Brad PItt And Angelina Jolie In W Magazine

June 7th, 2005 // 155 Comments

These photos don’t do a whole lot to dispell the dating rumors. I’m sure the stance is “movie promotion.” If the photos are any clue the film is going to be HOT! More after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. what the rofl

    ummm to omgy, what I wrote is actually a legitimate discussion of Angelina Jolie’s mental state and the mentality she has on how she should run her life. I believe that she thinks doing good things for people around the world makes her a good person– and in a way she is good for giving people who would otherwise not be able to eat, enough food to survive. But, the aid she has given to starving and desolate people does not overshadow the shameless way she flirts with married men. And her doing that makes her less of a dignified person in her personal life. Gandhi said it best in his biography, everyone has two selves, his private self and his public self. ANd by the way, you’re a complete idiot omgy if you still don’t understand what I am saying. I would looooooove to hear what you think

  2. sandra

    I agree with Nicole….Jen never said she didn;t want kids period. But hey, Brad had been fooling around with AJ and so why should Jen try to get pregnant when that’s going on?
    I sure wouldn’t either. He gave up on her because of lack of support and patience. Jen has issues..personal ones. Coming from a broken family she doesn’t know what happy marriage is. Thats when you need your husband and to show you that marriage is based upon communication, support, trust and understanding.

  3. switzerlad

    I feel terrible for any woman whoes marriage falls apapart, but it takes two. Brad is a hot guy and JEnnifer had to deal with the daily 9 Billion women who fling themselves at him. That’s enough to cause problems, insecurities, fights, etc. Angelina is an amazing woman and incredibly hot to boot. She too is used to having men fling themselves at her. In the case of two actors who get paid to simulate sex ans marriage with each other, I think it is natural to have an attraction and sexual urges in those circumstances. If priests have sexual urges in a church, what do you think about the average hot couple in a bed together. I honestly believe that neither actually crossed the sex line though and yet it was enough to rock the boat. I think it’s idiotic to blame Angelina solely or to paint her as some shameless women when she is doing work all around the world to help, really help people and save lives through her actions. She is actually making a differance in this world and being part of teh solution, not the proble. I ask you all to take a look at what we here are participating in, for what it is, a waste of time for entertainment purposes, and equal that time and engery towards doing something One good deed. One good turn for someone else, with no though of payback. YOU can make a differance too. Try it.

  4. Phi

    Oh please I wish that people would just stop looking for a bad guy or gal in this. Jen filed for divorce now let her live the life she obviously wants. Brad has a new lease on life and it include HUMANITARIANISM and Ms. Jen just wasn’t into it. Why can’t we focus on…you know the organization Brad belongs to? If we put more time into promoting that than we would really be a force to recon with. Or how about the UNHCR that Angelina has belonged to for years. People are so quick to judge her…for what, things that haeven’t been proven. What about what can be proven. She busts her butt to help the less fortunate and what does she get? Libelous comments about her character. Look guys we’re all human and we make mistakes, that doesn’t give others the right to malign us or judge us. If Brad has found what he so obviously wants (Family and Humanitarianism) in Angelina, who are we to judge. Let them be!

  5. Veronica

    I ALWAYS thought Brad was WAY too hot for Jen and never understood the attraction. She’s not hot at all. The only thing the poor girl has going for her are the fake nipples she wears wherever she goes.

    Go Angie!!!! LOL

  6. Im glad Jen is speaking out about what really happened. It sucks that Brad is acting like everything is okay since he cheated on his wife. And he doesn’t feel like his marriage was a failure. Yes, he’s good looking but that is all. What if he has a daughter in the future and she gets treated the way he treated Jen. He should be proud of himself. And you cant expect alot from Angelina she came from a screwed up family.

  7. Bonnie Thom

    You can see more of these photos at
    I think they are gorgeous! They are also a gorgeous couple. I love Jennifer Aniston, but these two seem to be meant to be togeher and apparently, they are. It’s none of our business in any case. Did anyone really think Jen and Brad would LAST? I didn’t, and I don’t think these two will last either. (Or Katie and Tommy, either for that matter. Yuk on those two).
    From an artistic POV, these photos are absolutely beautiful. I love them and would probably buy the magazine just to see more.

