Brad PItt And Angelina Jolie In W Magazine

June 7th, 2005 // 155 Comments

These photos don’t do a whole lot to dispell the dating rumors. I’m sure the stance is “movie promotion.” If the photos are any clue the film is going to be HOT! More after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelly

    I don’t know about anybody else, but my roommates and I are boycotting this movie. Angelina’s a home wrecker and Brad lost his sexiest man alive in my mind. I’d rather not see her slutiness on camera nor would I pay for it.
    Yuck at least Tom and Katie aren’t homewreckers LOL

  2. Mrs. Pitt

    I love this couple! These pics are hot. I want to run out and buy W tomorrow. Just saw Brad’s interview on Primetime Live…I’m in love with him, and I bet he and Angie have hot ass sex. LOL!

  3. Pogo

    Angie’s looking hotter than ever.

  4. Hottie McHottsters, for sure.

  5. HollabackBoy

    Call Angie what you want…but I don’t see Jennifer Aniston saving any African children. Umm hmm that’s right

  6. Helen

    Thank god I already subscribe to W. Hope the magazine actually shows up.

  7. i agree with the first postee – there’s definetly SOMETHING going on there maybe they aren’t dating but angelina’s had some influence in the divorce status i mean when have we heard brad talk about africa and this and that before? i haven’t unless i’m not up with the times…

    i’m not seeing the flick too much crud sorrounding it – its shady business and i am just not down … poor jennifer

  8. fuckJen!!!HAHAHA

    Poor Jen…I’m feel so sorry for her. She should just kill herself and rid the world one of selfish bitch who would rather have her career than have a family with Brad. Who says you can’t have both is just stupid and that’s what Jen is folks! She’s made her bed and now she should just fucking lay miserably on it! Home wrecker? I think not…the marriage was already on the rocks last time I read and that was even before Brad and Angelina started filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

  9. Jax

    Jesus–you people like Angie? She’s “hot?” Fuck Jen? While Jen and Brad’s relationship seemed pretty open, the fact Jolie is “hot” or Brad is “hot” or Jen didn’t want children doesn’t justify fucking around.

    Jen got screwed over and I don’t think it’s too selfish not to have children.

    As for the African children thing, I think it’s a ploy to take speculation off of the guilty party.


  10. Kathy

    Can’t say I blame Brad. Angelina is a whole lotta woman than Jen could ever hope to be. She’s a UN ambassador, nothing beats that. And Jen? She’s had her fun being “Mrs. Pitt” so it’s no wonder not everyone is as sympathetic to her.

  11. FuckJenAgain!

    Not wanting children is not too selfish? Open your eyes! They have been married long enough and isn’t that one of the reason two people marry? It couldn’t just be for companionship. Eventually, you’ll feel the need to start a family and Brad is 40 right? So if Jen doesn’t want to have kids now…when is the right time?

  12. Who the hell knows what really happened??? Shouldn’t we take into consideration that the majority of all of this is for publicity?
    Also, NO ONE is selfish for not wanting to have kids. Maybe she & brad didn’t have “the talk” about kids or Jenn thought she might want to in a few years, but just so happens she’s still not ready or whatever. For all we know she could have married Brad for publicity reasons all together.
    I mean, come on… there no chance that Katie and Tom, Jlo and Marc are for real.

  13. Brandi

    3 words….

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  14. FuckJen for thethirdtime

    Maybe she and Brad had “the talk” and now that her career is taking off and she’s making a name for herself she’s forgotten about “the talk”. It’s possible innit? Don’t make it sound like Jen is a friggin’ victim because she’s not.

  15. Mariana

    The movie everyone will see for all the wrong reasons. I’ll be there too!
    I think it would be supremely funny if Brangelina spawned some offspring and the child was ugly. These two MUST be kept apart because the hotness of their kid together would vaporize planet Earth.

  16. Nicole

    I don’t believe that ‘Jen didn’t want his kid’ stuff – because when she finished ‘Friends’ he was already filming this flick and possibly screwing around with Angelina – would you want to get pregnant then? When you think your husband might be cheating? I fucking wouldn’t.

    Jen got totally screwed over and now all people can say is how hot Angelina is compared to her – that SUCKS. Granted, if you’re in a Hollywood marriage and it’s your husband’s JOB to roll around in the sheets with Angelina Jolie – there’s a whole new set of rules there. (You can’t marry a rock star and then expect him not to screw groupies.) And even if Jen was okay with a fling here and there if she didn’t find out about it – she certainly didn’t expect him to fall in love with a costar. Shit happens, but for people to blame Jen AT ALL if just foul.

  17. Nicole

    Sorry – I meant to say it IS foul to blame Jen.

    I like her and wish her the best.

  18. Prentiss

    These two are way hot! My husband and I are definitely going to see this movie. We’ll be sitting in the theater going “He’s hot!”, “No, she’s hot!” The whole Brad-Angelina thing is fun. At least it’s a break from Paris/Nicole/Lindsay/Jessica/TomKat/JLo/Britney and KFed. And I’m glad to see that Jennifer Aniston’s amazing Zone Diet body wasn’t enough in the end. That was so irritating.

