Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie W Magazine Outakes

August 12th, 2005 // 37 Comments

Just like with Demi Moore and Ashton, there is speculation that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt‘s child. Where are Oprah’s investigative skills when you need them?

A source is quoted in Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper as saying: “They spend hours in the bedroom – she’s a very sexual lady. They just don’t seem to be able to get enough of each other. And word is she is now pregnant.”

And, according to same rumors, Brad is determined to act like a real father. So, he spent a fortune on making his home child-friendly, with child-proof locks on doors and safety covers on the mains sockets. And last week, it was reported that Angelina’s adopted son, Maddox, is already calling him daddy.

A friend revealed: “Brad’s house no longer looks like a bachelor pad. It’s littered with potty seats and diapers. Brad has even child-proofed the house, too. He has bought safety locks for the kitchen cabinet doors and covers for the sockets.

Reportedly, Jennifer Aniston is said to be devastated that Angelina may be pregnant with Brad’s child.

“Jen got calls from at least three friends in the past two days to ask her if it was true,” a longtime friend of Jen told Star. “She must be in agony,” added the source, who felt she might be “near the breaking point.”

That seemed to be the case Aug. 6 in Chicago where Jen, staying in the luxe Peninsula Hotel while filming a romantic comedy, coincidentally titled The Break Up, was overheard loudly cursing her husband during an emotional outburst. “F—ing Brad Pitt! What an a–hole!”

Let’s put the bleeped words together. Fucking asshole. I’d go along with that if Angelina really is pregnant.

UPDATE: Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Brad Pitt? [Softpedia]
Jen Freaks Out Over Angelina’s New Baby [Star Magazine]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Liz

    Jen WILL move on and she will be fine. Breakups happen everyday. Jen and Brad didn’t breakup because of Angelina. I’m sure there were problems before her. The marriage wasn’t that old and hopefully both have learned from it. I wish all parties the best. I don’t think any of them are terrible people. They are just human.

  2. Shani

    stop saying Jen like she’s your cousin! Ahhh

  3. bitchy richie

    Poor Jenn,
    I love these pics though they are
    typically classic W magazine…
    It must really be eating her up inside…
    The “purrrrrrrrrfect” family;
    Gia, Brad and the kids…
    Not to mention that the whole
    photo shoot is on display in a
    museum in Chicago through August…
    Kinda sucks to be her right now,
    but she will move on & they did get married
    in Cali, so you know what that means;

  4. bad bunny


    however i feel for jen too…i mean all this media attention. it’s porbably really hard for her too get the news about brad and angelina through the tabloids. everything would be so blown out of proportion and distorted, yet you would always be wondering if it was actually true!

    the breakup was bound to happen regardless of all the rumors of brad and angie…people get divorced all the time…especially celebrities!

  5. Don’t know if it’s true or not. But what the hell is wrong with Jen if she is listening to all this gossip? Why doesn’t she just ask her not yet ex husband? Otherwise she’s just as bad as the rest of the public with all this speculation.

  6. Hello? Does anyone not remember that JA is the one who filed for divorce? We don’t know them, we don’t know the real reason behind their breakup or when it all started to go down, nor is it our business. Bottom line, she filed for divorce. That makes BP a single man and he can do whatever the hell he wants and whoever he wants to do it with. If AJ is pregnant and they are together, why does that make BP an asshole? Putting your own personal feelings (e.g. towards JA) is not only immature, but weird. Think about it.

  7. Lily

    The pics are neat. But Angelina’s arm looks scary in that first pic. She is uber hot in the last one though! She usually looks kinda trashy to me in most pictures i see of her, but she looks good in these.

  8. dina

    brad is the best actor in the history and I am very sory because he is devorsed with jen.AJ is good mother but she is break best relationship in show biz.she is a luser

  9. Wendy

    Angelina may have got pregnant so fast to trap Brad and stop him from going anywhere. To force him to hang around and be an adopted father to her two third world adopted kids as well as the genetic baby.

