Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Visit Haiti

January 16th, 2006 // 24 Comments

This is a mega picture post. The couple arrives in Haiti.

The couple traveled in a convoy through the capital of Port-au-Prince, protected by police and U.N. peacekeepers as they were cheered by crowds along the way.

The unborn child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrived in the combustible Caribbean capital Friday accompanied by his or her famous parents to be. It was the budding baby’s first media opportunity since Jolie’s pregnancy was confirmed Wednesday. Likewise, it was Pitt and Jolie’s first public outing since the news broke.

Mother did all the talking. And owing to Jolie’s role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, all she talked about was the nation that the U.S. government has warned Americans to avoid because of threats of kidnapping, looting and roving militias.

“You hear so much just about the danger and the fear and then you come here and you meet just an amazing people,” Jolie said. “Given just a little chance, and given a little help, this is going to be a great country.”

Parents to Be Pitt, Jolie Go Public [E! Online]

Many, many more photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Haiti, and arrive back in the U.S. after the jump.

The couple is shown returning to the U.S. with Maddox, aware of the paparazzi, once again.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. O_Help_Me

    Wow. Are you all drinking the kool-aide. Promoting infidelity, vainity and plain selfishness because you wish you looked like one of them.

    Funny, Brad has lost his identity completely, which serves him right. Show me one press clip about “him” that does not mention her influence on him, her children, that he is doing something because she does it, his doing something in preparation for her children, etc. If I was Jen I’d be laughing my arse off at what a p-whipped idiot he looks like.

    And I agree also that they behave oddly around one another. Given the stir they’ve caused I’d expect them to be falling all over each other. Insead, they look like acqaintances, if that, in every photo. Odd.

  2. Marial

    O_Help_Me …SHUT UP!!!!

  3. It’s not because two people are always kissing each that they are more in love than the others. But, also i think we are all expecting to see them kissing. i think they are playing with us. Completely. I would like to see brad more protective with his family but not as if he was angelina fourth child.

  4. Ari

    O Help me, the only thing I can possibly agree with is the infidelity. That is it. I don’t see them being vain nor selfish, they are over there promoting world aid, for goodness sake! It’s people like you who are making Aniston look bad, I never saw her as anything BUT a pretty decent comedic actress until people started in on her divorce like she was a martyr or something. Oh, please. Stuff like that happens all the time. The only thing that is going to affect you or me, if if Jolie and now, Pitt can manage to make progress with world peace and aid, not their personal relationships. So, get over it.

  5. laura

    i think thats its a good thing that Angelina is using her “vanity” to help others-she knows she is a hot actress/sex symbol/nymph or whatever and is using that press to her,and her charity work, advantage-she could be just another paris hilton or kate moss who hardly seem to give anything back at all-as for Brad i have never seen another actor throw themselves so whole heartedly into causes so quickly-angelina and her children can only be having a +ve effect on him and also her charity causes

  6. Cj

    When did Wycleff cut off his hair. Hey looked bad enough with the locs but the cornrows my god, he looks like he still lives in Haiti.

  7. who cares

    Ari said:
    O Help me, the only thing I can possibly agree with is the infidelity. That is it. I don’t see them being vain nor selfish

    Ari that is one of the most ignorant comments ive ever heard. how is infedlity not vain or selfish. They are sickening people. This isnt about being a Jennifer Aniston fan (who gives a shit about her) or how pretty people might think “Brangelina” are. This is about infedility, cheating, and deception. This is about fulfiling your own sexual and romantic needs at any cost despite the fact that you are married. this is about not respecting marriage or being honest and faithful. these two people are disgusting, fake, and pathetic. this is an a list sharjackson/britney/kevinfederline triangle that goes in this order in congruence with above
    Aniston/Jolie/Pitt. the second triangle is just full of A list celebrities with more fame and money.

    and this comment “oh please, stuff like that happens all the time”

    and that makes it right? and these people should be role modes?

    and you make comments about “the only thing that will effect us is if they do succeed in saving the starving third world countries”

    You people are ridiculously naive and shallow to think some dumb ass pretty celebrities are going to miraculously “change the world” when we have politicians and charity orginizations (more the charity organizations) everywhere who have been actually working —and for years to change things. You know they do it to make their public image better. I think angelina Jolie is pathetic and a joke. and brad pitt is even worse. They make me ill and people who support them and their unethical and selfish approach to life and about getting what they want is make me sick as well.

    And dont tell me i shouldnt be able to post my opinion. I can, will, and did. just like you people who support them do.