  19. Bunny

    I live in Asia and I already saw it earlier. It was a kickass movie and the chemistry was undeniable(eventhough the sex scene was cut..damn!)!!O_O It didn’t look like they were acting at all…

    I highly recommend this to everyone whose name is NOT Jennifer Aniston!LOL And that’s 99.999% of the population isn’t it?

  20. Bestuy

    It’s amazing how fickle and sheepish fans can be. Not 10 seconds ago Jen A. was the shit and Angelina was always hot-she was kind of skankish and loonish. Now, she’s the wondeful stuff and Jen is horrible person! Also note to the peep who are dissing Jen for not giving birth, Uh Angelian Adopted which is completely different in terms of how having children can adversely affect a female actress’ career. Further, noone knows what happened between those two. AND Cheating is always wrong no matter how hot you are and having the world know that you have been played is just not nice.

  21. FuckJenForTheNthTime

    A child, is a child. Adopted or not, it is a huge responsibility for anyone. What I find so terribly grating is how Jen is easily painted as the victim when she’s so far from being that. The girl has made known that’s she’s not keen to have babies…especially lately when her career has started taking off. Is it so unbelievable that suddenly Brad’s attracted to someone like Angelina? She is a woman of substance unlike Jen who seem more interested in just hitting it bigtime in Hollywood.

  22. Yeah, we should be thinking about African children, not what the tabloids say about them — and yet here’s another PR thing.

    Disingenuous much? Instead of seeing their crappy movie, I think I’ll send the cost to African children. Then I’ll be focused on what matters, according to them.

  23. Jeff

    Who Cares…..Yes we all agree Brad & Jen were great together…But as a long time watcher of Friends all I kept hearing Jen say was how she wanted to be done with Freinds so she could concentrate on a family. Then Friends is over and she goes full boar into movies….It definately left BRAD saying maybe shes not committed to having a family…..Whatever is the case is Brad and Angelina get together, are together who cares… I think they make a great couple and would have absolutely beautiful children. On another note I think the pressure of BRAD wanting kids drove JEN away. I dont think he cheated on her….But once she filed for seperation I think he is free to see anyone he wants.

  24. Jane

    It shouldn’t matter anymore who Brad wants to date because he’s free man.

  25. Jax

    Well then, if it is selfish for a woman to not want children it is just as selfish for her husband to demand children–or else. I disagree that marriage is about procreation. Marriage is about committment, love, and having respect for one another. Sex and reproduction come later–children are an expression of what marriage is. And considering what Hollywood makes marriages, none of these prima donnas should EVER give birth.

    My eyes are quite open, thank you. I’d like to see Angelina Jolie be a natural mother. I think Angelina is so damned messed up that she is doing all of this humanitarian shit to fill a void that’s internally consuming her. And yep, that includes the adoption of Maddox. If she really cared about Maddox she wouldn’t make Maddox grow up in a world that knows what a whore his adopted mother is.


  26. Bedstuy

    BAAAAAAAAAAAAaaH! Still sheep. Give Jen a real PR team and most of you will be on her side by next Tuesday. It’s silly. Jen is still nice and cute AND Angelina is still her crazy hot self. The End. You don’t need sides UNLESS its Publicity then you do because a good fight is oh so much better. And still adoption is different if you are an actress. Be realistic, the time it takes to carry the weight ya know vs. adoption and a (hello-i’m rich- a NANNY). So, would Jen really need to have stopped working if she adopted. Sorry, kids, just the time it would take to settle on a kid and a nanny.

  27. Marina

    I was watching “Entertainment Tonight” last night and I was think, ‘I bet will be posting this pics.’…I guess I was right! Woo!

    They are so frickin beautiful! Inside and out, after watching Brad on Primtime last night, I have a whole new respect for him!

  28. Fluffy Neruda

    They are going to make my head explode. I have never witnessed such hotness. She makes him look hot, and I saw the movie. One work, “HOT!!!”

    The movie was smart, funny, and the chemistry was so palpable, I felt like I was having a threesome.

  29. Marina

    You know this whole Photoshot was Brad Pitt’s idea.

    Theres another pic of both of them at the dinner table with like 5 kids or something. I seen it last night on tv.

  30. Anon

    Jen is bland. Angelina is way more of a woman.

  31. Jax

    Godalmighty, you people with your infatuation on the sex, chemistry, felt like I was having a three-some crap is revolting.

    Get a job.

    No, get a life.


  32. Erica

    If possible, I would like this put at the TOP of this list because it’s most relevant.
    Brad Pitt hangs out with George Clooney! Don’t forget that people. Hmmmm George Clooney + Angeline = I’m having too much fun to be married!

  33. mercurie

    I absolutely love them as a couple, they look perfect together!! It is obvious Angelina has been a good influence on Brad he has been doing lots of great things for people in need!! I say leave them alone…Miss Aniston is a snot she is playing the victim card just for sympothy when she doesn’t need it!! It is BS and we shouldn’t believe it… In No way is Angelina a home-wrecker…Brad just probably got tired of the spolied snotty little Jennifer and wanted himself a real woman!!Way to go you two!!! I hope you work out cause your a hot couple!!!