  8. caitlin

    None of you know what happened and so making moral judgements on any of the three is egotistical and stupid.

    I’ve seen the movie, and its great. I’m sure this article will be great. I am not wasting my time trying to figure out what happened because until Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston decide to have a public therapy session (which will be never), we won’t know.

    If Brad slept with Angelina Jolie when he was married then he is a gigantic asshole and Jen had every right. There is no instance where cheating is ok, even if you are a big famous movie star. Its wrong and a violation of trust and Jen would have had every right. As for Angelina? Well, she is kind of crazy but if she chose to sleep with Brad then that was a shady decision, not as bad as his deicision, but not good. And Jen wanting to have kids? Many a couple do not marry to have kids. Because taking that point to its logical conclusion says that every couple that has reproductive problems and can’t have children have an incomplete marriage. My dad and stepmother have chosen not to have children and are very happy, its certainly not selfish. Bringing a child you won’t like because you didn’t want it is just as bad.

    But at the end of the day, all that is meaningless because I don’t know. And neither do you. So all you morons saying that Jenn is this big bitch and Angelina is hot with more substance mean nothing because you have no idea. Maybe you should look at yourselves and see if there is any substance there. Usually people who are so quick to accuse others of lacking something are lacking themselves.

  9. arabella

    Always have loved Angelina, Brad was alright.

    Have no sympathy for Jen. Why did she file for divorce first. Hold on to your man girl! She must not have wanted him. You’re right, it’s a girl’s decision to have babies when she wants them right? But come on BRAD FUCKING PITT? Get Real! Or. Let’s see, Babies with Brad, making movies, BAbies with Brad making movies, Oops, waited too long, a real woman stepped up to the plate. You all can call Angie names all you want. She is ALL THAT and got Brad too.

    The only thing I hope is Brad is man enough for Angie. And you’re right too, he’s like a lap dog after her, but wouldn’t you be.

    Angie take care, don’t leave skid marks when you leave Brad, cause ya know it’s gonna happen. Brad I hope you’re man enough to admit, when you’ve done somebody wrong, but brother, I couldn’t blame you! You couldn’t help yourselfish!


  10. doesnt matter

    whether Jen wanted children or not,whether she was selfish or not, doesn’t mean anything.How can u love brad when he shows that if he doesnt get his way he finds solace in a hot woman’s bed?no matter how much money Jen has,or how much publicity,fame,etc..doesn’t give anyone the right to decide if she is hurting through this or not.also,open ure eyes,Brad is just as selfish if not more, he has never been comitted in any relationship from what the public knows,and he could’ve allowed Jen to be her age and enjoy her career before it was over,if the situation was reversed and Jen had slept with another man because Brad didn’t want kids,she’d be called a skanky hoe who couldn’t stand by her man.Just coz Brad is hot doesn’t mean he has a license to break someone’s heart just b/c he wants kids now.And the fact he left now also shows even if she had gotten pregnant,he most likely would’ve still bolted the minute he didn’t get his way on something else.He doesn’t seem at all heart-broken,hotness doesn’t justify looking at women as baby-farms.If he felt love true love for Jen at all ever he would’ve kept on in the relationship,they haven’t been together all that long to just walk out when Jen doesn’t concieve.And how does anyone know if she was trying to get pregnant and just couldn’t,she might have even kept it from Brad.She hasn’t been seen out and about much whereas she use to be seen all the time.Isn’t it bad enough she lost someone she loves,whether she deserved it,caused it or w/e?Or do all these negative “screw Jen”remarks mean that we still feel the need to kick someone while they are down?

