Brad PItt And Angelina Jolie In W Magazine

June 7th, 2005 // 155 Comments

These photos don’t do a whole lot to dispell the dating rumors. I’m sure the stance is “movie promotion.” If the photos are any clue the film is going to be HOT! More after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. the last time i checked on hollywood matters,brad’s marriage with jennifer aniston is crumbling almost a year before the filming of brad’s movie with ms. jolie. kept hearing rumors, news about it way, way before the angelina in my country, philippines, most of those i know did not exactly get how the heck he ended up marrying a lady like ms. aniston coz she’s really way below his level, be it on stardom, beauty, or intelligence. anyone in jen’s position would really be stormed by too much insecurities coz of brad’s stature and popularity. maybe she couldn’t handle it anymore that’s why she called it quits and filed for a divorce. and maybe they’ve grown apart as a couple bringing more distance in their relationship. all we know is “maybe”, no concrete fact about the truth behind their broken marriage. and please,let’s all be fair with ms. jolie coz brad already said his piece that angelina was not the cause of the break up, just the same with jennifer who never said anything like brad had cheated on her with angelina.

    and for all those degrading ms. jolie, please refrain from doing so. the girl had experience so much pain in life than most of us here but managed to grow up with the help of her son maddox. being a mother just made her a way better person than she was before. and to those saying her socio-civic works are all for publicity, please verify your facts first. for someone who really does this for publicity, she might have ended up playing the role only for months coz its not really what heart desires. but hey! she’s been doing charity works for quite several years already. too long for publicity thing, don’t you guys think?

  2. Morality

    I don’t care if Angie’s HOT, if Brad’s HOT or if their chemistry is HOT or if they are having the hottest, juciest sex ever or what.

    Flat out and duh you all — these two mega stars are looked up to by many. For young kids who don’t know any better: these mega watt stars are *role models*.

    It is *never* acceptable to cheat on one’s spouse. Brad and Angelina sneaking around acting like they didn’t cheat is embarassing and shameful.

    There is *nothing* classy about how they are handling things. The photo shoot is awful. It’s a slap in Jen’s face. For her, that photo shoot is like Brad saying “Move over Jen, it’s Angie now!”

    Brad made MARRIAGE VOWS with Jen. It’s not ok to show an entire young generation: hey, it’s ok to leave your hot, beautiful, successful wife for a woman who is hotter and more beautiful.

    Look at our divorce rates and the messages Hollywood is constantly sending out. This message board proves my point.

    I feel sorry for Jen and think Brad and Angelina should be ashamed of themselves. Regardless of when they got together, it is too soon. The divorce is not over.

    And Angie has no business stepping in; keeping Brad from choosing to get back together with Jen or for Jen and Brad to possibly work things out. Seriously. They didn’t even have a chance because Angie is there.

    I agree also with the person who commented about Angie giving “Brad” advice.

    Anyhow, I don’t care what they are saying about helping the poor. They are horrible role models to Maddox and horrible role models to the children of America. Here: this is how to treat marriage and how to treat someone you promised to love forever. And here is how to treat a hot man: steal him from his wife.

  3. salome

    and we don’t care what you think MORALITY!

  4. carla

    Oh, gosh!!Yes Brad is HOT!! He has been since “Thelma and Louise”. I never understood the attraction b/t Jen and Brad. He is a nice boy from Missouri. I do think her so called career was more important than babies with him. I truly think AJ is HOT! Yes, she is a little “in your face”,(in the past.) I was appalled, mostly by her “passionate” kiss with her brother. Has Brad thought about that one? She has issues, but doesnt everyone? We all know there is defintly something going on b/t B and A. They just arent ready to make it real by telling us with their own statements. They want to tease us some more with all these photos/stories. Who knows what really happened with Jen and Brad? Who knows what will happen with Angie and Brad? Maybe their soulmates. They say opposites attract.