  34. I’m just going to repeat what Jax said:

    “Godalmighty, you people with your infatuation on the sex, chemistry, felt like I was having a three-some crap is revolting.

    Get a job.

    No, get a life.


  35. Courtney

    I feel its really sad that there are some people who believe such crap! I’m mean, can we really blame a person who isn’t even apart of a marriage for wrecking it because it ended so abrutly? Answer… No. Because you don’t know the facts and Brad himself said ‘no Angelina did not wreck my marriage.’ Marriage is a two party speacial people if you want to blame someone… blame the wife and the husband for letting thier marriage go south. Angelina did nothing but take a role along side Brad Pitt and went to the set to act everyday. The last time I check that was her job (i.e. take roles and act) and if they have great chem than let that be great too… All I’m saying is Brad and Angelina romance on set didn’t pick up fire until Brad and Jennifer decided to separate.

    Then his movie with Angelina got a lot of buzz because of all the fodder the tabs were spinning out. The movie studios got wind said hey this may not be so bad for the movie after all because there are people out there that believe this crap. And the movie studio and the PR personale are going okay because they have to push a romantic comedy with a lot of violence (not to mention male/female violence) so it can be a blockbuster.

    People wake up. You playing in the hands of the devil here and that doesn’t = Jennifer/Brad/Angelina, its corporate america.

  36. alison

    I agree with fuckjen, jennifer aniston is a real twat! Who gives a flying fuck about a subpar actress who is selfish and full of shit. Anyone who sticks up for jen must fat and was cheated on my their partners because they themselves are twats. Fuck you all! Angelina rules! She is the hottest woman on earth. Brad and Angie make the greatest couple in the world, and if you jealous shits are angry about it, then take a look at yourselves and shoot yourself in the head for being a total idiot. This isn’t your life, it doesn’t concern you. If they are in love and are happy, why the fuck would you care? do you know them? Are you BFF with jenshitter? I don’t think so, so go and fuck yourselves in the ass shitheads!!!!!!!!

  37. alison

    I’m sorry for saying you guys must be fat and ugly. If you admire jen and her skeletal ugly body then you must not be fat but just miserable. Please do yourself a favour and admire someone with substance! It’s quite obvious that jenifer aniston is a soul less bitch.

  38. ALISON


  39. Perplexed

    I’m a bit perplexed on some of these comments. The real truth is that family comes first and Brad is choosing family. Jen did not. Her loss.
    However, not sure that Angelina is the right one.
    I think brad wants his real (genetic) children and not to adopt. But, I think he can do both. This is nobel indeed.

  40. Venus

    Call Angelina what you want…But I think she is a caring mother. She loves to spend time with her son. She takes him everywhere with her. She is so generous. She donated million of dollars for children in Africa. She has a breat body. All these reason that why brad loves her.

    I can’t wait to go buy W magazine. The pictures are so hot!!!

  41. JamesMarks

    Those are terrific photos. Pitt is credited with being the producer of the shoot. They are so different and these two get it, they are having fun with this stupid cat and mouse game. Hope W has plenty more in what they say is a 60 page spread!

  42. What the rofl

    Just because someone helps people who are starving in Africa, doesn’t make them a good person. And it especially does not erase the things they have done to people close to them. It’s easy to give your money to kids in Africa and travel there and say that you want to make this world better. But it’s not easy to maintain dignity in your personal life by not flirting with married men… or doing whatever she did. People think she is a good person because of all of these things she does globally but what about the way she runs her personal life?

  43. medea

    Jen is so cute.
    Angelina is hot.
    Brad Pitt has pitts in his face,but still hot.

    What the hell they should all get married in Conneticut and live happily with Maddox in their own commune.

    Angelina Jolie is wild,hot an unpredictable.She is like Super woman and a Pussy Cat Doll rolled into one! I would do her with Rosie O’Donnells tongue,yum.

  44. I have posted the PITT VIS CRUISE Magilla — doncha know, Pitt SMART, Cruise very stupid and no longer in control. Why>? He gave up Pat Kingsley – and Pitt stuck with Cindy Guagenti.

    Abbe Buck

  45. loveangie

    All those ppl who call Angelina a home wrecker are retarded. The woman cannot help the way she looks, she is stunning and just absolutely BEAUTIFUL. If you should blame anyone it should be Brad who betrayed his own wife (but then again, can anyone really “blame” Brad for being attracted to Jolie?).

    Life is unfair. If I were Jen, I’d want to kill myself too. Nothing feels worse than losing your husband to Angelina Jolie – one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

  46. omgy


    How old are you? Please read what you wrote again and see how STOOOOOPID you sounded.

  47. karla


  48. CR

    Get a magazine column pros and cons of this issue.

    Let them be happy if they are together and remember a coin flips two ways just like the way affairs and relationships do.

  49. chantal

    Angelina, beautiful.

    after seeing the movie, and both Brad and her collective interviews, i hope they are together. they make an awesome couple. just cuz your a celebrity, married who says your marriage cant be on the rocks, Brad can love Angie if he wants too! i do.

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