    She knows that Brad wouldn’t have been able to leave Jen if Jen had had a kid. So if she wants Brad to stay around having a baby would be the best way to do it.

    Angelina is evil enough to want to get pregnant to trap Brad. I think she will deliberately get pregnant in the next year to ensnare Brad so that he won’t leave. Instant daddy for the adopted kids for Angelina, and one who wouldn’t dare go anywhere because the bad publicity of leaving her either pregnant or with a young biological infant would kill him.

    I could definitely see her getting herself knocked up on purpose to trap stupid Brad. That is, if he’s still even capable of fathering a child after smoking all that pot.

  10. nunya

    Looks like he’s cuffing her to the bed.

  11. Mir

    These pics are crazy hot. I love Angelina Jolie…I hate how everyone talks about her like she’s some husband stealing skank…Jen got what was comin to her – if he discovered that he liked Angie enough to divorce his wife over it, then obviously he didn’t really love his wife that much to begin with and it was going to happen sooner or later. Hell, if I had a chance to have a go at Brad Pitt when his wife didn’t want his kids and was too into her career to care about HIS feelings (she’s not even cute anyways either…mousy, too) then I would have gone after him too!! haha

  12. right

    Sure, nice pics, all true. But really, just come out and say it please:
    “Yes, were a couple. Yes, we shag eachothers brains out and yes we’re getting married.”
    Get it over and done with so we cal all move on thanks.

  13. I totally agree wih the person who said that it wasn’t Angelina’s fault that Brad and Jennifer broke up. I honestly believe it wasn’t. I think Brad and Jennifer were having problems for a while before Anelina came into the picture. Everything just seemed like it was Angelina’s fault because they basically got together for Mr. and Mrs. Smith at a bad time. People figured since Angelina is this gorgeous hollywood actress who’s been falsely accused of being a home-wrecker, and Brad and Angelina were working together, it just seemed right to point fingers at Angelina. That’s how these tabloids are, but I dont believe any of it. I dont think Brad cheated at all. When Brad and Jen were trying to reconcile things just weren’t working out, so she filed for divorce. I think it looked like Brad was cheating because he moved on so quickly. They divorced and he moved on at the drop of a hat, which isnt a crime, though. They are divorced. Jen even said herself in her Vanity Fair interview that he’s “free to do what he wants..We’re divorced.” So all of you Jennifer Aniston fans can lay off of Brad and Angelina, because Jen said he can do what he wants. And there’s one thing that truly, truly BUGS me; no offense, but you Jen fans go around saying “poor Jen, poor Jen”, and “It’s alright, Jen, you don’t need him anyway!” Why are you guys saying that? Are you guys going with the rumors that Brad cheated? Well, sorry, but thats really stupid because the media lies, people. They just want to sell. They dont care about the truth. Haven’t you heard any celebrities say that half the things said about them arent true? You should stop pointing fingers, because you are the last people that would know anything. All of you Jennifer fans just go with what Jen said in her very recent Vanity Fair interview: “I choose to believe my husband.” Also, another thing is pissing me off. There are a lot of Angelina-haters saying that Angelina is “evil”. Wait, do you know her? Do any of you haters know her? Is there a real reason that you think you have the right to call her that? You see, you guys only say you don’t like her because of what the tabloids say, and what you hear about her. How do you guys go about life that way?..going with what other people say,not truly getting to know a person, and giving false accusations. That’s ridiculous. Before you judge people, get to know them, or don’t judge at all. I know a lot of you say “We all have our own opinions,” but how can you give an opinion when you dont know anything about the topic? Those are just my thoughts poured out.

    The best of luck to Angelina and Brad.<3

  14. Tracey S

    I think Angelina’s laughing at Jennifer while she screws her husband. She didn’t give a damn that Brad was married. Angelina gets what she wants and men who are in relationships are her specialty. The evil viper even had Kylie Minogue worried about Olivier so much she flew in to see him.