  5. TeamJen

    Brad made a huge mistake leaving Jen! He’ll eventually see that because angelina jolie has been married like three times, she clearly can’t keep a relationship because she’s too busy being dirty. I mean if Brad wants to leave Jen or the other way around, thats fine, but don’t go after someone who’s been w/ Billy Bob or made out with their brother, etc. (((DIRTY)))

  6. Lucinda

    Honestly, people, who cares about the demise of Brad and Jen? I never cared two figs about them as a couple anyway. I have no problem with Jennifer, but I’m not going to to act like I care about her out of pity either. If she wasn’t with Brad, I never would’ve noticed her.
    Angelina, on the other hand, has her own celebrity and mythology. She makes Brad hotter and seems to awakened the “sleeping giant” in him….the giant Jennifer lulled to sleep. C’mon when Brad got with Jen he got soft and lazy. They smoked pot all day and he did a string of his most horrible movies to date “The Mexican”? “Troy”? “Oceans 12″? Just awful…

    I don’t think Brad & Angie slept together before he seperated, but then, I wouldn’t care if they did. Hey, we all fall short of the glory….and it’s not for me to know or judge. What I DO feel comfortable judging is the movies..the art..and on that score Brad & Ange have delivered–loved “Mr & Mrs Smith,” loved the photos in W magazine. And I’ve loved many of Angelina & Brad’s screen roles (not big on anything Aniston’s done, but I guess “The Good Girl” wasn’t too bad, just boring).

    If they are together in real life, well good! I hope they can bring each other happiness. And I bet if Aniston’s ate more than her Zone diet and stopped tanning all the dame time, she wouldn’t be passing out on movie sets!! I think she should take some time off or something…get it together.

  7. sam-mey

    i like all of them. but what i don’t get is… how come some people are sooooooooo sure that Brad cheated on Jen???
    just because you read them on the papers???

  8. Joseph

    I don’t know if Jen loose something.
    Brad find more interesting as person to Angelina and I agree ,but that does not ensure she is worthed , Angelina sems to be very modern and honest, but I think its difficult for any body predict what she will do in the future , poor Brad He dont know what he is going into.

  9. Dave W

    Hi Folks;

    Wow, there are some very heated views of the Brad and Angelina. I think they are experts at their crafts.

    What bothers me is that I did not notice a single post about W’s photo spread regarding the photo on page 92.

    Look close at the image on the TV. Do you see what I see? It’s an image of JFK’s assassination in Dallas! No lets be honest this 60 page photo shot is just a promo for their new movie and big publicity for the clothing companies like Miu Miu, Omega, and Burberry London.

    It’s hard for me to put into words the anger and disgust I feel looking at that photo. How can the folks at W magazine, Brad & Angelina, and the advertisers sanction such a photo?????? What would the world say if we started seeing ads from Old Navy, Beniton, etc picturing spice girl types standing/posing in front of warlords shooting women and children?!

    I am truly at a loss for proper words. I guess I did not expect something like this from two famous humanitarians. I just subscribed to W for my wife. I’m writing an email to W to cancel it today!

  10. Hilarie

    where does all the hatred for Jennifer come from? I don’t believe that any of us know her, or AJ or Pitt. I do feel bad for Jennifer. Anytime you split with somone you’ve loved, it hurts. It feels like you’re empty inside. I feel for her. It gets better though, but none of this (people talking about her) helps. Put yourself in her shoes for once. Put aside who does what and who looks like what. This is about two people who didn’t work out, and that sucks. I never really liked them as a couple b/c I always thought Jen should’ve been with someone who wasn’t so egotistical, but i’m sure she did love him for whatever reason. And now it’s over. best wishes to her. “When you get to wit’s end, remember that God lives there.” You’ll make it, giiirrrlll. lol.

    BTW, I’ve always thought that Jolie was a hardcore, tattoo having chick and Jen was one of America’s Sweethearts. They’re two totally different people, and depending on your reference you make like one more than the other, and that’s okay. name calling is probably not.

  11. Hey

    What is this with Poor Jen and Baaaaaaaad Angelina?
    Fisrt of all, Miz Aniston is not an actress. She was lucky to be on a sitcom that long and watching it a few times, didn’t think she was good – Phoebe and Joey stole the show.

    So, if she wants to have a career in acting, we’ll let her have it – its not the first untalented person in Hollywood who will accomplish this task.

    Angelina Jolie is a very talented actress – Just watch Gia and you’ll see the magic. Also, yes, she is a beautiful, passionated and interesting person. She seems so artistic and deep, unlike Jennifer Aniston, who she seems so plain and dull.

    Brad seemed to hide in a *normal * life and * normal roles. Twelve Monkey and Fight Club showed me he can be an excellent actor. So, maybe he seeks a partner in life who is open minded, deep and passionate as Angelina can be.

    People are inevitably going to go to their source and Brad, 40, is finally finding himself. Architecture, arts, helping others thats what he seems about.