  8. paleface

    OH NO! Brad’s ugliness is rubbing off on Angie! Run honey, and take your unborn child, Madd and Zahara with you!

  9. Annonymous

    Who Cares, you obviously care to still be bitter after one year. I will take Jolie’s vanity any day over Aniston’s dim world view that does not go beyond hollywood and spas. Angie could not have stolen brad fro Anniston since he looks so much happier now than before. I don’t understand this hatred of Angie and Brad, you guys bought into the media golden couple image of BP/JA. Did it ever occur to you guys that Brad was seeing A list actresses having babies all the time, and after 7 years it was not happening for him. He found someone who had the same interest. I love him with Angie, she is so secured in who she is and Brad has gone from 0 to 3 children in one year. So do not fool yourself into thinking that having children was not the reason brad left. He has been too much of a gentle man to rag on life with Jennifer, but lately his friends have started speaking out how she turned him into a nervous wreck.
    Jennifer is nothing but a manipulative, pity seeking, third rate actress, who chose movies over brad, let her live with her choices, I am sure brad is happy to live with the choice he has made.

  10. whocares

    hey anonymous 2:18PM

    To be bitter and a jennifer aniston supporter i wouldnt have said “who cares about jennifer aniston” and i wouldnt have said “should any of these people be role models”

    it’s not about that. fuk Jennifer Aniston. Fuk Brad pitt, and motherFuk angelina jolie,.

    they are all hollywood trash.

    why dont guys find real life role models who work hard for many years at what they do and live their lives with class, ethics, nobility, and honesty.

    whats the use of arguing with ignorant and shallow people. u cant. they are dense. they dont get it. this isnt even any fun to debate. the other debater(s) has to have sense and be intelligent for it to be.

  11. whocares

    and “i am sure brad is happy to live with the choice he has made”

    few hollywood A List people have regards for living with class or moral decency. they are to self-serving and vain and shallow to see the error of their ways. so yeah i am sure he is happy too. if their were no infidelity involved than why did Brad Pitt start frolicking around with jolie not even a month after they split.Give me freaking break and get real.
    adultery is a lowlife and nasty thing. jennifer aniston is also a moron. driving around a car drunk with vince vaughn.ewww. its all nasty

  12. SimpleTina

    while Brad and Angelina are off looking happy, traveling the world, and helping people, Chinnifer Maniston is off doing interviews about post-brad life, promoting her crappy movies, and sleeping with and guy who looks worse than Robert Downey Jr. on his worst day… That bitch need to get a life.

  13. everybody is talking about this affair as if Brad Pitt was a teenager under Jolie’s influence. Brad Pitt is a 42 years old man. He exactly know what he is doing! He knows why he left Jenifer Aniston. He knows where he is going. I say that because i can not beleive that a 42 years old man can be under of a 30 years old man. You can tell everything you want but the truth is brad pitt discover something he needed in Jolie that Jenifer Aniston didn’t Have!

  14. mimi

    Brad did not cheat on Jennnifer, and Jennifer knows this. She’s such a bitch because she knows that all the ‘team aniston’ people are on her side because they believe that he cheated on her. She sucks because she allows them to believe this even though she knows he didn’t commit adultery (you think she would have gone to the Bahamas last new year’s with her Arquette’s if she [including Courtney] thought he had cheated on her?) . Get a life! He didn’t cheat on her.

  15. Audacte

    All that really matters is that UN Peacekeepers are protecting these two people versus the thousands being slaughtered every day in Dafur and the Sundan! Way to go UN! Great priorities!! As for the couple themselves, I will say again: she is the dominant one… he just looks desperate for her attention.

  16. Fugly Girl

    I love how some of you hate on all these celebs to the extreme that you do. You obviously enjoy them to some extent seeing that you come to Mui’s site and read about them. I find celebs as stupid as the next guy, but they provide great entertainment. And at least Jolie is trying to make some effort, unlike most a-holes in this world who bitch and moan about the horrible things happening and then don’t lift a finger to do anything about it.

    And to the point of them not kissing, who makes out with their significant other when visiting Haiti for charitible reasons?

  17. Ang


  18. FunMe

    Bottom line: most celebrities are selfish and self-absorbed.

    Angelina and Brad are far from perfect. BUT they are doing many things to help others. And Angelina puts her money where her mouth is. She has adopted 2 kids from different races that are not hers. Now she is having her own baby. And she is being a good influence to her future husband Brad. Wow how many of us wish we had a partner who supported our endeavors and join us in them.

    Celebrities are about entertainment. But I would rather read stories like Angelina and Brad in Haiti than STUPID bitches like Lindsay Lohan doing more drugs & alcohol or Nicole Ritchie eating less and doing more cocaine or crystal or whatever she takes to stay thin.

