Brad Pitt Rocks The Leather Pants At ‘Megamind’ Paris Premiere With Angelina Jolie

Maybe Angelina Jolie is starting to really rub off on Brad Pitt, who sported some bad-ass black leather pants to the Paris premiere of his animated flick Megamind today. Because nothing says children’s film like leather pants, just like nothing says pet animal like a dead bird. The Jolie-Pitts have been taking a break from the intensive filming on the Hungary set of Angelina’s Bosnian war film project.

The whole family came out to Paris to celebrate Pax’s seventh birthday, but it looks like Brad also squeezed in some business too. Angelina also has a holiday film vehicle to promote, The Tourist with Johnny Depp so the appearance sans puffer coat did her well too. Because the holidays are all about being together…and promoting the shit out of the movies that come with them!