Brad and Pax Take a Crane Ride

These guys certainly make being philanthropic look like a hell of a lot of fun. Pax Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt are doing some more monkeying around at the “Make It Right” development in New Orleans, first speeding around on an ATV and now taking a ride up and down a crane. It’s like the wacky adventures of a do-gooder on a kids cartoon show up in there. These two look like they’re having lots of fun and even hit up a gas station to fill up on soda and candy, which is the breakfast of champion humanitarians. Pax, although I’m sure he’s having fun, makes the most hilarious faces during all of their activities making it look as if he believed that the responsibility of operating all this heavy machinery falls on his tiny little shoulders, which is cute because it totally does.

Photos: Splash

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Photos: Splash

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