    Angelina sucks men in with her poisonous pussy but hell, they don’t hang around for long. She couldn’t even get ugly old Billy Bob to stay with her for a couple of years. He took one look at her and that Cambodian kid and thought “F*ck this” I want my own kids. Then he proceeded to do just that and met another woman and had a biological child.

    Brad’s obsessed with Angelina at the moment. He’s morphing himself into everything she wants but this woman is 30 and already 2 marriages down. She’s a former heroin junkie, insane asylum graduate, cutter and full-time weirdo.

    Brad’s getting the best sex of his life – let’s face it he’d had enough of boring Jen in the sack. Now he’s with wild woman getting some S & M and some other kinky sh*t and it’s turning him on enough to put up with all the third world adopted kids that come with the crazy cutter who masks her weirdness behind some humanitarian work that’s all just a PR cover that she’s using to try and become the most famous woman in the world.

    Now she’s stolen the most famous, most handsome man in the world.

    I could see her try her charms on Clooney next and try to get him to marry her by getting his rocks off like even the porn stars he usually dates like Krista Allen can’t do.

    Brad is a temporary diversion and soon he will be no challenge for Angelina at all. I think she will marry Brad just to prove she can get him and to give Jennifer Aniston a big “Up yours” simply because she’ll get a lot of pleasure out of it.

    Then if she starts getting any bad press. Hell. She’ll just adopt another third world kid or go on a PR roadshow to Sri Lanka or something. Angelina is a master of manipulating the press. She’s fun to watch.

    Brad doesn’t know what the hell he’s in for. I hope he opens up his eyes before heading for divorce number 2.

  15. rusty

    Tracey S or whatever..thats total bullsh*t, babe. You are definitely one of those haters. And you’re also the kind of person that believes everything you here. Thats pathetic. You dont know angelina at all. You dont have the right to judge her. Also, a lot of people have fucked up pasts. Rough childhoods lead you to do crazy things. What makes you so goddamn perfect? But, she’s grown up and she’s changed over the years. She’s a very caring considerate person who wants to help people who dont have what we do. But I think those under privelidged people would rather live there then here and deal with people like you. I’d fucking spit at your feet for judging people the way you do and not even knowing them. You need to do something about that, miss TRACEY!

  16. Jasmine

    Look at this picture of Whorelina flashing her pussy at Brad:,10114,5031908,00.jpg

    And some people claim she didn’t entice him to leave Jennifer? Get real folks. A picture says a thousand words. She virtually led him to her pussy and then made him drink.

    In this shot she is actually spreading her legs for him Talk about going beyond the demands of the script. She set out to get him and got him. She set out to seduce him. She set out to make him dissatisfied with Jennifer – to think about the sex he could be having with her versus the sex he was having with Jennifer. And he was hooked. And this picture shows how hooked he really was. Angelina reeled him in and now she’s eating him up – literally.

    God Angelina is so full of bullsh*t. The whole thing i.e. her humanitarian crap is a f*cking charade. It’s a PR roadshow. She’s just an actress playing a part. She’s trying to manipulate the public just like she manipulated Brad into leaving his wife. She learnt her PR lessons from Joan Crawford. Take a good look at that picture I posted upthread again. Angelina knew EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING. She was flirting like hell with Brad, turning him on sexually, trying to get him aroused and interested in her. And she succeeded.

    Jennifer Aniston didn’t stand a chance with this man-stealing, morally bankrupt viper on the loose.

    Now she’s leading Brad around by the penis and he’s following her 5 steps behind with his tongue hanging out. Angelina could adopt a whole baseball team worth of third world adopted kids and he wouldn’t give a rat’s ass SO LONG AS SHE KEEPS F*CKING HIM HARD. But if she starts paying too much attention to the adopted kids and not enough on Brad he could emerge from his real life wet dream sooner than she thinks. In which case Angelina had better get herself knocked up fast if she wants to keep him hanging around wasting his time with those third world adopted kids of hers.

