Brad Womack Doesn’t Get A Rose For His Bad Behavior

March 23rd, 2011 // 1 Comment

Oh snap.  After a season of being led on with scruffy-faced promises of forever, we keep finding cracks in our Bachelor, Mr. Brad Womack. is reporting that Womack’s ex-girlfriend Laurel Kagay spoke to Life & Style about Womack’s short fuse: “He would sometimes yell, really loud, to the point that he would almost start throwing things.” She added, “And some of the things he would say were abusive, things that were just rude.”

The ex continued to sell Womack down the river, telling L&S that when he drank, things would always escalate.  “Whatever issues Brad has, drinking should not be in his life,” she said.   “It makes everything more intense.”

You never hear kind words spoken about any of the bachelors/bachelorettes.  It’s mostly dollar-eyed exes eager to yap about how mean and/or slutty the holder-of-the-rose once was (“is,” if the fantasy suites are any indication).

There have been signs lately that our newest ABC couple may not last forever.  On March 14th’s After The Final Rose special, Womack admitted that he and “fiance” Emily Maynard have broken up a million times over some heavy-duty fighting.  Some sources claim the two have already split.

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Can we do away with The Bachelor?  The formula isn’t working, if history and Vienna Girardi have taught us anything.  Each time I watch an episode, I have to pull the comforter over my head to shield against any and all uncomfortable moments.

Before the s__ storm hit, Womack was all about publicity as he made his way over to The Grove in Los Angeles January 4th.  ABC’s newest Bachelor was getting ready for an interview with Extra.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. kim hallman

    If brad really wants to find true love, he needs to know how to respect woman. If he truely were an abusive and rude man. He doesn’t deserve to be on the bachlor looking for love. You need to feel safe in a loving sexual and trusting relationship . In relationships there should never be abuse. Thats what make romantic relationships special. fullfilling. Brad should find woman he gets along with and respect them not say abusive things behind their back. Brad does not know what real love and tenderness is about . He did not deserve to be on the bachalor if he really was abusive man . Being a big lie to american viewers that hes changed to some sweet heart. He did not deserve the final rose.

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