Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Shack Up

This is according to a British tabloid, so think what you want to think.

According to The Sun, Brad and Ange shared a hotel suite during a recent weekend trip and booked in as a married couple – renaming themselves Bryce and Jasmine for the trip. Of course, it could all be part of a publicity stunt for their new movie Mr And Mrs Smith…

They rented a suite – which admittedly is made up of several rooms – at the swanky Le Parker Meridien in Palm Springs, California, where a photo session for their new film was set to take place. However, the couple – who booked into the £800-a-night accommodation as Mr and Mrs Pilaf – stayed on for two days after the shoot ended.

They were seen hanging around the pool and sunbathing – clearly happy in each other’s company, although they insist they’re just good friends. One source told the paper: “Brad and Angelina jointly rented a suite at the Meridien hotel. “They tied in with a publicity shoot for the movie but they registered as a married couple. The room was paid up for the Easter weekend.”

While I’m sure she’s amazing in bed, and she’s been shown to be a great mother, do we really think that Brad has fallen for Angelina? I’m not so sure.

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[Photo via Yahoo! Movies]