  17. Rachel

    I agree that Angelina purposely tried to Make Brad interested in her, She was quoted saying that she ALWAYS falls in loves with men that she stars in movies with. ALWAYS. And history is repeating itself, When she got with Billy Bob, he had a LIVE-IN girlfriend, ( LAURA DERN)Laura was away filming a project: and when Laura came back, Billy Bob & Angelina were married.Its all a game to Angelina, It makes her feel good to know she can get whomever she wants. No, we aren’t supposed to “JUDGE” people, but those are the facts.

  18. rusty

    Who gives a shit that billy bob had a live-in girlfriend. When Brad and Angelina got together Brad and Jen were seperated. But this isnt our business anyway. You people are just going with what the tabloids say, which means you techincally have no proof whatsoever. But we do know this, when Jen filed the divorce papers she cited “irreconcilable differences.” If Brad did cheat, why didnt she cite infidelity or third party? No one know what really happened except for Brad and Jen. We dont know anything, so stop pretending like we do. You dont know shit, and you’ll probably never know. Its not our business so we have no right to judge anyone.

  19. Nory

    I love the picture! Brad looks HOT, Angelina looks HOT! Together they are just the perfect sexy couple. Screw Jen!

  20. Brad Pitt

    Hey, It’s Brad Pitt here.

    You all are too hard on me. This is the way it is:

    I was bored with Jennifer Aniston. Real bored. Didn’t you see those pictures of us at a restaurant after I finished shooting Troy? I hadn’t seen her in weeks. But we had nothing to say to each other.

    The spark had gone out of the marriage a long time ago.

    Sex with her was boring. She was always working. I want a woman who puts me first. Instead I had a wife who was always working. She said she wanted babies after friends. So I busied myself renovating our house. Didn’t you folks hear it took 2 years. I didn’t give a S*** about anyone but myself back then. But then even before she had finished Friends she was signing up for movie after movie. Where were my babies man?

    The seven year itch started coming on really fast. I was hanging out with my dude George Clooney. He was screwing a different woman every week. It made me think – why am I still with Jen? I love her but I’m bored. I’m trapped. We’re America’s Sweethearts. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it without looking like a dirtbag.

    I signed up for Mr and Mrs Smith. It almost didn’t happen. First Nicole was signed to it then backed out. Then the producers wanted Catherine Zeta-Jones but S***, she was too old. Then Angelina came on board. Wow. I’d heard she was crazy but dude, in the flesh she was hot man. I lusted after her from the moment she walked on set. She was flirting with me like hell – check out the shots taken from the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Jen was working like usual but hell, I wasn’t missing her at all. Angelina was the bees knees. So beautiful. And when we did the sex scenes, hell. She was giving 200%. Shame they were cut from the movie because the producers were too afraid to show them. Angie made it clear she could give a man the sexual time of his life. In the meantime Jen and I are down to once a week if that.

    Man I was falling with her. After we finished shooting I went to Clooney’s place at Como with Jen. But all the time I was thinking about Angelina. And I started thinking – I want out of this marriage. But how am I gonna do it? It could finish me.

    Then I thought. How about I portray Jennifer as a career hungry bitch who doesn’t want kids. And look how Angelina does all that humanitarian crap. If I do some of that S*** maybe I’ll come up smelling roses in the split. So all I have to do is talk about wanting kids in every interview I do for Ocean’s 12 and then people will think I’m leaving Jen because she won’t give me any – great idea.

    I mean look at Angie. She adopts those kids. Hell she gives them a loving home. I really dig that S***.

    In the meantime I’ve been calling Angelina heaps. I love our conversations but she says I need to leave Jennifer. Life’s short and I need to do what makes me happy. I love Jen she still wants to stay married – how do I get out of it. Oh. I’ll tell her I’m having a mid-life crisis. I need to find myself. What I really need to do is find Angelina and start F****** her hard. But I won’t tell her that.

