Brad and Angie to Meet with Jenn, Hair-Pulling And Slap-Fighting Predicted

January 22nd, 2007 // 2 Comments

Star is reporting that the members of the most famous love triangle in the world want to meet and Aniston knows what she’d like say to Angie. I assume it’s “die, bitch”.

Sources say Jen still firmly believes Angelina is responsible for destroying her marriage to Brad. But the stark contrast between the two relationships indicates that the Brangelina/ Jen love triangle was far more complicated than Jen might believe. That may be why, sources say, Jen still seems interested in learning when and why Brad and Angie first got together. A source close to Jen says she’s never stopped wanting to tell Angie just how much pain she caused. (Brad and Angelina have always maintained they did not get together until after his split with Jen.)

These sources are probably nail salon workers who have never met the three of them, but whatevs.

Read on to find out about the possibility of a meeting!


Now, it seems Jen will finally get her chance. Angelina has thrown down the gauntlet Jen has been waiting for. In the January issue of Vogue, Angelina dropped the bombshell that she’d be happy to meet with Jen. Since then, sources tell Star the three have finally agreed to meet and clear the air, once and for all. And for Brad and Angelina, it would be a relief to get it out of the way before their next big baby announcement.

I’ll believe it when I see it. But that would certainly be a hot meeting. I doubt it would be the kind of meeting where Aniston is bouncing Shiloh on her knee, and admiring Angie’s new Pilates machine. It would probably end with some stabbing.

By J. Harvey

  1. Angietothemax

    I’ll believe when it’s in People or In Touch.

  2. Angie said that if Jenn wanted to meet with her,
    that she would agree to a meeting. I think that
    in other words, Angie would not run from Jenn.
    I think that Jenn would have to come to Angie’s
    territory. I think that Jenn would have to adjust
    to Angie’s schedule. I think that security would
    be arranged by Angie. I think that Angie would
    call all of the shots. I think that Jenn would
    back out of a meeting. She’s scared to fly, right? If I were Angie, I’d make her meet me
    in Cambodia, far into the deepest jungle.

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