Brad Pitt Drives Em’ Nutty At ‘Idol’

Brad Pitt made an appearance at the taping of American Idol’s Idol Gives Back special and everyone went berserk. Women threw their tweens in the air, and cameramen fainted, and Paula actually sobered up. The Idol Gives Back campaign raises money for domestic and international charities.

Brad walked out and was met with 30 seconds of cheers. He tried to say “thank you,” but his mike didn’t work. So several female crewpeople felt up his chest trying to fix it. Horny bitches!

Brad has been working to rebuild Nawlins after Katrina, and he was there to introduce a clip of Chris Daughtry’s visit to Uganda. That’s a comedown. Was he being eaten by hyenas? What? That’s what HIS music makes ME feel like!

More photos of Brad Pitt from the Idol Gives Back taping are after the jump.

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Photos: AP Images/Reuters