    I go on vacation with Jennifer and Courtney and David and we decide to split. Afterwards I act like the model husband. I throw her a birthday party and we go to some big Hollywood gigs together. I call Angelina and tell her.

    Then we do the W shoot – that’s when I start F****** her but I’ve already done it a thousand times in my head. That makes me realise – hell I’ve done the right thing. I haven’t felt like this about Jennifer in years. Man she’s hot. And so beautiful. I got tired of looking at Jen’s face. Angie and I decide to keep the whole thing hidden. Hell I knew if I got found out the S*** would hit the fan. Can’t have that happen man, America loves me.

    Then we go for a dirty weekend in Africa. Thought we could get away with it. We thought wrong. Got sprung. Damn.

    But my back up plan is this African bullshit. Cindy my publicist came up with it. Do an hour long special talking about starving kids. Dramatic things were needed because my image could be finished once people realised that I dumped Jen for Angelina. I went along with it man I love my career. So I go and hold up some starving kids for the cameras. No problem.

    Now we’re still hiding out but once the divorce is through I’m free as a bird man. And I’m thinking marriage. Maybe I don’t need any biological kids? Angie says it’s selfish. I bet she’s right. I mean I’m in love with her. If she says having biological babies is selfish it is. That was my old selfish way of thinking. Now I want to save the world man. My life has changed. I just want to adopt all those starving babies man. Only selfish people have biological kids.

    My parents say I’m not thinking straight. Man I’ve never felt so good in my entire life. I’ve got the most desirable woman in the world. Every guy wants to be me. Angelina’s wild in the sack. This is great.

    I don’t think about the fact that she’s already been married twice. I’m Brad Pitt for god’s sake. The first husband was unknown and the second that old cretin Billy Bob. Man I can hold her. Just keep being nice to the adopted kids that’s the key.

    Jen isn’t talking to me. Well that’s to be expected. I’ve just replaced her hook line and sinker with Angelina anyway who is so much more exciting.

    I’ve never been happier man never. This is great. Leaving Jen was the best thing. But her doing that Vanity Fair interview was nasty man. Plain nasty. How could she sell me out like that. It’s not like I’m taking Angelina out on the red carpet or anything. Man, we’re being discreet.

    I never worry about the people in Hollywood. Man, I’m Brad Pitt and she’s Angelina Jolie. They’ll kiss our ass man all of them. And as for the public? Easy man. I’ll do more of those “save AFrica” tv specials, hold up some starving babies for the cameras. Americans are just F****** stupid. Cindy says they can be manipulated into believing anything. She says don’t worry, just do what I say and they’ll still love you. She’s right. Cindy can spin anything.

    So now I’m sitting pretty. I’m having the best sex of my life. I’m with the hottest woman in the world. I like kids and now I have 2. I just have to hope it works out. Angelina says she wants to be with me forever. I’ve got it all man. Jennifer is just a distant memory. Can’t wait until the divorce comes through. Then Angelina and I will appear in public together – start getting the public used to the idea. THat’s what Camilla and Prince Charles did. We’ll do that kind of S***. Just like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner did. We’ll be ok. I’m a Zen master at this PR S***. And the American public is thick as pigshit. THey can be manipulated into believing anything. Look at what George Bush got away with.

    I’m Brad Pitt. I’m huge. I’m the biggest F****** male star in the world. I’ve got the best looking woman in the world. And I’m invincible.

  21. Laney

    Angelina is a freaking whore, period. She always has been. She’s had sex with women and from what I understand, her own brother, wow….how punk rock. Brad is having a mid-life crisis and looks like a complete idiot. I guess he wants to shed his image, kind of late now, you old fart. Should have done that 10 years ago. They can adopt as many 3rd word babies as they want, throw as much money at whatever charitable cause they want. Doesn’t matter, charity begins at home, a contribution which BOTH of them have a hard time giving to. Yes Angelina does have to prove she is a good woman. Helping in the destruction of a marriage kind of proves you are still, a fucking whore.

