Angelina Did Not Throw Wine at Brad

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Phew! Hot people should not be fighting. A source close to ‘The Brad and Angelina Project’ says rumors that the couple are fighting and near splitting up are completely untrue. From

“There are no problems whatsoever,” the source adds. “Things are really good.”

In fact, those who know the couple best say their only problem at the moment is the rumors themselves: that Jolie is fighting with Pitt, suffers from an eating disorder and is feuding with Pitt’s parents, Bill and Jane.

I like to imagine that the ‘Jolie-Pitt source’ is Maddox. “Yeah everythings cool over here at camp Bradgelina. The new ones get on my nerves a bit but what are you gonna do y’know. I’m trying to focus on the positive. The wine throwing? Yeah that was totally me. I forgot to take my Prilosec. Oh, crap here they come, send the money to the normal Swiss account.” He says as he hides his Parliament Light in a crayon box and quickly goes back to finger painting.

PLEASE NOTE: In no way does ‘A Socialite’s Life’ encourage or condone children smoking. Unless they have a little mohawk that screams ‘I’m a Badass!.” Then it’s just part of the image.

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