    He would not have accomplish that with Jennifer. He would have stayed a *normal* plain couple and is he wasn’t happy, why bitch him or Angelina. They just found each other. Jennifer fans, don’t worry, she’ll be someone in less than a year and she will try to land a big actor – just wait and see. That’s what she did with Brad. *just read the early news how Jennifer got Brad…she used strategy to get him to marry her, not clean that philosophy.

    Divorce is everywhere – its hard and they’re not the only one who are livin’ it, u know…

    So, Brad and Angelina, u seem terrific with each other.Go for it and never mind what people thinks.

  12. KiKou

    To Dave W (comment# 111)

    You just took teh words out of my mouth, I mean just let it go poeple…If Brad and AJ are a happy coule, then let it happen, if he has to go back with Jen ( which I highly doubt) then we shall see, for now just enjoy the saga while it last…
    And yes I LOVE BRAD, I ADMIRE ANGELINA and I hope they live happy together.

    ps: Jen looks like a Shemale to me.

  13. KiKou

    I meant hey comment #111
    You should write a book about this, you truly understand what’s going on…

  14. snow

    Angelina is sexy, caring and determined. She is all woman. How can Brad resist the gift of God when he himself has been torn by self centred Jen?

    If we can choose our own school, work, spouse, why can’t Brad?

  15. Ana

    I’m happy for Brangelina! They are not only beautiful people, but they are good HUMANITARIANs too..Together, they could help the poor and have a true family like they’d always wanted which is CHILDREN.

  16. kgilliam


  17. sam

    whatever you people have no lives…just leave them alone…stop reliving those dumb high school years b.c its just immature…u have to look at the facts and not the rumours

    1. Even if Brad didnt sleep with Angelina while he was married to Jen, it still qualifies as cheating, wouldnt you consider it cheating if your wife/husband did that to you?

    2. Whether you want to admit it or not, people seem like theyre worshipping Brad now. Its okay for a man to screw around and break a woman’s heart but when a woman does it, everybody is like omg what a slut. I was discussing this with a man (i am a woman) and he was like, “Well I would think there is something wrong with any man if he wouldnt screw around with Angelina Jolie.” Proves that Brad Pitt is JUST ANOTHER MAN.

    3. Angelina is a slut. I don’t care. While she was filming Tomb Raider, she was quoted in an interview saying something along the lines that she would almost her man half to death if he ever cheated on her. If she wouldnt want to be cheated on, how could she do that to another woman?

  18. lucky

    If Brad is lucky because he landed Angelina, so are all of her ex’s. Thorton, he’s the luckiest. You guys act like she’s God!!!!!!!! And about Brad being with her because of Mad, well that really doent mean a thing he still isnt the father!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Duchess

    I think Angelian Jolie’s tattoos made her look like a slut. Doesn’t fit the mother character in W. She is so skinny and her tattoos are showing and she looks like an ex hooker.

    And does Brad Pitt really pray?

    And Jolie didn’t only take a man from his wife but she also took her ex husband from his fiancee. Remember? I think she is trying to repent and cover up her indecent doings with her being ambassador. And no, it’s not true that jennifer didn’t want a child. She was jealous of Courtney Cox, and Cox was even hesitant to tell jennifer she was having a baby because she knows that Jennifer has been wanting a baby and she couldn’t get pregnant.


    Jen is a complete loser…**she refused to fool around with Brad before marriage (controlling him through sex even though she was not a virgin), **she promised Brad a baby when friends ended BUT not only stayed on friends a year longer ALSO despite her promise to Brad regarding babies…decided to put her career first (controlling him through empty promises) **she and Brad were APART over SIX MONTHS while he was filming Troy… she didn’t care to see him then did she?!? **I don’t even think they got together too much during press junkets for the movie **admitted to being needy and insecure throughout thier marriage, who the hell wants to be married to a cling-on?!? **Jen is really not that good looking either with her beanstalk body and bony face that always seems to be screwed into a lemonpuss. ———————————
    Anyone out there can look back at past interviews online and through old magazine’s to read what Jen herself said about thier relationship and how she was ready to get pregnant after yet another badly acted self promoting project. ————————————

    Meanwhile…. Angelina donated millions in Cambodia to open up a park reserve, clear land mines with her own money, donated to the orphanage in Africa AND sponsered all the other orphans for a full year. Angelina’s spoken with top authorities in the states, the UN and other countries to help orphans, displaced persons, land mine victims and raise awareness of the issues no one else wants to talk about. She has given millions around the world to help alot of people and has also taken the time to actually visit these people. Angelina has been to very poor places and help children that are dying of Aids and malnourishment and visited refugee camps all over. Oh yeah, she’s also determined to adopt children rather than just add to world population so that someone less fortunate can have a good life. ————————————