  11. doesnt matter again

    It doesn’t seem any of you realize that Angelina Jolie’s helping the children is a selfish act.I’m glad she finally found something to focus on after finding Madox and falling in love with him and the plight of these unfortunate children,but she only got completely involved and cared after Maddox grabbed her heart. It’s easy to do something out of love for your children or children period.Yes lets pat her on the back, but that’s the point,she gets patted on the back and raved about because of all her ‘charity’ works. She could’ve helped behind the scenes,all the money she makes would do a world of good for those children. Funny how every time she helps a child a camera is present. It’s essentially the same thing as feeding the hungry but jumping up and down to bring attention to what you are doing and claiming you only brought that attention to further help the hungry. Thankfully her selfishness still helps in the childrens’ cause, but that doesn’t mark her for sainthood and one good deed doesn’t erase a bad deed, and tempting a married man is as wrong as sleeping with one. It doesn’t matter if she did sleep with him, she admits to tempting him,which we all have seen evidence of it driving him to his knees with desire making Jen pale in comparison. Angie is sexy sizzling hot, but Jen isn’t a dullard either. Helping children doesn’t make Angie right for ruining (in any minute amount) a marriage that may or may not have been doomed before her ‘advice’ and ‘therapy’ to Brad. Come on, all girls know if a woman is “helping your marriage” by talking alone with your husband she isn’t concentrating on helping the marriage at all. If she was wanting to help she would have be-friended Jen. And to be honest if I had been Brad I too would have been in trouble if sexpot Jolie had set her sights on me, but I would have made more of an attempt to resist her charms by not hanging out with her between takes. Like others have already said,it’s not our place to judge them, b/c even if we had lived with them, we would never know what went on behind closed doors. Maybe the marriage is over for the same reason Jolie used for a reason she would never touch Brad…because he stinks lol. Besdies ladies, don’t u 2 like to be romanced? Couldn’t Brad have put the extra foot forward to be with Jen at all times and not left her side while she was working. He wanted the family,she admitted she wasn’t sure if she was ready to give up the career just yet, that she wanted to go out with a bang, he could’ve supported her and still been set on wanting a family. Besides, leaving her and supposedly sleeping with Jolie hasn’t produced a child any quicker so what did he really achieve besides abandoning a marriage? And Jen might have been trying to scare him back by filing for divorce, women have done it before. Do you really expect her to bare her heart and tell us how embarrassed and alone and heart-broken she is, if she is, when she has so many haters as it is? Nah, I’d keep my mouth shut too.

  12. sophie

    I think Angelina comes across as beautiful and intelligent and if she was to hook up with Brad Pitt, then he is a very lucky man!

  13. Miri

    Ok, I’ve been reading all the comments here and …
    How can you guys believe that Brad cheated with Angie? They have both denied it — am I the only one that believes this? I believe they finally came together after the retard (aka Jen) filed for divorce, but I DO NOT believe that Brad Pitt (who I admire but was never crazy about) would cheat on his wife. He just would never do that. I also believe Angelina when she says she could never cheat with a married man. They were only together after the retard (AKA Jen) filed for divorce. They probably could have patched things up between them, angelina would have been a bad memory for them both but they would have pulled through. Jennifer caused the divorce. I understand she was jealous, but, it happens with every marrige and you just have to be strong. When I was pregnant (and gross) and felt ugly and all these young girls (who adore my husband) flirt with him — I get angry inside, But you can’t get mad at your husband. It’s not his fault. As for Angelina falling for Brad, well, it happens to the best of people. But, again, I do not believe that she slept with him.
    What’s with all these people loving JEnnifer Aniston? She’s ok, but I never really liked her. Here’s a girl who lost Brad Pitt – he’s looking for a woman of substance and the first thing she decides to do after breaking up with him (and I believe she regrests it) is to go and spend money on HERSELF. Great going girl! That will really bring him back! She’s totally self absorbed. BTW – who cares if she’s skinny or not — it doesn’t make a difference. When you’re married and have to deal with each other day to day, those things don’t matter. Personalities matter.
    I like Angelina Jolie – she’s a bit fickle though. I think it would be nice if they would stick together and try to have a family together.

  14. JamesMaynard

    For the person who posted – “Just because someone helps people who are starving in Africa, doesn’t make them a good person.”

    …Umm yes it does. People in Africa, as a result ofof European colonization and kidnap/slavery which persisted over hundreds of years has turned Africa into one giant hole of internal strife. No leaders, no regional unity. Some people in the world see this, others choose to shield their eyes.

