Brad and Angie Retiring and Moving to Europe?


It seems that Brad’s worries over Angelina’s health have led him to seriously consider taking both himself, Angelina and their children out of the Hollywood limelight and moving to Berlin, where the couple own a home. The Mirror reports:

Brad confided to a pal: “I want Angelina to settle down somewhere out of the limelight. She’s lost a lot of weight recently and our plans are strictly to do with our move to Berlin.

“She wants to leave acting and support me with this.”

Reportedly, Angelina is keen on the idea of taking up residence in Germany, in great part because of its proximity to France. Uh oh. They’d better not. Then what would happen to my job? That would be awfully callous of them to put me out of work just because they’d prefer a quiet life with their children in Germany or France somewhere.