    WHEN the hell has Jen ever gotten off her rich spoiled ass to lift a finger for anyone else besides herself…she couldn’t even be bothered to visit her own husband at work. It’ll be a cold day in hell before you ever see her donate millions of dollars to people who desperately need it or to visit war-torn land mine infested parts of the world. She’s too good to give birth to her own children and it’s highly unlikely she’d ever hold orphaned babies that are dying of Aids or ever even see the inside of an orphanage in a third world country. ——————————————-

    Jen will continue her life of luxury with her head firmly planted in her ass and Angelina will continue donating her time, money and fame to help those in the world that have nothing (not even clean water and medicine) If I were Brad Pitt I know where I’d hang my hat, right next to a woman worthy and that (real) woman would be ANGELINA JOLIE-SHE ROCKS!!!!

  21. maszdi

    I love brad and angie. I tink they deserve each other.. When he married jen, i thought he made d wrong choice…as years went by, i realized that aniston is reaaaly weird, she is such an insecure person, about her looks, her career bla bla must be hard on brad 2always have to console her..reassure her…c’mon, he deserves someone better like angie, who is not only a great actress (she can play any kinds of role–a spy, a drug addict, a queen, a tv journalist..imagine aniston riding a horse n trying to stay pretty, she flipped her hair every 12 secs to cover her face if you watched Friends…)but also a great mother, i m a mother of 3children and i am a year older then Angie, when i looked at her with her kids, i could see that she genuinely loves them…its not a publicity stunt, what she did in Africa, that’s wonderful..being a mother will open your eyes to other children’s despair..that just comes naturally..and she has the money and the fame to help, so whats wrong with that? Is it hard to believe that when someone is kinky in bed, looks gorgeous all the time, have men falling for her cannot be a good person also??? i believe that she flirted with brad during the filming of mr and mrs smith, so what??? every women in this world would flirt with brad if they have the chance..and brad was already having problems with his marriage at that is not angie’s is brad and aniston’s fault, for letting their marriage crumble in the first place..angie just happens to be right in front of brad..and u knw what? i think they found out that they are meant for each other while doing the film…angie has managed to unleash somthg in brad that has been cooped up for a long time (curtesy of plain, boring aniston).
    ok. i’ve said enough..i wish all the best for brad and angie. p/s i also believe that if a woman cannot take care of her husband, and later he leaves her, then that is her fault.

  22. boring

    A guy and his wife spend less time together, share less interests, don’t agree about having kids. Guy has mid life crisis, meets a new fuck buddy, who repeatedly calls his house like a weird stalker, and wife finds out. Poof–marriage over.

    Brad Pitt–overrated, boring, needs to clamp his mouth shut about his private life. Say there were issues in your marriage and that it’s best it ended. Don’t bitch about rumors when you allowed yourself to be photographed publicly acting stupid with some other broad. Or at least screw around with women who aren’t as famous as you.

    Jennifer Aniston–overrated actress, at least she had some sense early on to shut up about her marriage. She’s boring, but she’s smart if she keeps her trap shut and move on with her life.

    Angelina Jolie–overrated actress, does some charity work, but so do a lot of other people who have a lot less money and time on their hands. Some (not all) of her humanitarian efforts are PR ploy to make her look good, even when she fucks up in her personal life. Sorry to say, it’s only her money and celebrity that allowed her to adopt her children–a middle income single woman with her mental background would have had trouble adopting a child in the U.S. Quit bitching about being called a homewrecker–you’ve got sense enough to know running around with a married jackass will get you bad publicity.

    Haven’t any of these people heard about retirement and living quietly? None of them exactly have to bust their ass to make ends meet anymore. They’re attention whores.

  23. Angrules

    Hey, Angelina Jolie is a much more interesting and intelligent person than Jen Aniston could ever hope to be. She’s so giving and caring..

  24. jolie all da way~!!

    luv da pics and luv jolie and pitt both!! i think they’re hot together n as for jen.. well isnt she too busy with her “career”???

    newayz.. jolie is not only an incredibly successful actress, she’s also raising 2 kids by herself AND trying to save countries!! n i dont hear her complaining! compared to dat i think jen is quite insignificant and i can see y brad’s divorcing her!! thank god!

    good on ya brad n angelina!!

