Brad Pitt And His Plane

January 9th, 2006 // 7 Comments

While we love the fact that Brad Pitt is learning to fly, we pray that there won’t be another John F. Kennedy Jr. incident.

Brad Pitt is flying high as he is taking private lessons to qualify for a pilot’s license.

Brad Pitt was spotted in Santa Monica Airport with an instructor. Pitt has been studying for his pilot’s license, following in the footsteps of his Oscar-winning rumored-to-be girlfriend – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still didn’t confirm that they are a couple, remember?

Angelina Jolie is a fully-licensed pilot who routinely pilots her friends and kids in a Cirrus SR-22 plane.

Brad Pitt Takes Off [Fashion Monitor]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Katie

    He’s such a poser.

  2. QueenB

    I can’t say anything bad about him cause he is fiiiiiine. He and Angelina are going to have a damn supermodel baby.

  3. guidomom

    Speak for yourself. I’m hoping he gets lost in the Bermuda Trangle.

  4. hellbent

    What a trendy–some of these people take the minimal amount of training and hours to get the license, then they suddenly think they’re a natural pilot and don’t need someone more experienced with them.

    Most people are unfortunately not great pilots–like JFK Jr.

  5. Take the Heat

    Looks like Katie’s on her period.

  6. paleface

    Not enough WORD, hellbent. Mere mortal not being instrument proficient? Sorry, can’t fly unattended. JFK Jr. not being instrument proficient in a Cessna (a small plane with a lot of muscle)? Sure, that’s OK, you’re a KENNEDY! Oh, you crashed because you weren’t experienced and your bloated ego would allow you to admit as much? And you took two people down with you? Why that’s a national tragedy! We should all mourn you and your raging stupidity. GAWD! Sorry. I’m an Air Force brat, so stuff like that just bugs.

    I’d wish a similar fate on crater-face Pitt except people would turn him into some sort of James Dean figure. Beat it, Pitt and take your enormous ego with you. Clarification: not a Jennifer-lover or an Angelina-hater. I just cannot. abide. Bland. Pitt. Just Ick.

  7. Audacte

    Personally, I think she is the dominant one in this relationship and he is the submissive. She walks ahead of him and she always will. Where she leads, he will follow. If she told him to learn how to knit, he would! I think he is just learning to fly thinking she will respect him more if he can take over the controls when she wants a break from piloting. Gene pools are funny things… imagine his small eyes, her huge lips, her big hands and his massive jawline… I wouldn’t count on this baby as supermodel material yet.

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