    If one beautiful woman wants to make this a life mission, to rescue refugees from political turmoil around the world, when she CLEARLY does not have to (or rather, could just opt to do it for a few photos for a month out of her life, instead of taking an official role with the UN), it is a pretty good sign to me that she is a good person.

    You should try helping others some time…

    And as a further note: The poster, Jax just seems like a really bitter person about all this huh?

  15. french woman

    Everybody think in france that Jen Aniston is one of the most ugliest person in the world !!!

  16. JL

    The 4th image is a rip off of a 60′s pic by Julius Shulman (I dunno how to put in in the post so just google Julius Shulman and Case Study Houses-you’ll find it) as one other bbs suggested to Julius Shulman-sue sue sue!!!!
    Hollywood is so unoriginal now-all these overpriced folks (the suits/’creative community) makin films of remakes for big bucks-wish I had a job like that!!!!

  17. amber

    I think this is great-many different people with many different opinions, nobody knows the real truth-no magazines-no fans of brad pitt, angelina jolie, and/or jennifer aniston, all we are supposed to do is buy the magazines and watch all the publicity on tv. Which by the way is exactly what everyone wants… If they (brad and angelina) didnt want it getting out, they would have planned it a lot better then they did, and if jennifer aniston thinks there was EVER gonna be a “them” again -she is outta her mind-BRAD AND ANGELINA ARE HOT, HOT AS THEY ARE, HOT AS A COUPLE and this is what they want


  18. alerisica

    Wow, you are all pathetic! And I love it because it makes me laugh.

  19. monica

    alerisica said it best.

  20. You all need to shut up

    Who cares about wat happened between the three of them. It’s the photography we are looking at here.WHICH I THINK IS GREAT, regardless of my feelings toward their actions.

  21. Anitraa

    I think that everyone whom has something bad to say about Angelina is just flat out jealous!!!! She is amazing and people wish they had all of what she has. I look up to her in so many ways. No one knows what happened but Brad, Ms. Aniston, & Angelina. Those are the only ones who know. Everything else is all speculation. I don’t condone cheating (married or not), but no one knows what happened. besides none of this matters even if it was true…he is a free man now and who knows he may have actually been the victim in his marriage, instead of poor, sad, little Jen…Boo Hoo!!! I think they should go for it. I will suppport them all the way.

  22. sam

    no one knows what really happened except them. either way, i really enjoyed watching brad and angelina in their film and also i love all the humanitarian efforts they’ve been doing.
    and to those who don’t know, angelina jolie has been doing humanitarian work for YEARS. she didn’t start it because she was guilty of something. geez.
    and about the cameras being there to show her humanitarian actions… well, call me crazy but i think her stardom can and does contribute in making other people aware of the situation in Africa and influences us to help out.

  23. dbunny69

    Angie and Brad are the cutest couple in the world. This is the funniest discussion board in the world. We don’t know wut happened. the movie is great and I’m going to buy the magazine too. I think we are trying to dicipher too much. we should just enjoy this moment until they are both get tired of each other.

  24. Yup Yup

    Brad and Jen were rumored to have problems before Angelina even came in the picture. I love Pitt and Jolie…I think they are fabo together. If I can’t have either one of them then they should have each other!

  25. Shae

    I saw the movie, and I thought it was great. Brad and Angelina did a wonderful job. I am disappointed in their decisions to act they way they have since the filming of the movie. I think one should honor their own relationship, and if they cannot, you would hope that there would be enough respect to file some papers so they can dissolve their marriage. I am very impressed with Jennifer for taking the time by herself. She could have spiced up this whole story too by falling for another guy and going public, but she has chosen not too, which is remarkable.

    So yes, I liked and enjoyed the movie and thought they did wonderful together. But Brad and Angelina do not have my respect, Jennifer does.

  26. ysabel

    if brad and angelina decide to be a real-life couple, i think they would make a wonderful couple… mostly because they are people who both realize that life is not just popularity, money, etc., but instead they want to make a difference and help the less fortunate. i admire them more than ever now!