  25. lucky

    hey boring you said it best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sara

    It’s retarded to think that because Jen spoke out in Vanity Fair that people assume it’s what really happened. There are always two sides to a story and I’m not taking Brad’s but I don’t think that we will ever really know what happened between them. Tabloids are not facts.

  27. Janule

    Angelina isn’t only realy pretty actress but she is to a human! How many holywood’s stars are helping to other pepole?
    Brad and Angelina together? Why not?! They should to get married and have they’re own childrens.

  28. Chelly

    I think Jolie and Pitt are both nasty sluts. Jolie claims to have morals. Sure she does. Of a fucking alley cat. “Oh, I could never have sex with a married man after my dad cheated…..” WHATEVER! Who does that bitch think she’s fooling??? Jen is more woman than Jolie will ever think of being and is way too good for Pitt anyway – Jen’s much better off now. I will never EVER pay one penny to see another Pitt or Jolie movie again. Then Jolie had the comment about Pitt’s hair. It looked hot on her brother, and it would look hot on him, as well. So….to sum it up – she wants him to look like her brother because that makes her hot?! Yeah – that’s really normal. As for the kids? I say take them back where they came from and live happily ever after as the ‘Bradgelina’ family in some rat infested jungle someplace eating each other’s shit.

  29. colleen

    LOL janule..that is it angie wont have her own kids..she wont ruin her own body and go through what normal women go through..why? because she is rich and can! She even said she isnt having her own kids. Unlike Jen who wants to have them naturally because she is so down to earth and real. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and jen puts angie to shame.
    Angie is sleezy.Lets face it if she wasnt rich they would neve give babies to a person like her. She cries psycho all over her..yuck

  30. salome

    colleen and you think angelina, brad or even jen aniston care about what you people think? i don’t think so…they’re much more human then you guys are..find some peace!
    ts ts ts

  31. Anshi

    i love so much jennifer aniston!!! and i like very much brad pitt but i hated him when i saw what he did to jennifer with angelina jolie!
    go jennifer!

  32. Wat ya on??!

    has you realised tht jennifer aniston is still pretty and ur comparing with Angelina Jolie. She 10 years younger!!! … think of the age difference. and if as pretty as them i blame em both not for havin children. jennifer kinda missed her chance n angelina adoptin. of course jen wants kids! she had 1 in friends! mayb brad didnt give her the chance.. n i dont fink angelina is doin all well wid the relationships.. i mean several divorces!.. how this 1 gonna end..
    but their choice..
    n don’t blame Jen at all!

  33. Angie&Brad make a couple!

    Ok u people are just crazy! Whoever thinks that Angelina is a homewrecker is just stupid! Brad and Jen were already divorcing when he and Angie started seeing each other! Angelina is just going out with a guy whos already divorcing! What is wrong with that?? The marriage was already wrecked! think about it people! And on another note, Angelina is waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than Jen can ever try to be! jen is pretty/cute! And Angelina is beautiful! Shes gorgeous! I think her and Brad make an awesome couple!! Two great hot people together! I hope they marry and stay that way!

  34. brad pitt is an idiot

    brad pitt is an idiot. he is a liar and a fake too. (and the emperor’s clothing is made of gold)

    give me a fucking break. angelina is a hot chick and he wanted to bang her and bang her and bang her and he doesn’t give a shit about anyone else other than his stupid pretentious self.

    it doesn’t matter because what comes around goes around and we all know someone else is going to bang angelina.


    brad and angelina are liars. case closed.

  35. lucifer









  36. joleen

    I saw the movie and it was great and it was great fun. To all those people that walk on water, more power to you that you have never made poor decisions or made mistakes. If Brad and Angie are in love then that is good. They are deserve to be happy. Cheating is never right no matter who you are or how hot you may be. The fact is this marriages end, people move on, some people don’t want children, but it doesn’t make them sluts or whores or bad people. Only the people involve will know the truth about the breakup and that is the way it should be. I like Brad, Angie and Jen and I wish the best for them all, each of them deserve to be happy. btw marriage isn’t just about having kids, but i will say this, if there is an agreement among the spouses to wait or to not wait or how many they want, it is never a good thing to renege or go back on your word, that can cause resentment and lead to one person not wanting to be in the marriage. Name calling is immature and silly since it hurts none of them, but shows how immature the person is that is name calling. I hope that Brad and Angie will be happy together if they are, they could be just good friends, you can’t believe everything that is read.

