Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Operation Family Unit?

Sources are telling the New York Post that the shots we’ve been seeing of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie out with their family in Venice are staged “like a military operation.” A spy (lol, how do you get that title) said they are trying to make a point that they are a happy family unit after all the breakup rumors. The family is living in Venice for three months while Angelina films The Tourist.

I’m not sure I buy a military operation, because the family is living on a canal where there is pretty much one way in and one way out every day. It can’t be too hard to figure out where to get pictures.  And who stays in when you’re living in Italy? The little mock UN walking around the streets of Italy would be hard not to notice.

The couple did stay in today though.  Angelina held Knox Jolie Pitt at a window so he can see out and then Brad pointed out the paps to someone (security?) There also more pictures of the parents with Knox and Zahara from yesterday in the gallery.  If they are staged then when are they planning to bring out Vivienne….?

What do you think? Out and about for fun or for publicity?