  22. I'm Maddox - Please help me escape from this nutter!

    Prediction – Brad and Angelina both die in a plane crash piloted by stupid Whorelina.

    Prediction – No one wants her screwed up third world adopted kids so they are sent back to Cambodia and Ethiopia.

    Prediction – No one wants to pay to see Angelina in anything any more and she continues to deliver f*cked up performances.

    Prediction – Brad wakes up in 6 months time and he’s over the sex with Angelina looks around and thinks why am I here surrounded by a bunch of non-white third world kids that aren’t even mine. Oh! That’s right! I had a mid-life crisis.

    Basically once the sex gets mundane Brad will start seeing all the crazy and kick her to the curb.

    Remember even Billy Bob didn’t want her sorry ass once he’d screwed her for a few years. And even Colin Farrell wasn’t interested.

    Before Brad left his wife for her Angelina was actually starting to be painted as a really tragic figure in the mags in terms of no man wanting to GO OUT with her (yeah plenty wanted to screw her).

    Going out with Brad has boosted her desirability. But increased the hatred of her.

    Did anyone see those pics of Angelina kissing Ewan McGregor in her trailer while he was married? Then she tried to get her evil claws into Olivier Martinez. None of them were buying anything from her but a quick screw.

    Brad’s mind is so shot from all the pot he’s not thinking straight.

    Check this out:

  23. Wacko Jacko

    It’s Maddox.

    Someone please call child services and take me away from this lunatic.

    I’m sick of being pimped out to the cameras. I’m only 4 but everyone knows my name and face. Why can’t I have a normal life like other kids? Why is my mother constantly shoving me in front of the cameras? Why does she take me to photoshoots? Why does she take me to toy stores all the time but tip off the photographers so that they are constantly shoving cameras in my face?

    My mother is never around. She’s made upteen films in the last few years and I only ever see her when the cameras are around. When she isn’t filming she’s off saving other poor kids – but only when reporters are around. What about me? I don’t like this new sister of mine Zahara either. Nowadays Mum is shoving her in front of the cameras more than me. Is that because she’s cuter?

    Also I hear my mum and Brad having sex all the time – I’ve even walked in on them – is that normal? I see them naked doing things I’ve never seen before.

    Speaking of Brad when Mum was making Alexander she was with that guy Colin. Now we are hanging around Brad. How come mum has so many men in her life? How come I don’t have one daddy like other kids?

    I’m sick of being left with nannies all the time. I want a normal family. Why are they doing this to me?

    I wish I could be with my real mum instead of this witch.

  24. Spicy lily from Thailand

    Hello from Thailand

    I just wonder how rude some comments are.
    Some of you even wish them to die.
    To say something like that only to satisfy your needs,no one else.

    Whatever,Brad Pitt,Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston do,they’re all about them, none of our businesses.

    Many couples get divorce with many reasons, no matter who they are.What is a big deal about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s divorcy?

    If they had a happy marriage,nothing couldn’t come across. I believe Brad did the best when
    be married to Jen but it’s done,time’s up.

    Jennifer should accept the truth and stop playing a victim role who said she will love Bard for the rest of her life. Sometimes, we never realize we got a precious gift until we’ve lost it.

    I wish they all find their paths and happiness after all.