  37. Candydiva04

    Why are we blaming the women??!?!?! Angelina was not the one married to Jen, angelina did not make vows to jen and then breka her heart Brad did. So why is it all angelina’s fualt, or all Jen’s fualt? Let place the blame where it truly lies… ON BRAD. If he was happy, committed or even gave 2 shits about Jen he’d have never cheated with angelina no matter what she did, so lets place blame where blame is due… ON BRAD and leave it at that.

  38. i stumbled upon this web site by accident. Damn you people are heated. there is no need to hate on any one, who knows what any one of us would have done in any of the three’s situation. We serriously need to calm down and stop judging. because this does not concern us at all. People act how they act some are not afraid to be them selves, deep down inside there is a saint, a mother, a whore, a slut a good will ambasador, a victim, and a selfish bitch in us all. to deny this is to live is darkness and self denial.
    to all you self rightious people who are hating, look in the mirror because we are all guilty of something…

    Last time i checked it was Jennifer who filed for divorce. and though she may be regretting it now as any woman who was truly in love would be because it is natural, it is time for her to move on just as it is time for brad to do the same with whom ever he choses.
    wish them all luck and happiness that is what a normal person with a life of there own would do instead of argue about it.
    thanks for letting me share my 2 cents.

    ps i think Brad and Angelina are good for each other. it gives her a good guy for her and her children and it gives him the family and stability he has wanted for a long time…

  39. earlene

    Jen, did want to have children. Brad is well know to fall for his lead ladys in his movies. He has been cheat for a long time and never been honesty with any woman he has been with. it will be a toss up who will cheat first him or angelina. I will never see any of his movies or angelina ever. If pitt would have been straight with jen they would have had babies a long time ago. who would want to have kids by him knowing he was out messing around. you know we all see things different in this world. but most know right from wrong and he did wrong by jen. jen, is really a very nice loving person.

  40. Joy

    In response to the post #136

    Your username is so appropriate with your VICIOUS NAME CALLINGS! I suggest you to need to research the meaning of “BAD KARMA”

    By the way, I know I am wayyyyyyy late about the PHOTOS of Angie and Brad. I was waiting for that to come out and for some reasons, they are all out.

    Would somebody please tell me, Where I can buy them or are they still available?

  41. Sue

    Now that it is all over, Jennifer has all the time to make all of the movies that she wants. She can have all of the comfortable furniture that her little heart desires. She can find herself a true blue lover, or a trust worthy husband. She can walk her little doggie until dooms day. But the one thing that she can not do is have Mr. Brad Pitt. WAS IT WORTH IT?

  42. Joy


    Are you saying that for the whole seven years that Brad and Jennifer are together, that Brad was cheating all along. hmmm…never heard anything about it, you know how that tabloids are.

    Up until she started working with Angie, then they started rumors about them, which none of them confirmed it. Who knows what happened with Brad and Jen’s marriage? Only the two of them will answer that, in the meantime stop accusing people you don’t know personally. Plus they are divorce already…LEGALLY DIVORCE!

    Rumor has it Jennifer is having fun with Vince Vaughn…maybe she is finally moving on.

  43. Noire

    Ok…whoever said that Angelina Joie just started her humanitarianism after she broek up Brad and Jen….needs to get out more. Um….she adopted Maddox over 4 years ago doofus! Is anyone saying that Bono is just in developing countries because of PR? Obviously not because he’s happily married and no end in sight of his marriage. Have you ever heard of actions speak louder than words? Angelina has adopted two kids from developing countries and is giving them a decent home, goes to developing countries and helps them rebuild….Jen is hawking her movies,her Friends DVD,and her stupid ZONE diet, crying over her soy lattes at Starbucks, and being comforted by her exes. If she really wanted to have kids…(like she claims) …why isn’t she barefoot and pregnant right now? I don’t think Brad cheated, I don’t think Angelina stole him away. I think Brad just smartened up and opened his eyes to what a liar (yes Jen is a liar…she never wanted to be pregnant)his EX-wife was. And a selfish one to boot.

  44. jl

    what a bunch of shallow people. Because someone is “hot” that makes it okay for her to steal someone else’s husband??? Get a F*** life and some morals and be careful what you watch from afar – could happen to you somneday

  45. Givemeabreak

    You people must be a bunch of youngsters. You sound like teens, inexperienced and immature.

