Brad Pitt

May 19th, 2005 // 17 Comments

Brad in leather has never looked better.

Baby’s got a nice back.

(Photos via GQ)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lily

    mmmmmmmmm thank you for submitting this photo.

  2. Nicole

    Uck, he doesn’t look anything like he used to. Aging badly. Jen sucked the youth out of him. This is Brad Pitt:

  3. amanda

    I love him still…. sweet jesus he is beautiful…

  4. sillymiss

    yummy!!!!!!! i will always love brad.

  5. Prentiss

    He’s looking better as he ages. yum!

  6. It looks like he is slimming down again, thank god… He will never be more beautiful than he was in Thelma and Louise. Pubesalicious.

  7. sillymiss

    NO man will EVER be as beautiful as Brad was in Thelma & Louise.


    you can read the entire interview online… the interviewer is a woman and one of the lines are

    “All my bitches are mad at me…”

    Now you can read it with an idea of what you are walking into

    He IS very easy on the eyes though (Fight Club, Troy – yes, I saw it just for him and Eric Banna who saves the movie from being a complete and utter embarrassment)

  9. tia

    as gorgeous as he is, i find leather pants on anybody especially men creepy/greasy….and he has definately lost my respect now that it’s becoming increasingly obvious that he left jen for angelina

  10. Tamara

    a lot of airbrushing – I saw him upclose at the Ocean’s 12 premiere in LA and he was leathery and acne-pitted; he’s gonna look like redford in a few years.

  11. saint

    I don’t find him hot AT ALL. He has just this vapid look to him as though he’s empty. Nothing behind the eyes. Shudder.

  12. sillymiss

    Tamara, say it ain’t so. Brad looks bad in person? Aging like Redford? Not good.

  13. pickles

    Saint, I couldn’t have said it better. Good Lord, he has the coldest eyes on the planet. And he is so not cute. Every one I know that I say that to just FREAKS out. Even men. “How can you SAY that?” they ask.

    It’s a “Brad Pitt is HOT” conspiracy, I tell ya! You are all brainwashed!

  14. saint

    he also lost points when britney spears said she wants to marry him on her reality show, being the queen of short bus vapidness and all…birds of a feather flock together

  15. denise

    EW! i am so sick of brad and angelina. i’m sick of him blowing hard about his divorce. i hope he and angelina do retire and i don’t have to hear about them any more.

  16. The thing is that Brad and Angie are so very happy together that all of our opinions wash right over them. So all of you Jennifer fans can moan and squawk all you want. Have your fun.
    Jennifer will go on to find someone that she can mold into her own little toy-man (in my oppinion). She will trot him out when she wants to show him off. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!!! She can polk fun at him. She can make all of the decisions. She will rake in tons and tons of money. She can adopt his mother as her own.
    I wonder if she will make him kiss the dog goodnight. Good luck to you all.

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