rubbing smut in our faces. Not that I’m a prude, it’s just that Jews take emmense pleasure in offending Whites and White Christians in particular through their films. That’s why Christian Leagues have surfaced to protect their members from the blatant insults thrown at them by Holy Wood Jews.

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  5. Jesus!

    It won’t be long before Damage Control will go on high alert and Jews fill this page with idol worship about how charitable the Jews’ tools are and whatnot.

  6. KaAgha

    Wonderful guy! Using his own $$$$$ and time to promote home construction in NOLA is a terrific thing. God bless Brad Pitt (and Angelina too!)

  7. eseu

    What a presentation by Jesus!said. I am not an American, but I could see his bitterness and anger against the so called “Hollywood Founders”. What a pity.

    Anyway, Is it really true that WARNER BROS stole Thomas Edison’s ideas and make profit out of it?

  8. spaz

    “presentation”? more like unabomber-like rant.

    I think you need some more aluminum foil for your hat, Jesus.

  9. blady02

    blah blah blah, I am so sick of these two and she is not the sexiest film star and he is not hot anymore, and where do people get off saying she is a role model! Role model for what, drugs, illegimate kids, immoral behavior, she is sick mentally and not a role for anything but trash!

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