    I’ve never been of huge fan of Brad Pitt’s, especially of his acting. I’ve seen most of his movies and never thought he was as hot as everyone seems to think. To me, most men with blond hair are not handsome unless they have truly beautiful features and great skin. Blonds have to have something special to go with that blond hair. If they are white as a ghost and have no tan color, forget it. Brad is certainly not ugly, but most of his appeal comes from his charm.

    I liked Brad Pitt in “Troy” because his character was tanned, buff, sexy and most importantly, quiet. As far as I am concerned, as an actor, he is way too aware of himself, too cute with the camera, which may be why he’s not that interested in acting anymore. He smoked too many darn cigarettes and the results are showing in his face. The same goes for his pal “old man” George Clooney.

    Jennifer Aniston is not a pretty girl, but she is cute. She’s no skinnier than Angelina. In fact, Angelina has long, lanky limbs. I also think Jennifer is smart and independent. She’s had a lot of pain in her life and isn’t so quick to take crap from a man. I think Brad had his hands full with her. He probably saw that she’s not the type of woman who is going to put him above herself. I raise my glass to her for that.

    Jennifer Aniston may not want to have children, and that is okay. She may not have planned it that way, but over time, she just may not have that yearning. That happens sometimes. Not every woman wants to lie down and birth a bunch of babies, and she is no less a woman for it.

    Jennifer has a poor relationship with her own mother, so that may have something to do with it. Also, having children changes a woman in many ways. It probably would not have saved her marriage. In any case, this is all speculation.

    I have always enjoyed Angelina Jolie’s acting. At least she did study acting. So many people today think they can act when they never even took a class. I admire her for that.

    As for Angelina’s beauty, I do enjoy seeing that beautiful creature on the big screen, but time will tell whether she can truly go the distance. She has a lot of problems with her father, and that could be a strike against her. She’s bisexual, and no one in Hollywood is remembering that right now. She even had a serious affair with an Asian woman that supposedly ended her first marriage, but how soon we forget.

    Hollywood’s most beautiful are hardly ever lucky in the love department. Probably the luckiest was Bo Derek, and to me, she was a blond and even prettier than Angie. Bo had more perfect features.

    Angelina is sexy and plays it up, big time. I have seen her on TV with co-stars, and she flirts like crazy. She’s too touchy toward men. I don’t think she can help it. I swear there is a father issue in there somewhere. I don’t admire her being a temptress. She’s a tease. She wants people to think she didn’t do anything, when she’s steady setting the trap. Why else would a woman tell the media she didn’t need Brad because she had too many lovers? Give me a break! Saying something like that to a man like Brad Pitt presents a challenge. She was reeling Brad in all along. It always takes two people to tangle. Had Angie truly not been interested, Brad would not have pursued her like he did. Period.

    I’m sure Brad had trouble in his marriage, but he was probably ready to work on it until he met up with Angelina and she openly flirted with him.

    This is where you separate the women from the girls. Single women should not be flirting with married men. That’s where Angelina lost my respect as far as this whole thing goes. I sure hope it does not come back to haunt this couple later on, when the sizzing fire has turned to embers.

    The flower fades and the grass withers. Some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women end up looking ugly one day. Remember that.

    Beauty looks good, but if people don’t have the “stuff” to make it, they won’t. If Brad is the type of man who gets bored easily or who cannot go through rough patches, he’ll tire of Angie too. She’s already been married a couple of times. She’s not religious or anything. I hope that somehow she has a strong urge for family or she will give up on Brad also.

    Let’s us just wait and see. . .

  46. Carni

    those pics are hot look at brad ready to eat up angie and angie too.

  47. Nameless

    yeh i agree

  48. .

