Brad Pitt Looks Hunky As He Stops To Check Out Some Art In Los Angeles

Remember when Brad Pitt was going through his weird long-haired phase not too long ago?

During that time I began to question if Brad might have lost his sex appeal. I was worried, I was scared, I was sad. But luckily it was all for not, because guys, Brad is back on his sexiest man alive game.

The actor was spotted in Los Angeles today  at the Fahey/Klein Gallery. Look at him, being all artsy. 

And sure, his hair cut is actually kind of old at this point, but for some reason the hair paired with those sunglasses, a v-neck tee and khakis is like everything I didn’t even know that I needed today. Also does that shirt have holes in it? Come on Brad. I’m like 99.9% sure that you can afford a normal shirt.

Still, he’s hot and that’s all that matters. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Brad out in LA today. I think he even got a parking ticket. Oh Brad, you can’t be anymore LA than that.