Brad Pitt Pulls Out Of ‘The Lost City Of Z’

It was believed he was growing a scraggly beard for an upcoming film that was sure to be a success, but those assumptions were quashed today when news broke that Brad Pitt pulled out of The Lost City Of Z.  Although it didn’t have a script yet, the project was based on the novel by David Grann and told the story of British explored Percy Fawcett’s expedition to discover El Dorado in the early 1900s.  Fawcett and his son disappeared during the journey, which would have made for a great movie, especially with Pitt as the lead.

It turns out money is the reason behind Pitt’s departure.  BUT Pitt wasn’t disputing his pay.  Paramount was allegedly lowballing director James Gray, who was tapped for the project.  Since Gray’s last film, Two Lovers, suffered financially (fingers are pointed at Joaquin Phoenix, because the asshat decided to have his pseudo-breakdown during the publicity tour), Paramount isn’t willing to pay him what he’s worth for this next project.