  25. Elizmul

    Yes, I am one of MILLIONS interested in reading, watching and wondering what the Celebrities of our country are doing. Yes, and like others I have opinions and “ALL” the answers to each one’s problems. NOT! I try to keep one thing in mind though while I am looking at the beauty of their faces, the sizes of their bank acounts and the “OVER-SIZED” problems that sit upon their laps and that is “I’m glad I’m NOT them!!!” I LOVE Angelina Jolie! I have always been fasinated by her. As a woman, I admire her beauty and her “I don’t care what people think about me” attitude. She seems to be someone who is NOT afraid to be herself. Period! Whether I like her life style or not, admiration is still there. As for Brad, it takes TWO for a marriage to work and to fail. I believe BOTH him and Jen are the problem. Last time I checked marriage was a 50/50 % effort! Each partner taking their 50% and giving just that to make the marriage a 100% success. (I didn’t say 100% happy ALL the time with never any arguements!) A successful marriage is one that works “through” those problems and continues to work on loving one another! They weren’t able to do that obviously. If your going to put “blame” on one you need to think about the other too. Not that it’s our business to blame or choose sides. Who are we? I just get tired of hearing POOR Jen, POOR Jen and Brad’s the SNAKE. BOTH are at fault people and that is that! If Brad and Angelina have found love. GREAT! If they are pregnant. GREAT! If not. GREAT! The thing is I LOVE to just look and read about celebraties not get emotionaly tied to them! I have enough in my own life to put “emotional feelings” to and trust me that does not include the messed-up lives of the “worldly” Hollywood! It’s fun to read and it’s fun to look but, that’s it! You girls can have your Brad, I’ll take my husband over him ANY day! You men can have your Angelina but, I know my husband would take me over her ANY day as well.

  26. rusty

    elizmul, i totally agree with everything you said.

  27. martha

    RUSTY are you her sister..or what..your ignorant or no morale, mr pitt is a pig and jolie is a conniving bitch she used that little boy to get pig pitt -he love his wife but he cant get away from lust yeah not love but lust shes so good of using it. remember old billy bob engaged to laura dern they were so in love – jolie and old billy bob made movie -end up married. she doesnt respect anybody but herself – who she want to seduce ..its her game, which is so sad I almost believe her humanitarian work thats just an act to be popular using poor kids for her own benefit I think she should clean up her act first- before adopting those kids and for mr pitt your a coward conniving asshole you think your good looks will buy everyone should keep your hair blonde you have no brain,no sympathy,no morale.youre only thinking of what you feel down there – do you realize shes not a decent woman . oh i forgot you have no brain.

  28. rusty

    Whoa, martha..who’s f*cked up now? I think its so funny that you said brad has no brain. Thats pretty ironic, dont you think? I mean, sorry, but i dont have any idea what you were talking about. You dont make sense, sweetie. And f.y.i…i’m not her sister. Its just, i guess we seem to know whats really going on, unlike some people. I dont know the whole story between Brad and Jen, but dont either, so stop acting like you do. You’re starting to make yourself look stupid, and I’m sure you dont want that. But can you answer me this then? When Jen signed the divorce papers, why didnt she cite infidelity or a third party? I mean, if Brad cheated she would have, but no. She cited irreconcilable differences. She didnt even seek alimony. Oh yeah, I can really sense the animosity between them (i’m being sarcastic). Jen says she will always love Brad and she chooses to believe him. If you’re on Jen’s side, just stick with what she believes. Oh, and martha, reading the tabloids and believing everything they say just goes to show that you dont know shit. You have guts to comment on here giving us their dumbass lies, and you’re a dumbass for believing them. But thats okay. Nobody’d perfect.

  29. Mary

    They are both peices of shit and they belong together. Sorry to say but,the only one hurt and will never understand what happened is Jennifer. It sucks but that’s life for ya.

  30. amy

    Angelina n brad r awesome n they r both hot n neone who thinks different are just losers.n jen jus wants everyone 2 feel sry 4 her when in reality she is the one who broke ^ w/ brad so it is her fault! good luck angelina n brad! <3

  31. Brett

    What the hell do all you people care? Get a life of your own! Look at you! Drooling over 1950′s-era photos of today’s celebrities. Is this all you do? Salivating over people who don’t care about you?


  32. I realise I might be out of topic but check out this collection of best song lyrics

  33. Snickers

    I love the part of the article that describes Brad’s Hollywood bachelor pad being “littered with pottys and diapers.” Maybe he needs to get a maid? Is there poop nad puddles of piss everywhere too? Are the diapers laying around dirty and not picked up, in the hallways, the bedrooms, the fuck room, wherever. I can see Brad and Angelina getting ready to go at it in the kitchen sink (a la Fatal Attraction) and there’s a dirty diaper or bottle in the way –

  34. Spin-it-back

    Oh Brad, Poor Brad
    Diane’s got you on the sofa and I’m feeling so sad.

