Angelina Did Not Throw Wine at Brad

August 17th, 2007 // 21 Comments

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Phew! Hot people should not be fighting. A source close to ‘The Brad and Angelina Project’ says rumors that the couple are fighting and near splitting up are completely untrue. From

“There are no problems whatsoever,” the source adds. “Things are really good.”

In fact, those who know the couple best say their only problem at the moment is the rumors themselves: that Jolie is fighting with Pitt, suffers from an eating disorder and is feuding with Pitt’s parents, Bill and Jane.

I like to imagine that the ‘Jolie-Pitt source’ is Maddox. “Yeah everythings cool over here at camp Bradgelina. The new ones get on my nerves a bit but what are you gonna do y’know. I’m trying to focus on the positive. The wine throwing? Yeah that was totally me. I forgot to take my Prilosec. Oh, crap here they come, send the money to the normal Swiss account.” He says as he hides his Parliament Light in a crayon box and quickly goes back to finger painting.

PLEASE NOTE: In no way does ‘A Socialite’s Life’ encourage or condone children smoking. Unless they have a little mohawk that screams ‘I’m a Badass!.” Then it’s just part of the image.

There Is More Brad and Angelina After the Jump

By Wayne Ford

  1. lookwhaticando

    Zee is really growing, I however wish Angie would take her to a beautician that does black hair

  2. One of the effin funniest posts i’ve read in a LONG time!


  3. lookwhaticando

    I’m black and only black people should do black peoples hair. I don’t even think white people should adopt black kids. White people should stick with white people and black people with black.

  4. T-Bone

    I’m so damn glad Brad dumped that Fraud Jen for Angelina. Angie is so much more attractive and honest, I heard Brad threw the biggest party ever after dumping Manison

  5. Summer Sky

    My dad’s white and my mom’s black and I am sure glad they had me and my two brothers. My brother is going to marry a girl from China in October and I am dating a really nice guy from Nepal. Our house is like the UN filled with family, friends and love. Don’t be a hater. I think Brad and Angelina are doing a pretty good job while being under the microscope.

    p.s. my dad did my hair when I was little and for a white guy, he did a great job.

  6. Summer Sky,
    No worries.

    It’s a troll using other peoples screen names trying to stir up trouble.

    The real Lookwhaticando would never say anything negative about Brangelina and the real T-Bone would never say anything remotely as stupid as what is above.

  7. lookwhaticando

    If you were in jail you wouldn’t like white people either Summer. I promise you that. White people lead us to commit crimes and then put us away.

  8. lookwhaticando


  9. Summer Sky

    hi lookatwhaticando & egroft,
    I didn’t want to offend anyone and I know I have a pretty life. My boyfriend’s family did flip
    out when they first met me and my dad didn’t like him either. Being mixed, I live in two worlds and they both have their challenges. I don’t know what it’s like to be in jail but I do know what it’s like to be stared at, treated rudely and ignored. I can see people trying to figure out what race I am and then treat me accordingly. And when I amout with my boyfriend, we get stares. Maybe a family like the Jolie-Pitts can make a difference in how people treat each other. My brother’s kids will be black, Chinese and white. What will they encounter?

  10. lookwhaticando

    You’re as dumb as a shovel SUMMER SKY

  11. patty

    I’m waiting for the picture of Zahara carrying bone-picker skanky Angelina…now that would be one heck of a good shot!!!

  12. Again, Summer Sky, it’s just a troll. Ignore it.

    It will get banned in a few minutes.


    WOW Egroft! According to these and other posts, I’ve been out here all day long. Kind of a dead give away when someone uses my name and talks poorly about Jennifer Aniston, ha? Time to report our imposter (lookwhaticando, Dorothea, Icanseethru you or whomever).

  14. ohwow


    Too funny!!!

    Lisa, J. and you have the snark captured! Keep on!!

  15. shadygoddess13

    Summer Sky, you are way too adorable!

  16. good for you

    Summer Sky I agree I hope the Jolie-Pitt family helps others look at eachother as family, friends, anything positive in this world. I think racism is overrated and only drawn from someone else’s past. Any orphan child needs love. Keep up the happy family no matter what race! I wish I could speak around the world for them and against all that “lookwhatIcando” hatred. I love my black, philipino, white, chinese, hispanic, etc., friends!

  17. Sara

    Can Zahara Jolie-Pitt not walk? She is always being carried. What’s up with that?

  18. ZeldaF

    Sara: my guess is that they’re just trying to protect Zahara from all those gorrillas with cameras. B & A are probably afraid that she’d be stomped on and hurt in a stampede. Anyway, babys can never be shown enough love. She probably runs around the house like “hell on wheels” when the paps isn’t around. And Summer Sky; I think you sound like a Sweetheart. Ignore any negative comments.

  19. Summer Sky-
    We need more families like yours. Change the world sweetheart. :-)

  20. someone

    Only look at the Jolie/Pitts if you want to know what NOT to do, to screw up your children..IMO, thats one disfuntional family. Do they have any friends? I just read an article that said in Jolies world, the kids and brother James come before Brad..I believe it.

  21. Zekers

    Summer Sky, I just had to agree with the others who commented what a “sweetheart” you are; I very much agree and wish there were more families with the awesome attitude that yours displays!

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