Brad Pitt Loves Taylor Lautner’s Early Work [VIDEO]

Taylor Lautner talked to Ann Curry on this morning’s edition of the Today show about his new thriller, Abduction.  After discussing his immense fame at the age of 19 and his box office battle against Brad Pitt’s Moneyball this coming weekend, the topic moved to the end of Twilight.  The highlight of the interview came from Pitt’s recollection of Lautner as a wee one.  “Taylor Lautner?  Oh, I love that kid from Shark Boy.”  Having kids changes everything, hmm Brad?

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How does Lautner feel about the Twilight saga being over?  “It is weird to think that we are done filming completely,” Lautner explained.  “We have an awesome time together; we’ve become so close after the past four years.  It’s a different feeling to know that we’re done making them.”

Check out Lautner’s interview after the jump.

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