    VERY NICE and refreshing to read about Brad and Angelina GOOD ENDEAVORS all over the world. :-)

  19. I want Brad So Bad

    SimpleTina – I love you call Jennifer “Chinnifer” That is classic! Jennifer is so ugly. Boo Hoo Rat Face Jennifer – stop crying already. Your films suck! Go Brangelina. I don’t care what you say about Brad and Angie – they are traveling the world to bring attention to places of suffering. Because of it, I am giving money to Haiti. And Brangelina is a Goddess – she is so gorgeous. Don’t get me started on Brad – that Hot Tamale. All of you Team Annistons – do your boyfriends or girlfriends look like Brangelina? Probably not! So stop being jealous.

  20. kandykane

    Audacte, ditto on the use of UN troops to protect celebrities, in of all places Haiti, while useless Haitian nobodies continue to be slaughtered. Way to go!!!!

    For once, I’d like to see one of these ‘humanitarians’ visit Appalachia, or Richmond CA, like, you know, like, somewhere HERE in the US. How about adopting some brown AMERICAN kids, like those in foster care, maybe some ‘older’ ones? The ones who aren’t so effing precious when they’re 8 or 9 or 14.

    If only some of our issues would get some A-list celebrity strokes, maybe we’d have universal health insurance by now.

  21. cutie pie

    Come one Kandy Kane, let it go! An Ehtiopian child going hungry is hardly the same as a Black American child going hungry. The Black American child, at least has food stamps, welfare – something to hold him over. Imagine an Ethiopian child – try thousands – dying of starvation and malnutrition. It makes sense that Angie adopted from there. Those kids have way less than we do here. I don’t care howo poor you are in America but if you are not in the middle of a desert reduced to skin and bones like so many Ethiopians than you need to stop complaining. Why can’t we see that? I commend Angelina for being the brave soul that she is.

  22. Adele

    Brad was engaged to Gwyenth Paltrow, a classy woman & now Jolie, a woman who has matured & found direction thru her love for children. All 3 went to a acting school & a prestigious University & Jolie graduated high school at 16. Aniston is already pushing 40 yet her only accomplishment in life is an outdated TV series. It took TWO yrs. of pressuring from Aniston for him to finally marry her where it only took less then 6 months for him to want to marry Paltrow & begin a family w/ Jolie. His family is saying this is the happiest they’ve seen him in a long time. His closest friends are saying they finally have the ol’ happy-go-lucky Brad back. After marrying Aniston they said he lost his sense of humor, etc & that she had him too boxed in. I know how miserable it could be to be in a one sided or loveless relationship having to put on a front around friends to give them nothing to gossip about just b/c you’re family orientated & raised w/ convictions. Aniston was a waste of 6,7 yrs. of Brad’s life yet his convictions, tolerance, & faith brought him all the good things life has to offer, which is all he desired. They say sometimes God allows us to go thru it to prepare us for a great blessing, so that we may appreciate it & hopefully share the miracle. God has gifted B & A w/ happiness, love, security & family & thru this they bestow righteous & giving acts upon the lowly, poor & forgotton. Evidently, their paths were bound to become one & theirs were meant to be. Those who percieve this union as “evil” need to step back & reflect on the negativity in their selves which blinds them from distinguishing the difference between right & wrong.

  23. Good luck Brad and Angelina. You two are the best!! Here is a little love song for you. It is called “Look at Me, I’m in Love”. It is by the Moments (1974).

    Look at me, I’m in love.
    Look at me, I’m in love.

    Look at me, I’m in love.
    I finally found the right girl.
    Someone that I can spend my life with.Spend my nights with, share my life with.

    Look at me, I’m in love.
    Look at me, look at me, I’m so happy.
    Look at me, I’m in love.

    The preacher’s saying she’s my girl.
    I’m saying, “I do” for the rest of my life.
    And I think it’s so nice
    She’s going to be my wife.

    Joy of love is in the air
    And love has blossomed around us,
    It’s everywhere.
    Oh, how happy you have made me.
    Let’s stay together until eternity.

    Look at me I’m in love.
    Can’t you see
    Can’t you see
    I’m so happy.
    Look at me, I’m in love.

  24. I'm So Hot

    Blondie, you crack me up with that song! My song for Brad is “I want Your Sex” by George Michael. That man is the most beautiful man ever – Brad Pitt – good luck witheverything. You deserve the best. And I love your new girlfriend. She is good for you. Because she is pretty. Unlike Jennifer.

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