    Angelina Bad, Jen Good, Brad Dumb

    You’re only making Brad look bad by saying he left Jen because she wouldn’t have his baby. Jen’s supposed to be the submissive one? Now look, Brad’s the submissive one to Angelina. Once again, Brad did not leave Jen because she didn’t want to have a baby. That is the excuse he implied in public in order to not look like the bad guy when the divorce came through and to have the finger pointed away from him and at Jen. Of course, she wanted it. Anyone would want Brad’s baby! And Angelina took that away from her. I mean, you’re saying that Brad should threaten a woman with having his baby or he leaves them? Is that why insecure Angelina had his baby right away? Brad caused this whole controversy about wanting to have kids and now poor Jen is taking the blame for it. Jen is a good guy… the nice guy. You have friends who are just the nice guys, don’t you? She didn’t deserve it. Jen’s is America’s sweetheart. Brad left Jen because he had a crush on Angelina and planned on having a relationship with her. So, it’s not all about the kids. He just wanted Angelina. Basically, psycho vixen Angelina has stolen another womans’ leftover once again. Her first husband, Johnny Lee Miller, was her co-star. Her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, was her co-star. And now her third? Acting is really not acting. You have to truly feel what the director wants you to feel, or else the scene doesn’t come out good. And that feeling doesn’t always go away. Thus, that fake passion (or not so fake) on screen turns to lust and celebrities fall in love with each other. It’s really ridiculous. Celebrities, especially people like Angelina, don’t know the meaning of the sanctity of marriage. They dont care. They want to live life in the moment. Angelina’s a NY/LA/Europe girl who is an adrenaline junky. Brad is a down to earth guy raised in the Midwest (Oklahoma, Montana, Missouri). You think Brad can keep up with her? He only got with her because he’s ATTRACTED to her. Angelina wore black and spoke to no one in highschool. Brad was the popular jock in highschool. Angelina has actors for parents and was raised abnormally in Hollywood. Brad was raised normally in a regular town by two normal people. Brad is happy with his parents. Angelina has no relationship with her father. In those Haiti photos, Brad already looks hesitant in the relationship and is looking at Angelina like, “When are we getting out of here?” Haven’t you noticed that people start to express interest in the same things as their crush. Brad never mentioned or cared about world poverty until after he started working on Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina. And besides, are you saying that in order for Jen to have KEPT Brad, she should have just had a baby? How pathetic. It’s easier for Angelina to have as many babies as she wants. She’s got more beauty, skinniness and MORE money then Jen Aniston. And someone said that Jen’s a plain jane who ends up only with the pudgy guy. We’ll see about that… Jen maybe nice, but she’s a force to reckon with. She didn’t become successful that easily. She has a few tricks up her sleeve. Jen is not so shallow that she only cares about her hair. If Angelina didn’t pout those lips, get naked or do these attention getting antics, she would be nothing. Angelina’s not even a good actor. All she does is pout her lips and squint her eyes. She was nothing before. She won awards for doing crazy antics which she does so easily in real life. Angelina is a psycho (collecting knives, trekking globally, kissing her brother too much, affairs with taken men & co-stars, on-screen sex & nudity, not taking care of herself during pregnancy, ignoring her father for years, had an electric chair with leather straps in her home, having a baby within a year of being with Brad, had previously married an already engaged, balding, buck teeth, gray haired man who had quite a few ex-wives with children he had a habit of leaving). She needs psychological help. Most actors will do things to avoid attention, especially avoiding continuously stealing co-stars while married. No one hates the couple. Everyone loves them AND their new unborn babies. But everyone has this feeling of uneasiness about it. Maybe they’re just using each other. They are millionaires. Angelina and Brad knew what they were doing early on, during their denial of it all:
    especially she says it here at the end:
    Not everyone here is a fan of Jen Aniston. Not everyone here has been cheated on or has had a husband taken away from them.
    Because of Angelina’s affair, women everywhere hate her and they make up more than half of the movie-going population. She is a public figure, like a politician. She has a reputation to uphold and her public money making job counts on it. She is also a representative of the UN. Women use to love her. Now they look down on her. She’s not a decent woman as she claims. So, what if there was trouble in Aniston’s marriage. Angelina outrightly took Jen’s man, as she has done quite a few times before. Just cause there’s trouble in a marriage doesn’t mean Brad should throw it all away and rush right into another relationship.
    You think that because Angelina’s beautiful, does charity work and has kids, she can do no wrong? She has millions of dollars to cushion her. It’s easy for her to trek the globe to poor countries whenever she wants. The rest of us normal people have 12-18 hour daily jobs and commutes, kids to feed, chores to do and enormous debts. We don’t have bodyguards, assistants, limos, private jets, first class seats, nannies, housekeepers, assistants or millions of dollars to help us.

    “She [Jen A.] took the news badly. … She cried her eyes out.” ” ‘It’s almost as if Brad sat down and planned all the things that would hurt me from the day he met Angelina, then put the plan into effect,’” a teary Jen later told close pal Courteney Cox.

  49. Shae

    Now as we know, Angelina and Brad are expecting. I am truly embarrased for both of them.

    They do so much out of the country now, as if they are trying to find some respect in other countries, because they have lost so much here.

    I agree with all the previous comments that are from people who have lived a little life.

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