Brad Pitt Likes To Ride

April 23rd, 2008 // 3 Comments


Most recently, we had some shots of Brad Pitt riding around on his chopper and because it’s who we are, we were so distracted by his tighty-whities that we didn’t really pay too much attention to his bike.

Well, now we have more pictures of the A-list actor and his motorcycle scooting around town in his jaunty red helmet.

Check out for the full set of 42 photos of Brad Pitt riding his motorcycle are after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. spaz

    how very “green” of him. guess he doesn’t realize that the “cleanest” of motorbikes (which is not the one he’s riding) are 100 times “dirtier” than a Prius?

    meaning, you’d have to drive a Prius 100 miles before you released the same amount of pollution emitted by the so-called cleanest motorbike that was driven ONE mile. in fact, some of the biggest SUVs are actually “cleaner” than motorcycles.

  2. Cat

    Pitt spend a day with Orange County Chopper. Be interesting as they build a bike to his personality. Perhaps auction off on his New Orlean project which ever!

  3. ExGrifter

    in a karmically related incident, Mr. Pitt once nearly turned me (and my ‘cycle) into a hood ornament as I made a left turn in Westwood… when we were close enough to make eye contact, his peepers looked like two 50′s hypnosis spirals, only a blue-and-white version with red highlights – his ride: the auto de jour of the mid 90′s: a white Jeep Wagoneer. true story.

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