  27. Sally J.

    To fuckjen:
    Having kids is not “one of the reasons people get married! You can have kids whether you are married or not! It is not Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt’s fault that their marriage did not work out. He himself said he does not see their marriage as a “failure.”

    To everyone else:
    Jax is so right (even though me admitting it is slightly hypocritical). We all need to get lives (myself included). I admit I am slightly obsessed with Brad Pitt but does no one have anything better to do? Wait until their relationship is officially announced! Then, and only then should you discuss this topic further.

    -Thank You

  28. saso

    i think that brad must go jeniffer bec i think they still love each other . brad plz u and jennifer like 2 wonderful couples.plz go to her

  29. Jada

    the photos are incredible, i luv it, brad and ange, they’re awesome people and if they are in a relationship then more power to them and i hope it lasts. ange is not a bad person as some of u are saying, she’s done so much and “grown up” after she adopted maddox, she’s an amazing person… and i just saw the latest photos with brad and ange and maddox and brad was in ange’s u.k farm.. they all looked so cute… but ya.. THE PHOTOS OF BOTH OF THEM.. COMPLETELY BEAUTIFUL!

  30. Message for Miri

    I’m sure that when you were pregnant you WERE gross and ugly, becuase you clearly are ugly on the inside. Your use of the word “retard” says it all. Grow up.

  31. Jean Jeannie

    Get a life people…the movie rocks, the photo spread is fabulous and let’s face it they’re hot together! they belong together…Jen, when all you ever think about is your public persona and what designer gown you should be photographed in..this shit is bound to happen. You need more substance in life! Besides, I never understood the attraction there. Brad was always prettier than her. Is she related to Jay Leno? and she’s a lousy actress. Talk about playing Rachel over and over and over! I think Brad just got tired of the shallowness and moved on. For B and A, being an actor is just a job. It pays the bills.. but they know they have a higher purpose in life…to help the less fortunate and on this note I think they are perfect for each other. So leave them alone people…you know you’re all just jealous of the hot juicy sex they’re having!

  32. TrUsHyT

    Really nd truly i feel that yall need to get off of Brad, Jennifer and Angelina’s nuts. They’re gonna do what they wanna do nd they’re grown. We’re probably never going to know the truth. People might have viewed Angelina as a slut for putting her sex life out there, but shyt, everybody engages in a lil sexual activity, she just chose to talk about it. So I agree with Jean Jeannie, and obviously WE ALL need to get a life if we’re sitting here arguing and defending people we will probably NEVER meet. So lets start doing something more productive with our time, if we have time to gossip we have time to help our community! LOL so b4 yall start hating I am going to practice what I preach… HOLLA… nd yea I know I’m a lil late on this issue, nd I know everyone is titled to their own opinion.

  33. GO ANGIE!!

    i loved the movie…
    i love angelina always…
    i’m jealous of brad pitt if he really hit those…
    i can’t wait to get this magazine!…

    and i’ve never been an aniston fan but IF and ONLY IF brad cheated on her (as in before she filed for divorce), then i’d feel sorry for her but otherwise, fuck her…but none of us know the true story so why don’t we all just fuck off?

  34. Satine

    Well now people are full of opinnions aren’t they!!!! People marry and divorce all teh time this one is just public as well as messy..

    I think there are to many cooks in teh Kitchen, Noone really mattered when Demi and Bruce split or Nicole and Tom all tragic splits! Living a life that is with Both parties are in the spotlight is tough! I doubt we will ever know the truth, nor do I think we ever really need to it really is NONE of our business… they are human after all!

    I love Brad
    I love Jen
    I love Angie

    all three are beautiful and tallented!

  35. joan

    BRANGELINA all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Victoria McKenzie

    A note to all of you who are judging without knowing: what happened in Brad and Jen’s marriage is a private matter. The only two people who know what happened in there are them. No one else. Zero. All these comments about Jen not wanting a family and Brad wanting to have kids are all RUMORS. Have you ever heard Brad and Jen actually say something about kids? And I’m saying straight from them, not “a source close to Aniston said” or a “close friend to Pitt said” in some magazine. People, wake up. And here’s a little note to the person who keeps hating Jen with her little petty emails: get a life. Where does all this hatred for Jennifer Aniston come from? From not liking yourself? And where do all these preconceived notions about marriage is all about having kids come from? From deep issues you have about having children? I know plenty of marriages where the spouses have chosen NOT to have kids and they’re incredibly happy with that decison. I think you need to see a therapist.