    An interesting article about how ashamed Brad Pitt is of his fans for not being interested in Poverty more than his popularity and personal life – then he plugs his movie which is the reason he is sitting there in the first place… because we are interested.

    So now I am going to continue with the charities close to MY own heart on my own time and I am going to find a new favorite actor who enjoys entertaining, because Brad Pitt’s new holier than thou, “I’m so sick of Hollywood” attitude is making me sick.

    Brad,read some more Ayn Rand Brad (I heard it took you two years to read “The Fountainhead”. “Atlas Shrugged” should keep you busy for another two years. I guess you think you are Howard Roark? And Jolie is Dagny Taggert? Selfishness and self obsesion is not a philosophy and Ayn Rand’s little cult fell apart. You are not as clever as you think, and I hope the public are not as stupid as you think!

    I think you played yourself in Joe Black…arrogant and vacant. Death should have taken a holiday instead of making that stupid movie. I forgave you for that movie, but I don’t forgive the rhetoric you are suddenly spouting about third world countries and how stupid your fans are for not getting it. Most of us were concerned about these issues long before you took notice.

    And Angelina likes to remind us what a great Country (yes she said country) Africa is. Thanks Angie I always thought it was a continent! And why are we stupidly giving birth to natural children? Obviously she is also better than we are. Thanks for reminding us that you are not only the perfect couple, but the most talented, caring, politically correct and giving people also. (and you do your own stunts)

    I would like to see creators of Team America spoof this saga. Team Aniston and Team Jolie come together for world hunger. The Jolie puppet can ironically gag herself and vomit every 15 minutes while she solves world hunger wearing elegant St. Johns knits! Aniston can keep supporting Brad as he makes monkey love to Jolie (on strings). I love Team America, these real actors are overpaid freaks. We are the ones on strings believing anything that comes out of any of their mouths.

    Sorry for a minute ther I thought I was on

  35. Roshambo

    You people are a bunch of idiots. You can’t spell right or formulate a complete sentence. You make racist and ignorant comments about Jolie’s children as if somehow because they are not American or white, they are less than. Well look where being a white american has gotten YOU! Go back to the trailer parks and stop wasting bandwidth!

  36. Kimberly

    hey whats up brad pitt’s hot

  37. amy

    given the circumstances around thier relationship at the time, i think jennifer a made an empowered choice.angelina struck ata vulnerable time in brad and jen’s marriage and knew it wld prob be the only opportunity she wld have to save her flagging public image, reputation and sorry excuse for an acting to hook up with a famous, wealthy, repsectected actor who who elnd some credibility or at least much needed publicity to save heer from fading into obscurity.and she did it in the most desperate, low level way in which any womanca, with no thought for her own dignity , by shamelessly seudcing brad she went for the jackpot and took advantage of the situation, and jen basicallly did what she had to do-honoured herself when she suspected/ intuitively knew brad was not honoring her. the seductionwas a process that brad unfortunatley was unconcious to but jen ,with a woman’s intuition knew what was happening and made a very empowered choice by taking the steps to divorce brad. basically, she knew she could not control what brad or angelina wered poing so she took control of the only thing she could- her life- and decided, under the circumstances that she had to honour herself. angelina on the other hand, knows that the reason brad is with her hangs mainly on a very limited thread of sexual attraction and felt the only way she could hold onto him was by having his child. however, i think, despite outward appearances, she is very afriad of losing brad and while she may be the mother of his kid(shortly), he is still one of the hottest stars around and she is getting on in years and brad’s eye may very likely roam again once the novelty has worn off.also, she has created karma for herself whih i’m sure she is very much aware will come around all too soon…
    i think jen , who seesm more in touch with herself anf her spirituality is riding out the storm with dignity and knows that she will be vindicated.

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