Brad PItt And Angelina Jolie In W Magazine

June 7th, 2005 // 155 Comments

These photos don’t do a whole lot to dispell the dating rumors. I’m sure the stance is “movie promotion.” If the photos are any clue the film is going to be HOT! More after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Yohji

    Angelina Jolie is Princess Diana to me. She is a great mother and she is good for Brad who is supporting her humanitarian work.

  2. bamz9LOVE

    Boy are you misenformed. They’re not in the USA because the papa’s/fan’s are nuts. They’ve left for some peace, and that’s it. They haven’t lost anything but privacy.

    I’ve lived a bit too, but I also know that everything isn’t always what it seems, and so I took the time to look at all the angles of the story, and I’ve come away with the opinion that JA-BP would still be divorced today regardless of anyone else in either’s life.

    They hadn’t been happy for years, and that information is easily found should someone take the time to seek it out. Instead of automatically denouncing a woman who really didn’t factor into the marriages demise “and who Jennifer Aniston has gone on record as saying as much”, how about really finding out about the Aniston-Pitt relationship before passing judgement on anyone else.

    Women have been so quick in deciding that Angelina broke up a home because apparently it HITS close to home. Well news for you, there are plenty out there who also experienced the same thing, but don’t share in the opinion that Angelina is a homewrecker. If anything, I think Brad Pitt is someone who respected his marriage, and who tried to hang in there, but just gave up on having with Jennifer the family they planned for “prior to getting married”. Remember this “Jennifer Aniston filed for the divorce, and the grounds weren’t because of Adultery”.

    No one would have a thing to say if the Golden Couple had split (trust me, they’d still be divorced AJ, or no AJ) and there was no alledged third party, but since the man dared to move on to someone else, it just kills some.

    They haven’t a darn thing to be embarressed about, and I wish them all the best.

  3. I love brad and angelina together i think that they complement each other very well. I love that brad is being a father to maddox and sahara, he looks happy and natural when he is with the children,i love that he is willing to give up so much for them, even his good guy image to be happy with woman he loves; and to have the opportunity to have a family he clearly wants and loves. Yes his marriage to jennifer didn’t work out so what he has the right to be happy with someone else. I cannot stand jennifer, she is playing the victim role which i don’t believe for one second, she is playing this out because she was promoting 2 movies, i don’t hate jennifer i wish her the best i hope that she find happiness with someone so she can stop pretending she is the victim in this whole situation.
    brad and angelina look happy and peacefull with each other. God bless them and thier family they have already become. Instead of talking shit about them, lets wish them best for them and for their children.

  4. Jodes

    I love Angelina and Brad, but I also have been through a divorce and would be shattered if I was Jen. Everybody has to move on sometime I suppose.

  5. lola


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