  37. glomonkey

    I arrived at this site quite by accident and found myself enthralled at the train wreck of comments spewed forth by such intellectuals as “Fuck Jen for the third time”.

    I whole-heartedly agree with Caitlin’s post on June 16. She presented her opinion in an eloquent, informed, objective, and reserved manner – she felt no need to swear to get her point across.

    But then, I’m just a fat woman who’s husband cheated on me, therefore, I must be a “twat” according to Alison (June 9). You’re a classy one, Alison. May your life be infidelity-free and all your partners be “hot”.

  38. That is the truth Victoria. Anyone with that much hatred for someone they don’t even know and has never met is crazy. She will be in the papers one day, arrested for stalking!

  39. kristina

    I cant wait for this magazine. I love Brad & Angelina together, theyre so hott! They are deffinetly dating, Brad helped arrange these photos. I cant blame Brad for falling for Angelina, I absolutely love her.

    They’re deff. having the most incredible sex ever =)

  40. JustMyOpinion

    In my opinion, Jen is way hotter then Angie, sure Angie has her looks, but Jen has class and is just naturally pretty. Jen probable wasnt ready for children, and that isnt being selfish, if your not ready, then why be forced to do something you dont want to? I agree that after all this time of being married, that it should have been time for kids, but this isnt our relationship, and only those two will know the truth behind it all. As far and brad and Angie are concerned, im not watching the movie, and he isnt as hot now that i know that theres a possibility that he cheated, no one desearves to be cheated on. no relationship is perfect, and i say, if it didnt happen now, if would have happened sometime. To everyone, there relationship was this fairytale, and most people were emotional attached to it, but its reality people and they were bound to end sometime. As much as i hate to say this, we must face the truth… BRAD AND JEN ARE OVER :( :(

  41. Babi

    We all agree that we have nothing better to do and theyre all laughting about this crazy board.
    IMHO, Brad wants to be with both of them.
    Does anyone remember that Jen and Brad got divorce after a romantic trip?? And soon after the divorce they were having dinner together??
    So he wants to be with both of them, but come on Brad I dont get it!!…

  42. nikki

    i think this whole thing is being blown out of perportion. first of all, i think the whole break up of jen & brad is because he was getting bored with her. i mean comon. she pretty and all, but she doesn’t exactly scream adventure. and second of all, he is 40, and that is already getting a little late to have kids, so i really dont blame him for wanting to pressure. they got a divorce. so what. it happens everyday. their lives were going in separate directions, and they couldn’t keep up with eachother. then there’s the whole angelina thing. angie has always been anything but boring. shes sexy, and knows what she wants to do, and is motivated in doing what makes her happy. some hollywood stars are content to do nothing but shop and make movies all their live, but she wants more, and that is to make a difference in this hell hole we call our world. when you see that kind of ambition in someoone that attractive, who can help but be drawn to that? i dont blame brad one bit for being attracted to her. i think any guy that isn’t is gay. but i dont think they ever acted on these sort of impulsive feelings. peopple call her a home wrecker because guys fall head over heels in love with her, but thats only becuase shes more woman than most of us could ever hope to be, but there arn’t any reports of her actually being involved with a married, or even commited man. give her a break. shes an excelent mother. she took him away from all the crap and is living in europe, and wants nothing but the best for him. now i dont think jen is as much the victim as the media is making her out to be. she is the one who wanted to end it…not brad. she made the descision that she knew would best benifit her and make her the happiest. how does that make her the victim? basically my point is this: these people are going about their lives making descisions that normal people make everyday. the difference: the media is breathing down their neck, and we as the public are awaire of their every move. i think it is bullshit that everyone is judgiing so much, becuase they have accomplished more that we can ever hope to. they are great people and are making decisions that they think are right. leave it at that.

  43. Natalyia

    Okay, the people who say that Jen is being selfish are right. I think it’s very selfish of her to put her career before her family. Now,maybe she feels that her career is hot and she doesn’t want to ruin it now, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for children. This is something that could effect a couple’s marriage; One wants kids, and the other doesn’t. It could cause spats and eventually tear them apart. A lot of you have some nerve blaming it on Angelina. Unless you fucking know her, don’t go judging her. Just because she’s beautiful and talented and everything else, she had to ruin their marrisge. We have a word for that, and it’s “hater.” Is it perhaps that some of you can’t stand seeing them together? Well, get over it. They’re not going to change their minds just for you guys, so stop judging. It makes you look like a fool. So, in my opinion, Angelina didn’t do a damn thing. I think they’re, without question, the sexiest couple alive. I love BRANGELINA!

  44. Sujenn

    i suppose jen dug her own grave and should learn to lie peacefully in it but at the same time, Angelina’s the world’s sluttiest bitch and doesnt deserve the kind of attention and applause she is getting right now. All this african children and world charity crap is nothing but a PR campaign by angelina to gain publicity and attention. She is a neurotic and insecure bitch with serious mental and emotional problems (her own father said that. She has been lying through her teeth and doesnt even give a qualm that she is eating back her words. Her beauty though sensual, is scarily evil…and guess Brad (hypocritical wimp) deserves to be eaten by her.

  45. Gracie

    “Angelina is the world’s sluttiest bitch”?? How the hell would you know? I suppose YOU have any ACTUAL idea how many men she’s slept with or for what reasons, huh?? I bet if you looked at your own friends and acquaintances, you’d find men and/or women who have slept around more than she has! And what makes you say she is a “bitch?” As far as I can see it–Angelina did have a “loony” patch she went through when she was younger–drugs, cutting, knives, relationships that didn’t work out, a “dark” side… But when she adopted Maddox, her whole world and perspective changed! I think she realized there are people and kids out there in the world who have had it a LOT worse than she ever did, and a lot worse than we Americans could ever imagine. I think adopting her son and getting involved with the U.N. are NOT publicity stunts–I think those actions resulted from Angelina growing up and seeing the world with new eyes. Her sense of self was screwed up a few years ago, and I think it has become less myopic because of her child and her newfound philanthropy. I think she was never truly comfortable in her skin as a woman and human being until she became a mother. Haven’t YOU ever experienced something that changed your life forever–for the better? Do you think just b/c she’s a movie star that it is any different?? And if she REALLY wanted to be the center of the Hollywood industry, wouldn’t she have made her home in L.A./Beverly Hills? Instead she buys an estate in the middle of nowhere in an English village! And she donates TONS of money to charity. Do you ever see paparazzi shots of her shopping on Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue, coming out of a Kitson store or Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana or even some hotspot like Marquee or Concorde?? She doesn’t even vacation in places that “normal” stars vacation. If she wanted more PR she could EASILY do all that, but she doesn’t!! Does she even have a reputation for dating Hollywood hunks (other than Brad)??

    As for her relationship with Brad and Jennifer Aniston… TRUST ME when I say I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY (close friend of one of those three, and I swear on all that is sacred, this is the truth) who has told me the relationship between Brad and Jen ended more than a year before it was announced in the press. The truth is, they wanted different things and had grown apart, though they did still have love for each other. Haven’t you ever known that to happen in another relationship outside of the celebrity realm?? It’s HUMAN. Angelina was and is NOT a homewrecker, and Brad did NOT have sex with her while he was married to Aniston. If anything, it was JENNIFER ANISTON’s insecurities that helped to forge cracks in that marriage. (If you knew what I knew you all might think otherwise.) I am not going to bad-mouth Jennifer, she is a good person, but PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIPS GROW APART and realize they could be happier NOT BEING TOGETHER. ACCEPT THAT.

    I will leave it at that, but suffice to say–Angelina brought out qualities in Brad that Jennifer couldn’t or didn’t; she allowed him to look outside of life as a movie star, and THAT IS WHY he is now so into charity and philanthropy. In addition, Angelina isn’t just looking to have Brad as some trophy boyfriend. She has made it clear MANY TIMES that she would never bring a man home to her son unless she thought it was a man who could be in her life forever. If there is anything I believe about Angelina Jolie, it’s that her priority is the well being of Maddox, and his happiness.

    Sorry to disappoint all you haters, but I wish Brad and Angelina nothing but the best in whatever relationship they are trying to start together. I hope they DO stay together and make it last, adopt children together, maybe have one or two of their own someday, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD with their charitable work. Angelina said herself that she believes there has to be a bigger reason why people stay together in a relationship–because they work better as a unit than apart and maybe because they want to accomplish things together that make a difference in other people’s lives. Wish you all would be more understanding of human nature and think about this–LET YOU WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. I’m not some bible thumper–far from it, but the point is–all of us have been guilty of things that we may not be proud of or that have been hard for other people to accept or understand as “normal.” Why can’t we give that some sympathy to people whose lives are on display constantly for the whole world to see??

  46. salome

    i’m very impressed about that what gracie wrote..thank you! i believe in angelina jolie and i think she is a wonderful person who knows what real life is…i am a swiss and you can believe me, we all think angelina and brad are the hottest couple in the world! go for it brangelina, we love you!

  47. Kate

    The impression I get is it is entrhalling to pair two beautiful, accomplished, intelligent people.

    Angelina is obviously a more complex person than Jen having faced emotional challenges in her life. She seemingly is finding a calm by emmersing herself in the chaos of third world countries.

    Amazing as it might seem, she went a while without sex. It’s not always that easy, even if you are an attractive person. (I can relate.) It’s part of her complex character and devotion to her child.

    Whatever she does, it seems as if she dives in and goes for broke taking her efforts very seriously.

    Jen on the other hand seems very blessed and happy go lucky. Not the deepest person on the planet. Doesn’t seem like a long term pairing for Brad. I wouldn’t exactly call him “happy go lucky.” He seems a bit more cerebral and up for someone with personal challenges.

    Angelina and Brad have been very diplomatic in their comments. It was fate that brought them together. I think even when their beauty fades they will have a special bond that Jen could never create with someone like Brad.

    I’m not a starstruck person, but I’d really love to meet Angelina. I have a lot of respect for her.

  48. Diana

    I think those of you who continue to refer to Angelina as a slut, whore, etc without knowing her or the facts behind Brad and Jen’s marriage, really have a subconcious sexual desire for her. It’s kind of like the gay basher who secretly desires the same sex but would never admit it. The truth is, Angelina is extemely alluring in many ways. This shouldn’t bother you!

  49. Alexis

    A single woman has no buisness being the confidont of a married man. Angelina is a great person and has tons of class. She makes out with her brother on tv and tells everyone how her and Billy Bob fucked in the car on the way to whatever awards show. Personally I think she will do anything for a little publicity and its all working beause here we are discussing her

  50. Susie

    Isn’t anyone else bothered by the fact that “FuckJen” and other people are blaming Jennifer Aniston for not wanting babies? It’s oppressive to say that a woman’s life should be centered on procreating. When men don’t want children, they are hardly stigmatized, but once a woman appears more interested in her career than motherhood, she’s automatically a “selfish bitch.” All of you women should be bothered by this, because it’s society’s way of putting you in your place and relinquishing your role as a free a woman into that of just a homemaker. I’m not saying that being a homemaker is bad, because I respect mothers, and I think having children is a good thing if a person wants to reproduce. But if a woman chooses not to, she should not be criticized, and she does not deserve to be betrayed by her spouse. I don’t care about the details regarding this infamous love triangle; I’m just here to remind all of you that you should not tolerate FuckJen’s archaic notions of womanhood. It’s disturbing that someone (like this FuckJen person) can feel so strongly about stripping a woman of her right to choose. Also, referring to a woman as a “slut” contributes to the male domination of female sexuality. If a man were to be promiscuous, he’d be complemented, but as soon as a woman seems to enjoy sex, she’s a “slut” and a “whore”. Pay attention to the anti-feminist propaganda and fight it by not minimizing women into the chaste mothers that men in power want them to be.

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